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As with any dream symbol, what sex means to you in your dream will depend on your feelings about sex and your experience as a sexual being. Dreaming of babies may represent an immature aspect of yourself or a new aspect of yourself that is still maturing or developing. It may also symbolize a part of you that is feeling neglected or needs to be nurtured, loved and accepted by you. Dreams about snakes can mean many different things to different people, depending on the type, location, what it is doing and your association with snakes in waking life.

Dreams of a cheating partner are among the most common dreams reported. In reality, cheating dreams are often related to your own low self-esteem or guilty conscience.

How to Interpret Dreams About Snakes

To dream of killing someone or that you are being murdered may suggest that your unconscious is trying to kill off an unpleasant or unneeded aspect of yourself. Dreams about airplanes, like dreams about all modes of transportation, may be addressing the path you are on in life, how fast you are moving and how much you are in control of your life.

Consider what the plane is doing, who you are and where you are on the plane for further insight. Flying dreams are one of the top 10 dream themes reported by dreamers and may symbolize feeling "high", being happy in general or feeling good about something specific in waking life. If you are a woman, your mother or mother-in-law may be representing an aspect of yourself that you need to examine more closely. The meaning of Wedding dreams may vary depending on whether you are already married or want to be and how you feel about marriage in general.

Dreams about driving may represent the control you have over where you are going in life. Remember that the Driver is the one making decisions about the direction taken and how fast you get there. Are you driving or are you a passenger? Family members in a dream can mean many different things. They may simply be themselves and the dream may be dealing with some aspect of your family life or your relationship with these family members. Consider the dynamics and interpersonal relationships within the dream and how they may be different from waking life.

The clothes we wear in waking life help identify us — they represent how we want others to see us. Clothes also hide our imperfect bodies, and metaphorically, our emotional and psychological imperfections. In waking life teeth have two purposes; to chew our food to take in nourishment and to make us look better. Dreams about teeth then, may suggest there is something you need to chew over or think about more or you may be concerned about your appearance and how other perceive you.

The clothes you wear in dreams may represent the side of yourself that you choose to show the world; your outer personality or Persona. Also consider the color of the apparel or item of clothing. Dictionary of dreams DreamsCloud More than symbol definitions that help you understand the meaning of your dreams. Chat with a dreams coach today. Download the DreamsCloud app. See what people are dreaming about. Ok, so I've had a few dreams before this, and they're we all about snakes, venomous snakes, biting me. However, this dream was the weirdest one. So, I went outside of my house and I see this bright yellow snake wrapped around a tiny black and green snake.

I crouch down and I touch the snake, but then the yellow viper, I think it was, started chasing me up my porch. I then tried to kick it away, but then it bit me on the ankle. Now normally they would bite me on the hand, but this time it was on the ankle. I had a dream of a tsunami coming and there was this red and black snake chasing me and this other person i dont know and we were together trying to fight of the snake, and the snake bite him and never Bit me Then at the end everyone was praising me and the snkae I dont know what was happening.

Omg I had awful dream last night of an orange large thick snake with a huge head trying to chase me and bite me! I had a dream that a black snake was wrapped around my nude body and another dream that I was running away from a group of snakes Running down the street. A snake was chasing me. I was trying to out run it or lose it. Finally it bit me on the ankle. I had a dream about snake,and a sleeping black cobra on the top of a plastic in the table.

I had a dream and in the dream I had a python and it's slept with me in my bed and in the middle of the night a rattlesnake came in and tried to bite me and the python killed it I have no idea what that means. I had a dream that I was in the kitchen of my home and a nice size green snake passed by me quickly but when I tried to find the snake it was gone I couldn't find it in the house like it had vanished. I just was wondering could someone tell me what that dream could mean. I am in a lake kayaking alone.. I just dreamed about been in this house as a guest, and they showing me this game with snakes and how they listen to their orders, but almost all the snakes loved me and they r just laying down in the floor with me, in front of my belly.

Then I was getting about to get kill by someone because snakes love me. I dream about seeing a long snake a gold colored snake and it bite someone on the leg and then someone hold the middle of the snake and then it curl to bite the hand and it got killed and later the head of the dead snake in hand of the killer was coming to my direction. I had a dream that i am somewhere watching a lot of snakes which exactly look the same are passing by me and some look at me but most are rushing to go forward, I somehow couldn't see myself or my body but these snakes were all the same color khaki.

I dreamt two brown snakes having in sex.. Then I walked fast going up to the mountain so that they don't don't bite me.

Common dream symbol meanings

I had a dream about a whole pile of these baby snakes in a room, with me, my little sister, and step sister staying in that room. The snakes would only stay on the ground, and they would also never try to attack us but they would just move around on the floor. So how we would avoid them, was that we would jump and climb on furniture instead. There were other people in my dream that I recognized that I'm trying to not hurt them with the facing truth, but I don't know if I'm being truthful with myself, I have had a couple other dreams with snakes in it.

