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I feel a greater opening of my heart, and a greater closeness with people in recognizing a oneness that we share. Developing and expressing greater creativity. I have been trying to be a creative painter for several years but only occasionally could touch on spontaneous expression. Using this system I am able to invite the creativity in as I wish. Taking personal responsibility and gaining greater self-acceptance. Now I recognize and accept that I am fully responsible for my experiences in life, that I created them and that I have the power to change anything I don't like.

This discovery of self-authority grows daily and fills me with a great sense of freedom. I am in control of my life. I don't seek outside approval as much and am much less concerned about what others think.

Taking command of your destiny and increasing your effectiveness. Things I do in my career now, I once considered to be impossible. I don't really think about how I do it. I've almost doubled my income. My ability to create what I want in my life has gotten a lot better. This book can help you discover the richness and texture of your inner divine nature.

It can help you realize your own identity and your connection with God-Spirit. You have heard that "The kingdom of God is within you. How many actually feel the divine presence at the center of your being? Many people believe that such an experience is impossible, but those students with no prior knowledge or training who have practiced the Divine Revelation techniques have proven that they can experience it. For example, Dorrie Rosen, a landscape architect from New York City, describes her very first experience with using these techniques: I feel a sense of calmness, centeredness and wholeness, as if I am being carried by divine parents who will take care of every need!

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Therefore you become your own guide, your own teacher, on this path to spiritual fulfillment. The tools offered within this book are simply a do-it-yourself kit for understanding and experiencing your own higher nature. You have within yourself a hidden treasure-trove to discover and explore. Once you find this fortune, you can use it to enrich every aspect of your life.

You are invited to begin this journey of inner discovery-locating and tapping this treasure within. At the center of your being is the source of all wisdom, all knowledge, power, healing, light, and love. All the answers lie inside of you, deep within your own heart of hearts. Through the techniques offered in this book, you can open your heart to that inner light and discover the truth of your being.

Seek for God within thine own soul. Copyright Susan Shumsky. Praise from Best-Selling Authors. Praise from the Media and the Press. Praise from New Thought Ministers. Praise from Grateful Readers.

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It can transform your life. At last, there is a way to hear the "still small voice" within-this book tells us how.

By Chakka Reeves

It moves us into higher awareness. With this book we can learn intuition safely, with practical, easy techniques that anyone can do. Reading this book can be a life-transforming experience! In this wonderful book, Susan Shumsky reveals a secret of the ages: The treasure is hidden in plain sight-within us. For those seeking spiritual understanding, this book can come as a revelation. This book contains no second-hand advice: Shumsky has been there.

That's what makes her a great teacher. She includes a clear, simple description of how to differentiate between the various inner voices and how to connect with clear, divine guidance for personal use. She also describes the problems and pitfalls of the many types of "psychic phenomena" of the popular media today.

I recommend this book as a basic primer to people who wish to make a better connection to their inner divinity and reorient their lives toward a divinely centered and inspired life. She spent a lot of time studying yoga techniques in ashrams in the 60s and 70s. This is a really good book written by a person who is helping contribute immensely to the way the world is transforming.

It contains powerful methods to overcome stress and heal deep emotions. This is a do-it-yourself practical kit for spiritual therapy. God's light shines through this book. Please read it now.

Living the Eternal Way: Spiritual Meaning and Practice for Daily Life

Divine Revelation is a breakthrough! Finally, anyone can learn to listen to his or her inner voice.

A wonderful synthesis of spiritual wisdom and practical steps, based on the experiences of a true seeker. A "self-help" book in the true sense. Susan Shumsky has done humanity a great service in writing this book, and you will do yourself a great service by reading it. To help readers get past the 'ego-chatter' cluttering their path to the spirit, Shumsky devotes a chapter to 'Nine Tests to Prevent Psychic Deception.

Exercises in the book include silencing chatter in the mind, testing the source of received messages, and finding answers to our most difficult questions. Also included are true-life stories of people who have used the plan with positive results. This book is for those who want a blue-print for meditation and inner wisdom.

