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I almost never wear jewelry, except for a watch and a necklace. When I was a teenager this was quite different though. I wore two earrings in each ear, had a jewelry cabinet full of mag ook: So yes, jewelry is a very personal thing and your taste can change significantly over the years.

Neither did he have an idea of my taste, nor an example to go by, because, as I mentioned before, I never wear rings on my fingers. Which he cleverly solved by contacting my best friend who has a similar physique and asking her to measure her ring-size. Not only was I overwhelmed by him asking me to marry him, but I was also more than surprised that he chose the perfect engagement ring: And, very important, the ring fits! Since wearing my engagement ring, I started wondering what other kind of engagements rings there are.

Are there specific trends? Or is it really a matter of taste. I did some research…. One diamond or two or three, you can make it as exclusive and over the top and as expensive as you want. Gems like kunzite, morganite , aquamarine and tourmaline are very nice examples. However, David has terms of his own. I loved the hero David, and his transformation into a man that is drastically different from his prior playboy personality, while trying to overcome traumatic brain injuries that could end his career as a SEAL.

For me he was the heart and the most interesting part of the story. However, much to my disappointment I felt that this story was heroine centric and focused mostly on JJ and her struggles to control everything in her life. I was slow to get invested into this story for this reason. I wish the story would have been more about David and how he changed after his injuries; his efforts to regain some of his memories, having to relearn things like reading and math while hiding his struggles from everyone including his new wife, and doctors because of his fear of no longer being a SEAL…the very reason why she wanted to marry him.

He viewed his entire worth and identity with being a SEAL and this was such a significant point in the book that I wish it would have been explored in more depth. I wanted to learn more about his relationship with his family. More about him, how he coped with his fears, and desired the love of a woman he felt unworthy of. It was almost as if the story needed to conclude, and the parts of the story that for me were the most important, that were crucial to their love story, their growth and development individually as well as a couple, were sadly rushed.

Nov 07, Xenos rated it it was ok. The plot itself is old and stale In order to inherit the family business from a grandfather Lucas Caruthers who's only looking out for his granddaughter's best interest, a woman JJ Caruthers must get married so she can be fulfilled in both her career and her personal life. Lo and behold, a sexy man Navy SEAL medic Davy Graziano saves the day by entering into a business agreement with said woman and they end up falling in love. The characters are lacking I couldn't connect with JJ on any level.

She seemed cold and impersonal except when she was in the sack with David and someone who would bore me to death in real life. Lucas was just an ass. And Blount Satterfield who just keeps showing up book after book seemed as contrived and out of place as ever. The pace is excruciatingly slow It just seemed to meander every which way.

Royal Wedding: Reconciliation sealed with a ring

And nothing exciting happened. Throughout all pages. All in all, I just couldn't connect with the book The implausibility and carelessness of the marriage contract between JJ and David which should have been a big major hairy deal was agreed to and swept aside within a matter of paragraphs. And what idiot would agree to that without even meeting the child?! Also, I understand that the Caruthers are wealthy and that it's a crucial part of the storyline. But the author seemed to drone on and on about their beautiful home, expensive things and sleek clothes OK, we get it, they're rich and kept dropping name brands think of those annoying product placements in movies that it became irritating.

That ain't [sic] "middle class" where I come from. And the "humor" was lost on me An overly long and distasteful story about how Lucas had to buy his wife Audubon silver after she found out he bought his mistress a Corvette is not funny no matter how you look at it. There are those important name brands again! Yet they yucked it up. Sorry, I just didn't get it. Mar 04, Jacqueline rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I really enjoyed this book.

Sealed with a ring

It is the third in the series and is the best so far in my opinion. I loved the hero, David. He was a very real, very human character who made mistakes and grew and learned. The author did a good job making him a strong and sexy man who was also gentle while not being sickly sweet perfect. The heroine, JJ, was a strong woman who needed a strong man. Anyone less she would have just walked over. Still, she wasn't a ball breaker. She had fears and insecurities that her r I really enjoyed this book.

She had fears and insecurities that her relationship with David helped her overcome. Their relationship grew over time and was not one of those "we met last Tuesday, saved the world from annihilation and fell in love by Saturday" kind of stories. You really believe that this is a relationship which will last. The writing was very well done. The dialog was strong. The love scences were good, hot without being offensive and not overpowering the story line. Characters from the other 2 books showed up but didn't have their own scenes which I liked.