The snakes looked mostly black or gray or just pink I dreamt dat my younger brother was sleeping facing up nd a snake curled on him from his leg nd my Aunty divided it into two nd threw it away another one came nd she did d same thing to it wat does dat mean. I was in a church with people I knew the people it was people at the front worshipping a lady and all of a sudden a bunch of black snake started to wrap around me I was scared and something told me to dream happy thoughts about my parents and I did and they fell and I escaped. A snake was coming at me , in the air, before it could bite me, I caught it with my hands and it never bit me, holding it with both hands and asking for help I saw three snakes in my dream while I was putting the laundry up so I ran inside but they were there to one behind my brother's chair the other one was on the ceiling of the stairs.

Last one in the garden. What would it mean I got really scared. I had dream of snake in dream I was teasing the snake and the snake keep looking at me and didn't do any thing.

14 Common Dreams and Symbols and Why They're Important

I had a dream, that, I was with a king and suddenly it became a big snake, what does it mean? Is their any trouble in my life? I dream i was laying down and my cousin put 3 snakes only and I was telling she to take them off I was crying say please in the name of Jesus please take them off. If you are in a group of people and see a snake, but the snake is far away what does that mean. The snake is black and red. I just woke up from my dream that a green like, a garden snake bit me in my lip was trying to get inside my mouth until the person in the room slit it off and it let me go then I open the door from the kitchen to go out and there was a snake then so I kicked it and I ran out the door when I try to look back they were all following me then I seen people and they were gathering as if they were doing the ritual but they were actually praying and singing to the Moon and I asked him for help and they said come into the circle and pray with us and surely and snakes will die I've never dreamt like that before wake up and remember it all..

I had one about myself it was me and my mom and my brother and there was a big snake that kept jumping at me and as I ran away it wrapped around me and I was slamming onto walls and it was so scary I woke up in a sweat. I dream the snake bite m3 for few times.. Ive had a few dreams but this one I had. I just woke up from a dream a black snake bite me in the chest.

A old school friend female who is a snake in the year of the Chinese symbol.

So i had a dream about me and some of my family inside out house but my husband wasnt no longer in the picture, i dreamt that his 2 boas got out of the cage but it was his black 3rd snake that got out, they were moving everywhere trying to leave, trying to find a way out, the 2 more snakes ended up coming out a bigger one then a small baby snake, i dont know how we ended up outside as i was talking pictures with my cousin and one of my exs ive know since i was younger, i kept telling my oldest to get the 2 that didnt bite because they are tamed and he tried but they kept escaping although when you tried to get them they're tells would feel sharp and they would hold on to your hand tight, the other one left across the street and turned into a all dark orange and black lion.

Okay okay I had a about my ex-husband and there was a snake wrapped all the way around him. I dreamed that I was rafting down a river with a crate full of Cobras I had to deliver, and they kept trying to escape. My raft crashed on an island and the snakes escaped I had a dream last night about two snakes d one was black slim n very long n d other was yellow,fat n not too long, d black one was jst lying down n moving slowly n d yellow one swallowed my friend but she came back alive n it started chasing me I was actually balanced a few times but it almost bit me n I woke up.

Mother snake coming down the hanging light bulb and little ones on the floor of my parents' house. I am a Re-born Christian and I dreamed I was walking through a massive amount of snakes with a woman. In real life I am very scared of snakes but in the dream I was not at all scared, although I and this woman was surrounded by many different types of snakes.

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What does this mean. I dream of a black snake going around my all naked body especially my back when I was sleeping and walking and I was very scared and uncomfortable because of a big snake moving around my naked back. Early in the morning i was dreaming of being on a boat and there was all these snakes in trees we went under a tree and one fell on my head i screamed and woke myself out of the dream. I can't remember the color but i think it was yellow.

I stood at the edge of a forest with a field to my back all at once every snake of every kind came out from all around me not menacingly but encircling me as if I were the pied piper with a flute calling to me all rats in the city.

Dictionary of dreams | DreamsCloud

I had a dream of snakes black snakes in my house I had a dream about big snake with color black and white in the big white house.. And my friend also there cleaning the house.. I don't know what it means.. I saw a dream that My sister brought many snakes in a box in which one was a mother of the snake n others were small ones n I got scared n told her to take them away from me but she dint listen to me she kept them in our room n at the side of the box in which snakes were at the side there was one more box in which my cats were sitting n then I wake up as my mom woke me up.

I had a dream that I had a bag of snakes and my Love was this huge anaconda and I was walking around showing him off to people while smooching him and calling him baby like I do with my cat. I dreamt a tiny snake got out and me and my deceased mom were running away. She put her hand out to it and it bit her two middle fingers. I dreamed about long green snake from a stream following me to my house and then I killed it..

Thank you, when I was a young child I used to dream about snakes. My father abused me physically and told me not to tell my mother about the beating. This one explains why I dream about sex until the age of 12 and had my last snakes dream at I am now 42 years old and it was not tell a year ago that my mother believed me completely. I even spent time in a foster home because the violence of his physical, emotional and verbal abuse. The other night I had a dream about a snake, it wanted to be with me and not its owner. It went down my top, as it wanted to keep warm and when the owner tried to take it back it tried to bite him.

