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For the record, my previous 1 Favorite Reads have been Wild Nights! George Ault and s America []; and Eminent Outlaws: In some ways my list surprises me. At the same time, my reading of poetry fell off sharply this year—yet there are three poetry titles here. My list would seem to suggest so. Hollywood and Hitler, by Thomas Doherty Columbia University Press is an excellent study of how in the s the mostly Jewish Hollywood moguls attempted to appease Hitler in their desire to hold onto Germany as a lucrative foreign market for their films.

Confessions of a Nazi Spy was the movie that finally broke the blockade and allowed other studios to join the anti-Hitler bandwagon. This is a fairly academic text, and not what I would call a breezy read, but it does recapture a lost bit of American cultural history. Hollywood and Hitler, is certainly a must-read for students of Hollywood in the s. The Jaglom volume consists of more casual encounters, and over time it appears that Welles mostly forgot he was being recorded he insisted that the recorder be hidden.

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As a result we get Orson with the bark off, sharing his candid opinions of many a Hollywood figure as well as his general views on life. This is the real Orson Welles. In The Friedkin Connection: A Memoir HarperCollins the filmmaker discusses the ups and downs of his career with unusual candor, placing much of the blame for his semi-downfall squarely on his own shoulders—specifically, on his feelings of invulnerability after the twin triumphs of Exorcist and Connection.

A Life in Washington, D. To a longtime resident of the D. Public Schools teacher such as myself, the book sounded intriguing. Ada Hume Williams was no great literary stylist, and the diary written at the rate of a page a day, every day, for one year offers little insight into Ms. But what it does offer is an absolutely fascinating glimpse into how one working woman in her early 30s lived her life nearly a hundred years ago, in a place only a few miles from where I sit typing this.

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After the war they married. Williams said it was. Williams was also a fan. This diary provides an invaluable window into a long-lost time. Twenty years ago Densmore, drummer for the s rock band The Doors, penned the definitive biography of the group; titled Riders on the Storm, the book was deservedly a bestseller, and remains in print today.

Plenty, as it turns out. In its original s edition, Ellery Queen: As a young teen I was enamored of the Ellery Queen TV series still am , and it led me to the many Queen mystery novels, some of which I loved still do. I found the Nevins book at the library—it was titled Royal Bloodline —and was immediately fascinated: It was a new concept to me. But as Francis Nevins himself taught me back in the s, arguing with the critic is one of the delights of reading any book of criticism.

This is without question the definitive book on Ellery Queen. Ten years ago Gauntlet Press and editor Tony Albarella inaugurated a wildly, even recklessly ambitious publishing event: The ten-volume series As Timeless as Infinity: Appearing annually, the last volume was finally published at the beginning of I helped proofread the first few of the books. Tony Albarella has performed a great service in rescuing this material from the obscurity of library collections and dusty personal files.

A major publishing event this year was the appearance from Counterpoint of two volumes, New Collected Poems and This Day: His uncles were in the Navy and RAF. He did not follow their example; he read History at university, although he also trained as a reservist in the Territorial Army. Fate however seems determined that he should have war experience, like other members of his family. He has found himself doing temporary duty with the French forces and, on one occasion, facing the Territorial SAS as an enemy. He has managed to be in the firing line more than once: He lives in London.

On his likeable but villainous hero, Richard Finch, Max Markham writes: I needed a different sort of hero to the usual detective who unravels murder mysteries and found him in Richard Finch, a very intelligent and resourceful Parachute Regiment officer.

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Richard happens to be gay, which was officially unacceptable in the Army in the s, when the first novel opens, so this has made his life difficult in the past. However he is not a victim. Very unpleasant things can happen to people who really annoy Richard. Nor is being gay the most important thing in his life. He is a renaissance man. He is a very serious and professional soldier. He boxes and plays rugby.

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He has a First in Classics from Cambridge. He speaks several languages and is quite as likely to be found reading Dostoevsky in the original, as he is to be seducing another man or scoring goals. I am glad that they have been my friends. Without presuming to liken myself to Dickens, that has been my experience with Richard Finch. I now know better than to argue with him. Richard has taken control, as he was born to do. There he meets Major James Graveney, a pleasant-looking and outwardly conventional young officer in a respectable Fusilier regiment.

Both men have something to hide. Gay sex is strictly forbidden in the army: James, officially straight, is in reality bisexual and able to respond to Richard; initially on the physical plane, then, more gradually, on the emotional one too.

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Richard has various secrets: Like James, he plays rugby and squash, and is also a talented amateur boxer. He is illegitimate; the result of a gap-year romance between two wealthy, spoilt teenagers; one French and one British, whose families lost no time in farming Richard out for adoption.

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Although he had a good upbringing from his kindly adoptive parents, and proved well-able to fend for himself, winning scholarships when the need arose, Richard has a gnawing sense of inferiority; he nurses a grudge against the world at large and his mother's family in particular for the reverses that he has occasionally encountered.

Richard's response to a perceived hostile world is to punch it in the face, and worse.

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As a boxer, he is well placed to do this. Determined to have a full, committed relationship with James, Richard will stop at nothing, including murder, to achieve this. In the end, he wins. Even such setbacks as James's marriage to an American scientist, whose personality is nearly as strong as Richard's; Richard's disappearance in deep cover in Northern Ireland for two to three years, during which time James believes him to have been murdered and when Richard wins the DSO; and the Falklands War of , in which all three are involved, do not prove fatal to their friendship.

In they are close as ever and Richard is godfather to James's eldest son, who hero-worships him. Both have had a "good war" in the Falklands, details of which emerge in the course of the novel. So has James's wife, Tori, who was researching wildlife in the Falklands when the war broke out and who subsequently provided valuable information to British intelligence.

James was deeply involved in intelligence work. They and their other friends unexpectedly all survive. Back in London, it is down to earth with a bump. Brilliant men though they may be, the army is unsure what to do with them. Even worse, redundancy might be beckoning. The two friends will be together again; this time in Africa. One might expect them to use this time for career-consolidation and to enjoy the opportunities for travel and recreation. Needless to say, Richard and James are soon involved in a series of adventures; amorous, erotic, absurd and downright dangerous, in Kenya and neighbouring parts of Africa.

For a start, Richard is tasked to trace a missing Sandhurst scholarship holder who disappeared, apparently in Kenya, during his gap-year.