She does not proscribe religious belief but shows the common elements in many religions that support the work she is doing. She lucidly spells out the how-to's for spiritual breakthrough, providing nine tests to be sure the source of your message is indeed divine.

Love: Human and Divine

Lots of pre-pub endorsements suggest a work with widespread appeal. She is more divine than Bette Midler or my world-famous cheesecake. She has spiritual value and a good sense of humor. What more could you want from a talk show guest? It was a pleasure for me and very easy to interview her. She's terrific-a real dynamo! There's something special about the book. When I read it, I felt incredibly relaxed. I felt, to a degree as crazy as it may sound , spiritually enlightened.

You have a fresh and valid approach that I personally like and endorse. Her book is both inspiring and practical. The case histories of those whom she has taught the techniques of Divine Revelation are eloquent evidence of the effectiveness of meditation and spiritual dedication. This remarkable book speaks to everyone. This book speaks to all people, no matter what their religious background. Many books advise us to listen to our heart, yet they fail to tell us how.

Divine Revelation teaches a safe, practical way to do this. Instead of developing psychic powers, as many books do, this book opens us to genuine spiritual awareness and develops our prayer power. Divine Revelation reduces many pitfalls in our quest for inner truth. It shortens the time required for our pathway to the divine. Reading this book is a spiritual adventure! It helps us not only to listen to our inner voice, but also to recognize who or what that voice is. Using this book's simple techniques can heal our minds and bring us in tune with God. This book helps us remove blocks so we can experience our true self.

It opens our awareness to God. This book helps us develop faith in our own inner voice rather than depending on others for advice. Divine Revelation is a wonderful companion on the spiritual path. It promises direct spiritual experience and takes us to higher consciousness. This book helps us avoid the perils of dabbling with psychic powers. It develops our spiritual discernment. It helps us to become spiritually self-reliant. Thank you, Susan, for your safe, practical approach to intuitive development.

I bought this book a long time ago and it inspired me to look for a local teacher so I can learn the technique. I did find one and took the classes and now, I do not feel I have to seek for any more external gurus. I found my guru, God in me. I had some very negative experiences with 'astral entities' as they're called in the book, almost prompting me to abandon my spirituality altogether. But, after reading the chapters on protection, healing, and becoming "spiritually street-smart", I am now confident that I can contact the divine at will and know it will be safe, loving, and comforting.

All pain can be healed. We can enjoy infinite abundance.

Divine Revelation | Spiritual Book | Communicating with God | God Consciousness

It is possible for us to know unshakable contentment and unconditional love. Spiritual Meaning and Practice for Daily Life. Living the Eternal Way: The Fourfold Practice combines the inner way of meditation, contemplation, and prayer with the way of right action in the world — the key to authentic, soul-inspired living. Not only are you honoring the creative aspect that is inherent to feminine energy, research shows that manual activities are beneficial to mental health. Whether you call it the Law of Attraction, manifesting or creating magic, get into your feminine energy by practicing submission and passivity when it comes to things that you desire.

This is one of those areas that calls for a balance of both masculine and feminine in order to work. Hard work and strenuous mental and physical effort to accomplish a goal is an idea that we are culturally very comfortable with, and one of the biggest critiques of the Law of Attraction is that it advocates a passive approach to achieving desires and goals.

The masculine energy propels us to take direct action to achieve, and the feminine energy is needed in order to stay detached from outcomes, listen to our inner voice, and be aware of opportunities when they are presented to us. If your goal is a destination, think of the feminine as a map, and the masculine as a car. You need both to get to where you want to go. Dance, yoga, tai chi, any movement that is non-competitive will conjure and welcome feminine energy into your being. A regular meditation practice can increase our compassion for others. Creating a space for silence also helps to strengthen our intuition.

From men, from women. From the female ancestors who watch over us now. Form a practice of asking and receiving. Practice loving someone without condition. Forgive and see each person you encounter as a mirror, reflecting either an area of yourself that is growing, or that needs attention. I meditate and pray. I read the Bible and say affirmations. Similarly to how I want my external representations to be expansive and complete, I want my spiritual life to be the same way.