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In the case of a rainbow, when sunlight hits a raindrop it does not move as fast through the water as it does through the atmosphere, so it bends a little. The light then turns again as it moves out of the raindrop and back into the air at its original speed. When light hits the rain at just the right angle, it is refracted through a raindrop and into our eyes, causing us to see a rainbow. But how does the "white" sunlight produce a multicolored rainbow?

Sunlight, or "white" light, is actually made up of continuous bands of different colored light--red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Each color has a different wavelength, or frequency, which refracts slightly differently when it passes from one medium to another. As a result, white light can be broken up into its component colors by being passed through certain medium. For example, a prism can also create rainbows because the glass, like the raindrop, bends the different colors of light at slightly different angles.

Longer wavelengths are bent at larger angles, so longer wavelengths are bent less than shorter wavelengths. When sunlight hits a raindrop, the red light waves are bent at an angle of 42 degrees from their original direction from the sun. Shorter violet light waves are only bent at an angle of 40 degrees. The other colored light frequencies are bent at angles in between these two. From the roof, a man with the same hat as the man with the iron hat reveals himself, saying that he forgot the Varia's room number and introduces himself as Wonomichi , the planner of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow and the man with the iron hat's messenger, stating that he came to explain the rules of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow that would take place in four days, as well as giving them their wristwatches , a crucial component in the battle.

After Tsunomichi finishes explaining the rules, he explains them to all the other Arcobaleno. While Tsuna is exasperated by his father's appearance and delighted by Basil's, Byakuran suddenly arrives and proposes to Tsuna that they form an alliance in the upcoming battle royale of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, and Dino came over to Tsuna's house to discuss regarding Yuni's decision to choose Byakuran as her representative and the alliance that offered by Byakuran. They all disagreed for an alliance since they're still wary of Byakuran, but Reborn agreed to it since Byakuran's power would be useful for their team.

When they thought about the remaining two representatives needed for their team, Gokudera suggested Hibari, but unfortunately, Hibari had turned down Reborn's invitation to join the team because he had 'severe case of hives' ever since the battle with Daemon. Dino then suggested Enma since he is strong, though in Reborn's view, Enma doesn't fulfill his high standard. While Dino tries to persuade Hibari to join them, Tsuna and Reborn went to Enma at the riverbank to ask him to join them, only to find him with Skull.

Skull revealed that Enma is his representative, much to Tsuna's shock. Enma suggested to form an alliance, which Tsuna agreed to, but both Skull and Reborn against it, much Tsuna's dismay. Elsewhere, each team prepared their own preparation for the upcoming Representative battle. Tsuna awoke and hurried up to school since he was nervous because it was the first day of The Representative Battle of the Rainbow. Though, once he met his friends at school and act normally like they usually did, he felt at ease.

After school, however, the wristwatches announced the battle to start. Tsuna quickly went outside and was surprised by a sudden explosion that turned out to be caused by none other than his father, Iemitsu, who becoming his first opponent. Reborn and Dino found Tsuna unconsciouss after defeated by Iemitsu, and he decided to form an alliance with Colonello's Team so in return, Tsuna's Boss watch is not destroyed, thus, allowing Tsuna and his team to continue pariticipating the battle. In some abandoned buildings during his way back home with Skull, Enma's wrist watch announced the battle to begin and they were ambushed by Varia members except Mammon and Xanxus.

Wonomichi revealed that the present that Checker Face had mentioned before is that the Arcobaleo who transformed into babies able to change back to their true form and enter the battle for three minutes. After Varia leaves, Enma tried to convince Adelheid to become Skull's representative along with other Simon Guardians, which she agreed since she had witnessed Skull saved Enma's life.

When Tsuna and his team visited Yuni to discuss Verde's team, the wrist watches announced the start of the second Representative Battle of the Rainbow, and realized that Mukuro and his team have come. Hibari and Fon went to the hotel where Dino and the Varia are staying upon Hibari's insistence to fight Dino. When they arrived, they encountered Varia shortly after the wrist watch announced the start of the second battle of Representative Battle of the Rainbow.