I felt comfortable with it, but I just remember it was heavy to carry around and I know it was green and I think it was a cobra. I dreamed a snake scattered in our house color brown.. We killed all them and then in front of our house have a white snake and long.. Then when they see me.. The snake is crawling away from us. I dream about many snakes, white in color and have black dots. I and my mother killed the other snakes but some are alive because i already woke up.

I had a dream that I was in a classroom and there was a green boa constrictor in the room. I walked through the door into the classroom and the people inside kept yelling at me to run, but I felt safe so I sat on top of a desk and the snake followed me and it bit me between my shoulder and neck and it felt like someone was grabbing me.

Dream Meanings A-Z | Exemplore

When the snake bit me I heard people yelling and running to me. I felt relaxed, I was closing my eyes and falling off the desk. Then I woke up confused and could still feel the snake bite. I dreamed of brown and black colored snake on the front open door. This happen in the dream while a known person came to our house and wanted to enter the house the snake was there. As she tried to close the door , the snake start entering the house.

We tried calling my daughter as she was in the dinning room so that she could get away from it but she could hear us. The snake entered the house and I woke up. See 80 more comments. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. To provide a better website experience, exemplore. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so.

For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: The Meaning of Snake Dreams Snakes commonly symbolize fear or transformation. How to Interpret Dreams About Snakes Dreaming of a snake can be either a positive or negative symbol. When analyzing your dream think about: What the snake was doing Who was in the dream Your feelings and attitude during the dream.

Common Symbolic Meanings of Snakes Fear: A snake attack is usually a sign of inner turmoil for the dreamer. Dreaming of a Black Snake Dreaming of a black snake means there is something dark and ominous lurking in your life. Dreaming About a Snake in Your House or Bed If you dream about a snake in your house, you first need to think about what your house might represent.

Dreaming about a snake in your house could mean one of the following: You have a problem in your family. You may be having a fight with one of your children, or you suspect your spouse is being unfaithful. If you do not live with your family , the snake may represent your bad feelings toward a roommate or landlord. You're having financial problems. You're trying to move or you are unhappy in your current house.

Dreaming of Being Chased by a Snake When you dream about being chased by a snake, you likely feel fear and panic. These feelings could be brought on because: You are avoiding an unpleasant situation and your unconscious mind expects you to face it. Perhaps you're been avoiding a task at work, a necessary medical procedure, or something else that needs to be done. You want to speak your mind, but you're holding back so as not to hurt anyone. For example, you've been meaning to break things off with your romantic partner and are worried about their reaction.

3 Types Of Dreams

You are caught in a situation with very few options and have difficult choices to make. In other words, you feel trapped. Dreaming About Dead Snakes Dead snakes are positive in dreams. Killing Snakes in Your Dream A dream about killing snakes is a positive dream. Yellow Snakes A yellow snake represents your inner light—your intuition, wisdom, and intellectual abilities. Dreaming of Snakes While Pregnant Seeing a snake in your dreams while pregnant is a sign of good luck. The color of the snake could also represent a number of different meanings: If you see a black snake while pregnant, you are having a baby boy.

A white snake means you are carrying a baby girl. A red snake means luck, or that someone close to you will get engaged or married. The "lesson" or "test" we face inside the school or classroom is frequently one we need to learn from our past -- which is one reason these dreams are often reported by people who have long since finished school. Unknown to most people, the body is actually encountering a form of paralysis during dreaming, which prevents it from physically performing the actions occurring in their dreams, therefore dreaming about paralysis frequently represents the overlap between the REM stage and waking stage of sleep.

Dreaming about paralysis can also indicate that the dreamer feels he or she lacks control in their waking life. Although death is often perceived as negative, it's often more directly related to dramatic change happening for the dreamer -- the end of one thing, in order to make room for something new. Flying in a dream, and how effectively or poorly it's done, relates to how much control we feel we have in our lives, and whether we are confident and able to achieve our goals.

High flying is one of the most euphoric dreams imaginable, while flying or "skimming" low to the ground or being caught in obstacles like power lines can be immensely frustrating. Not all falling dreams are scary and negative. Some dreamers report a type of slow falling that indicates serenity and the act of letting go. Often, falling uncontrollably from a great height indicates something in waking our life that feels very much out of control. Emotional or psychological exposure or vulnerability is very often expressed in dreams through nudity. The body part that's exposed can give more insight into the emotion that our dreams are helping us to understand.

Dreaming of a baby often represents something new: It might be a new idea, new project at work, new development or the potential for growth in a specific area of our waking life. Food symbolizes energy, knowledge or nourishment and is directly related to our intellect, emotions and spirituality. Food can also be a manifestation of idioms like, "food for thought," and reveal that we may be "hungry" for new information and insights.