I like to see old friends but their stories have been told. This is not one of those authors who can't seem to let go of old characters and has to continually write scences from their POV in later books. I liked the SEAL details. She sprinkled them in without an info dump and didn't write as if the reader had never heard of a SEAL and had to be told everything about them.

The only thing I wondered about was JJ being so rich and so prominent in high society from owning a car dealership. I will admit that I know nothing about either car dealerships or the junior league set so maybe that's all realistic too. Mar 16, Kristina rated it it was amazing. I absolutely fell in love with this book! I loved the character building, the plot, and the suspense level! The author did a wonderful job of keeping the readers questioning Davy and and JJ's future.

MoonNight Cabal - Tower of the Dead + Craft Mergaheph Ring

I personally love stories about servicemen. I have a soft spot for anyone who serves our country because I grew up with a veteran grandfather; soooo Davy was a well built and multi-faceted character wh I absolutely fell in love with this book! Davy was a well built and multi-faceted character who made you want to root for him no matter what kind of scoundrel he was! The same goes for JJ; throughout the story I just wanted her to be happy and fulfilled. The romance was perfect, the story would touch my heart at times, and the ending was great!

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I, personally, would like to read more of Ms. Daughtridge's work after reading this book. I would recommend this book if you like contemporary romance and are looking for a great read! Apr 23, Sara rated it it was ok Shelves: The story here isn't all that bad. What I really had a problem with is the fact that there was not passion whatsoever in the book. Hell, I don't expect passion, but a little emotion would have been nice. It would have made the book go by faster.

But i did like the characters, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. I have read all of the books in this series and all of them are wonderful. My only complaint is that the author won't write anymore books. Jul 25, Sandy M rated it it was amazing Shelves: I read and reviewed Ms. Besides the usual ups and downs of a relationship nowadays, she gives her characters an added hardship of some kind that makes their lives even more real for the reader.

In SwaR the hero is wounded in action, comes home with injuries to overcome and scars to live with. Daughtridge has a splendid way of getting these characters inside your head as well as your heart. Davy is the typical buff and handsome SEAL and he knows it. He also uses it when it comes to the ladies, but his personality keeps him out of jerk territory. He meets JJ at the wedding of a buddy, they spend a hot and heavy night together, but JJ gets away the next morning before Davy can even get her name.

She opts out at the last minute. Meeting up with Davy again is perfect timing and embarrassing. He still knows how to come on to a woman and make her feel good, but he now has problems with numbers, thus affecting his job as a medical corpsman. He and JJ have their ups and downs because he hides this side of himself, hoping to remain in the military. This is another feel-good story from Ms. Her crisp writing, engaging characters, and sense of humor stand out just as in her first book.

So pick one of her stories up and get SEALed. See my complete review at http: Mar 11, Mason rated it it was amazing. The sensuous book cover caught my eye, the blurb on the back pulled me in and the intriguing story held my attention until the end. Caruthers is a smart, successful businesswoman who has it all and is about to lose everything.

When these two collide at a wedding, one thing leads to another. After a night of mind-blowing sex, J. She knows only his first name, but he knows nothing about her. Back to facing reality, J. She has no desire to marry, but is forced to pick one of the four husband candidates her grandfather has selected for her. Always the responsible one, she will do what she has to protect her business and her employees.

Meanwhile, Davy returns for another tour in Afghanistan and is seriously injured in a raid. His brain injury results in some memory loss. He comes home to recuperate, finds his mother has died and he is now responsible for his three siblings on top of trying to regain his memory and return to the career he loves. She remembers him, but he has no memory of her. Her new husband would be away on missions and not underfoot. She quickly proposes and Davy has his own reasons for accepting.

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As their attraction grows, each begins to learn more about their own self as well. Trying to do the right thing, even for the wrong reasons, can sometimes take you in unexpected directions. This is a funny, romantic adventure with plenty of twists and turns. The story flows fluently and draws the reader in. This book is not just about romance, but compassion, caring, understanding, and commitment. From the first page to the last you will be cheering for these two tantalizing characters. SEALed with a Ring is a wonderful must-read book.