Two minutes ago before the battle finished, Basil was observing Team Skull who was not challenged by any team. Suddenly, however, he sensed Flames from the house and when he checked what happened, he witnessed all members of Team Skull easily defeated by the Vindice led by Arcobaleno with clear pacifier, Bermuda von Vichtenstein. Shortly after the announcement of the result of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, each remaining teams were ambushed by Vindice who didn't wear any wrist watch while the Arcobaleno were having a meeting regarding Bermuda, making the previous rule of the Representative Battle invalid.

Not long after the Vindice's sudden assaults, right at Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Reborn immediately went to the playground to avoid the neighbors to be involved with the battle. There, they encountered Mukuro who was then followed by his team with Ken and Chikusa participated in the battle again by using the remaining spare watches.

Before they could start, however, three Vindices appeared, leaving both teams no choice but to form a truce and temporarily fight together to beat the Vindice. Bermuda and Jager appeared shortly after Tsuna defeated the last Vindice, Jaque. Bermuda immediately gave Reborn his invitation to join his team.

When Reborn refused the offer, Bermuda forcefully sucked him into his warp hole and send him to the Vendicare Prison, saying that he won't be able to refuse once he knew the truth. However, Tsuna, who was trying to prevent Reborn being transported, also ended up being sucked into the warp hole, ending up in Vendicare Prison along with Reborn and discovered the mystery behind the Arcobaleno.

Bermuda and Jager confronted Tsuna and Reborn and told them to let go of their wrist watches and took them to a special room that will prevent anyone to hear their conversation, making Reborn confirmed that Bermuda is not allied with Checker Face. Bermuda explained that the Arcobaleno are human sacrfices that Checker Face prepared to protect the Arcobaleno pacifiers.

The pacifiers are cursed treasures that must never be destroyed and he selected seven most powerful people at the generation and make them Arcobaleno to protect it since no normal human being able to protect the pacifiers. However, the curse that inflicted on the Arcobaleno resulting a side effect for the Arcobaleno that will endangered the pacifiers. To prevent this, there's a pass-on pacifiers through generation to generation, either through contracting job or Representative Battle.

Bermuda revealed that the Representative of the Rainbow is a trap that Checker Face set up to choose the next strongest seven and make them the next generation Arcobaleno and he had no intention to free the current Arcobaleno from their curse. Reborn questioned what will happened to the previous Arcobaleno, to which Bermuda answered that they will be dismissed, but most of the Arcobaleno who had their pacifiers removed ended up dead or even if one does manage to survive they only have a cursed life, becoming a Vindice that desires nothing but revenge.

Bermuda expressed his desire to kill Checker Face by winning the Representative Battle of the Rainbow since the sole moment where Checker Face could be killed is the moment when he summoned the winning team to his side, but to do that, he need Reborn's help. Reborn asked why out of all Arcobaleno he chose him. Bermuda answered that Tsuna's miracilous growth through Reborn's guidance is what made him realized that he is different from the other Arcobaleno.

He revealed further that he used to be an Arcobaleno that deceived by Checker Face, but able to resist when his flame is being taken by him and refill the empty pacifier with a new flame, Flame of Night and taught other former Arcobaleno with the same desires for revenge how to use the flame, creating the organization that guard the mafia law, Vindice. Reborn asked why guardians of mafia, and Bermuda explained that Checker Face is the one who administrates Tri-ni-Set and through he prediction of certain shaman, he able to know that the ones who will received Vongola Rings and Mare Rings would be Giotto and Yuni's ancestor, Sepira, the mafia bosses who found Vongola and Giglionero.