Mar 27, Wendy Keel rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: First let me say that Mary Margret Daughtridge is an awesome lady from my home state of North Carolina. From the previous statement you may awesome I'd be baised, and that's probably true, if the books weren't so great. But this series is one of the best IMHO. And that is brain injuries and how they affect not only the person hurt but those around them.

This is a marriage of convience story, but it didn't really read like that to me. Both JJ and David Davy are strong characters who have their own issues, fears, lives to deal with. They aren't perfect, they aren't superheroes, they are "normal" people. I could see these characters being my friends in real life. There is the small southern town touch that just makes you smile. The romance between David and JJ is sexy, fun,and very believable.

I loved seeing characters from previous stories and I love the hints to upcoming stories. While this is part of a series, I will say it can be read as a stand alone, even though I think you'll be rushing out to get the previous titles and bugging Ms. Daughtridge for the next story. This is a story that will leave you smiling.

Nov 17, SweetSue rated it liked it. It was good up until the very end which felt rushed. Read this back to back with Foster's Dash of Peril which has a very similar plot line - hero wins over tough, works-in-a-man's world heroine with steamy sex and good cooking. This was a MUCH better execution. David, even with a very serious injury, has a better sense of himself and understands how to be supportive without being whimpy.

And JJ Jane is tough, closed off, and in-charge, but she is not one-dimensional. I read this one and didn't It was good up until the very end which felt rushed. I read this one and didn't have too much trouble with who the other SEALs were. They don't factor into the story much, since Davy's on leave. How he copes with his injury and how much he grows from fun-loving playboy to serious man is clear. I would have liked more of his development though. Once he starts his own rehab is where the story seems to rush and gloss over things.

He's kept a lot of his symptoms from the doctors so he won't end up with a medical discharge, but I'm not sure how possible that would have been. I'm surprised that Lon Senior Chief doesn't ever catch on. JJ's arc from doing everything for the business to having a life of her own is where the story focuses, and she does develop. And manages it without as many of the stupid "you need sex now" conversations with her girlfriends that so many romance heroines usually have. Her grandfather's stupid behavior is explained well, and even though he never really apologizes, it's clear that he understands his mistakes.

I really liked how even though they do have a very steamy relationship - started out with an amazing one-night stand - there is obviously much more to what they feel for each other. Some of it was a bit contrived - her ballroom dance lessons for example - but the interaction over the dog was great!

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  • Feb 26, Jill Dunlop rated it it was amazing. After JJ learns some very bad news from her lawyer, at a wedding no less and she runs into a handsome SEAL who is bound and determined to cheer her up. JJ impulsively accepts his offer of a night of passion. Even though it's the best sex of her life, she regrets her one night stand. A year passes and wouldn't you know it she runs into Davy at another wedding. Only Davy doesn't seem to remember the night they shared.

    The problem is JJ needs a husband if she is to keep her family's car business.

    See a Problem?

    T After JJ learns some very bad news from her lawyer, at a wedding no less and she runs into a handsome SEAL who is bound and determined to cheer her up. Thinking that Davy will be headed back to duty in the military she proposes modern day marriage of convenience.

    Only things are much more complicated than JJ could have foreseen. I'll just tell you right now, Mary Margaret Daughtridge has yet to write a book I didn't love. With her third book, again she has delivered and with one of my favorite themes - marriage of convenience. Her characters, most notably her male leads, come across as real men and not fictional superheroes. It's like she somehow gets into the mind of the male psyche and is giving away their secrets.

    Daughtridge takes these extraordinary characters and puts them in ordinary situations that every reader can relate too. I love how she is able to make everyday life seem interesting and special. These two are by no means perfect, but neither is willing to give up on the on the other.

    SEALed with a Ring (SEALed, #3) by Mary-Margret Daughtridge

    If you haven't ever read Mary Margaret Daughtridge, I highly recommend you do. Jul 13, Fyreball rated it it was amazing. Now, all done with 3. David no more Davy after his last fight in the 'Stan Of the three, it's my least favorite as Davy is a jackass. He even says it about himself. Doesn't matter how pretty ya are, being a jackass ruins it for me.