He thought that if they watch over the Tri-ni-Set, they able to reach Checker Face. Reborn then asked what will happened to the current Arcobaleno is Checker Face is killed. Bermuda revealed that they will die along with everyone that involved with the Arcobaleno including Yuni, Lal, and the Vindice since killing Checker Face means destroying the Arcobaleno system itself. Hearing this, Tsuna declared that they are wrong and he won't let them win the Repsentative Battle.

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Reborn decided to follow Tsuna's will, rejecting Bermuda's offer to join him. With the invitation rejected, Jager stated that he won't let them leave. However, Jager easily overpowered Tsuna within a matter of seconds. Before he could deliver another blow, Bermuda ordered him to stop, telling him that now Reborn will realize that Tsuna won't stand a chance against him and won't do something stupid such as following Tsuna's will again.

Bermuda told him to reconsider his offer and he will wait his answer until the fourth day battle. Before they left, Bermuda warned him that whether he reject or accept his invitation, he will go to hell either way. Not seeing any possibility that Tsuna will win against Jager, Reborn told Tsuna that there's no need for him to die for the sake of the Arcobaleno.

This frustrated Tsuna since usually he would punch him if he thought something as cowardly as that. M and Flan waiting for them. They were then shown the result of the third day battle and found that Mammon used his remaining present time to escape the Vindice with illusion. Reborn told them to call Mammon since he wanted to discuss what Bermuda had told him. M demanded Tsuna to explain what Bermuda said to him, but Tsuna ignored her and ran off, wondering what he should do to help Reborn. Tsuna goes home and finds that his dad, Iemitsu, is injured.

After Tsuna expresses concern about his father's wounds, Iemitsu tells him to do his best for the Representative Battle and rest well until the next one begins. Tsuna gets ready for bed, troubled by the day's events. Meanwhile, Reborn tells the other Arcobaleno what Bermuda told him, shocking them all. Colonnello comments that he has been feeling worse than usual recently and Reborn says the same. Reborn reveals that Bermuda wanted him as an ally and that he thinks that they should get rid of Checker Face and the Arcobaleno system.

However, Mammon protests violently, saying that he wants to live longer. Verde agrees and states that he doesn't want to die as a consequence of someone else's project. When Colonnello discovers Lal Mirch could die as well, he goes against the idea. Agitatedly, Mammon orders Reborn to think of other ways of survival, but Reborn replies that there are no other ways. At the Sawada residence, Tsuna reflects on how Reborn was always there whenever he was in a pinch and needed advice. Tsuna goes downstairs to get a glass of water.

When he reaches the kitchen, he finds Lambo drinking Basil's strawberry juice. When Tsuna asks him why, Lambo says that his juice was grape flavored and he wondered what Basil's strawberry juice would taste like. Tsuna protests, but Lambo ignores him and drinks anyways. Afterwards, Lambo fills up Basil's juice bottle with his own juice to make up for the difference.

Tsuna objects, saying that the taste would be different. Lambo drinks from Basil's bottle to test it out and exclaims that it is good.

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After putting the bottle back in the fridge, Lambo hurriedly sneaks back up to his room. Tsuna wishes that his own problem go away if he filled up the missing juice. When he thinks about his words, Tsuna realizes he has to fill up the missing part. Tsuna makes a call to Vongola Ninth and asks for his help in contacting a person. After obtaining the necessary information, Tsuna flies to a house in a forest and enters, saying that it has been a long time.

Later, Tsuna expresses his thanks, informs the person that he will focus on the Representative War, and leaves. In Kokuyo Land, Mukuro notices Tsuna, who wants to talk to him. After doing so, Tsuna flies to the Varia's hotel and asks Xanxus to lend him a hand. Xanxus stares at him and Tsuna looks back at him with resolution.

After making the phone call to Vongola Ninth, Tsuna visited Talbot. Talbot told Tsuna that he came to Japan because he had a bad feeling about the Representative Battle. Tsuna told Talbot his idea to replace an Arcobaleno's removed Flame. Tsuna further elaborated by saying that Checker Face removes the Flames of the current Arcobaleno to create the new generation and that Bermuda had survived as a Vindice by forcing the Flame of Night, a Flame made of hatred and vindictiveness, into his empty Pacifier. Tsuna suggested that if the correct type of Flame is injected into the empty Pacifiers based on their owners, there might be a chance of the Arcobaleno surviving.

Talbot compared Tsuna's idea to using blood as a transfusion for anaemic people.

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Tsuna questioned his idea's probability and after much contemplating, Talbot replied that it might be possible and disclosed that he had been doing research on the Pacifiers, finding them to be similar to both the Vongola Rings and Mare Rings. Talbot explained further, saying that what is transferred between Arcobaleno generations is not the Pacifier's soul but rather, the energy that is contained.

Thus, even after the Flame is removed, if the right type of Flame is injected before the soul dies completely, the Arcobaleno's life could be prolonged. Tsuna interrupted excitedly but Talbot continued on and remarked that the process would not be so simple because the changing of the generations is also linked to the pacifier's lifespan.

Talbot said that it is still worth a try because nothing is known yet and informed Tsuna clearly that if Bermuda were to win the Representative Battle, then all would be lost. Talbot told Tsuna to defeat Bermuda and stated that Tsuna is the only one who can accomplish this. Tsuna responded with a resounding yes. Tsuna's flashback ends when Reborn appears and notifies Tsuna about the outcome of the Arcobaleno meeting, saying that they had a big fight due to their differences and a conclusion was not reached. Tsuna asks if Reborn is seriously thinking of becoming Bermuda's ally and Reborn replies that if he has to die, he might as well destroy the Arcobaleno system in the process.

Tsuna requests that Reborn gets on his shoulder, as he has something to tell the latter.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc

Tsuna flies to Namimori Shrine. When they reach the shrine, Reborn asks why they went all the way there. Tsuna replies that he does not want to be discovered by other students and states that he is skipping school. Reborn comments that it has been a long time since that happened and asks Tsuna if he thinks that Reborn, as his home tutor, will allow his skipping of school. Hearing this, Tsuna shouts at Reborn agitatedly, wondering how Reborn could say that. Tsuna recalls the day when he first met Reborn and how Reborn showed up out of nowhere, claiming to be a tutor for training Tsuna to be a Mafia boss.

Tsuna says that he felt like the days after had been a mess and rattles off things that Reborn had forced him to do that turned his school life into a disaster in the process.

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However, even after going through all of that, Tsuna says that in the end, he had fun and that he even felt happy to have Reborn as a tutor. Tsuna says that he was outraged when Reborn said that he never expected to die a decent death and angrily questions if Reborn is always thinking sad thoughts whenever he is by the former's side, even when he was having fun. Tsuna exclaims that Reborn is a failure as a home tutor if he has been behaving this way the whole time.

Tsuna informs Reborn that this time, it is his turn to teach Reborn. Getting emotional, Tsuna is unable to complete his sentence and slumps onto the ground. After a few moments, Tsuna tells Reborn with conviction that he is not going to let Reborn die. Tsuna finally gets his feelings off his chest, only to find out that Reborn is sleeping beside him. Tsuna feels incredulous that Reborn fell asleep while he was addressing such important concerns. Tsuna tries to rouse Reborn but stops himself in time after he thinks of the consequences. Tsuna wonders how much had Reborn heard before he slept.

As Tsuna heads home, it is revealed that Reborn is actually pretending to be asleep. Reborn, with a satisfied grin on his face, saying that Tsuna does as he pleases, but then said that impossible things is still impossible. Tsuna visits Yamamoto and Gokudera at the hospital and notifies them of the same matter that he had already told Mukuro, Byakuran, Enma and Xanxus.

Gokudera is upset that he did not get to know first and Tsuna explains that it is because Tsuna is so dependent on his guardian and sees them as his family that he just natrually assumes that they will help him out. Tsuna apologies but Gokudera brushes it off, exclaiming proudly that they are a family.