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Pickup head is coated in black rubber to protect your instrument. Attach to bridge or soundboard with included reusable mounting tab. Secure output jack to f-hole, tailpiece or strap button with nylon jack clamp included and zipties. The microphone that fits in places no other microphone would dare to go! Designed to be easily and quickly mounted so you can amplify your violin, guitar, upright bass, viola, mandolin, banjo, cello, cigar box, motor vehicle Includes one reusable mounting tab and nylon attachment clamp.

Great for noise enthusiasts or for miking musical instruments. Soldered onto the disc is a small alligator clip that can open its jaws approximately 0. Originally designed for collecting sounds from wires, bridges and chain link fences, sound transfer from the clip is excellent. Great for noise enthusiasts or miking musical instruments.

Mic heads are backed with glittery gold silicone.

Excellent for field recording. Mini Contact Microphone Stereo Set with Alligator Clips This stereo set is made with 27mm passive brass piezo heads with two strong metal alligator clips attached. Mic heads are backed with glittery gold silicone and clips are soldered to the brass, providing excellent sound transfer. Silicone Suction Cup Microphone - Mini This microphone is made with a medical grade grey silicone suction cup that can stay attached to slick smooth surfaces for long periods.

This suction cup is approximately 1. Silicone Suction Cup Microphone - Medium This microphone is made with a medical grade grey silicone suction cup that can stay attached to slick smooth surfaces for long periods. This suction cup is approximately 2.

Factory-Shielded Piezo Film Tab Contact Microphone This little PVDF film tab has been fold-shielded at the factory so the bare surface of the film can be put into direct contact with your sound source. This makes it a much more sensitive microphone that still needs to be properly attached to a surface to sound good. Cover with a slip of paper and tape down tight.

Excellent for under-bridge placement on violin, bass and cello. A large 6 inch by approximately 0. To get the most out of this microphone the entire length of the film tab needs to be securely attached or clamped to the vibratory surface. Use caution when handling, copper edges are sharp. Can also be made with other plugs upon request. Buffered XLR Hydrophone This active piezoelectric hydrophone is made with shielded clear waterproof cable and a weighted copper head coated in non-toxic, durable black rubber. Requires standard 48v phantom power and terminates in a high quality male 3-pin XLR output.

The low noise preamp built right into the head lowers the impedance and provides 3dB of amplification giving you a louder, wider, more natural sounding frequency response. Lightweight, durable and fully waterproof.

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Hydrophone head measures approx. This balanced, passive hydrophone is perfect for ultra low-noise, high-gain recording. Made with shielded black cable, a large 35mm brass piezoelectric head coated in black non-toxic rubber, and a male XLR output plug. Can be used for all kinds of underwater listening and recording, including detecting swimming pool leaks. Can also be used outside of water as a normal contact microphone.

Can be safely frozen or boiled. Use with an amplifier for best results. Basic Mono Hydrophone This passive piezoelectric hydrophone is made with shielded clear waterproof cable and a weighted copper head coated in non-toxic, durable black rubber. Will withstand both freezing and boiling.

Each tab can hold up to grams or a quarter of a pound in weight. They will not damage most surfaces and can be used over and over again by washing with soapy water and allowing to air dry if their stickiness starts to wear out. Comes in a small plastic parts bag for storage.

Brass Piezo Discs These piezos have an excellent frequency response that ranges from about 20 Hz up into the ultrasonic range. Make your own contact mics, drum triggers, speakers, switches, buzzers, transducers Click here for piezo specifications. Doug goes on to explain - "Greenland has many personalities and she certainly showed each one of them this last summer. Her 24 hour sun light, her merciless rain, her ruthless snow, her freezing winds, and of course, her tenacious cold.

We had to be in full survival mode the entire time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 26 October Retrieved October 24, Meet Geologist Eric Drummond". Retrieved January 20, Meet Driller Americo DiSantis". Meet Dredger Chad Watkins". Reality television about Mining.

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It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia's content policies. Eric Drummond is the lead geologist and team leader on 'Ice Cold Gold'. He is a licensed hydro-geologist and an engineering geologist. A lot of his work deals with the clean-up of contaminated ground water and looking into geological conditions like earthquakes and soil stability. Eric also engages in mining claim evaluations for work. Being from California, he finds it a good place to be a geologist because of what comes from earthquakes, the history of mining and its potential to hold so many rich deposits.

Eric has always been infatuated with rocks and remembers always bringing them home as a kid. Eric recalls, "During my freshman year of high school, I had a great teacher who taught geology and it was there that I pretty much knew I wanted to be a geologist. He grew up in the construction field and has been a licensed driller for almost 10 years. His company is hired to drill core samples of soil and water so geologists can test the potential site for contaminants.

AmeriDrill also takes part in geotechnical drillings to see how hard and how far down the soil runs. This is crucial information as an architectures foundation is the most important aspect of any blueprint. Jesse Feldman's expertise is in hard rock mining and prospecting on 'Ice Cold Gold'. Embodying the culture of the wild west, Jesse and his younger brother Josh grew up in a "gold rush" microcosm where the people that made a living off the land were ranchers, cowmen and miners.

Many of them worked for large scale mining companies and owned their own mines. When asked about his daily schedule, Jesse said "One day I might be on a horse, one day I might be in the mine. Josh Feldman's expertise is in hard rock mining and prospecting on 'Ice Cold Gold'. Josh recalls countless days prospecting in and around the gold mines that his family owned. He continues to build on their success and progress there today. When he was 1st approached about prospecting in Greenland, Josh was ready - "What better way to test my skills.

It seemed like the ultimate adventure and what better place could there be to find gold? Gator is the lead excavation and demo expert on 'Ice Cold Gold'. He was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and is neighbors with the Feldman's. To this day, he continues to own and run a successful contracting business. His days vary dramatically, he goes on to explain that "Some days I'm doing paperwork, others I'm meeting with clients or bidding for contracts".

Cold Gold - Picture of Cold Gold Artisan Ice Cream & Sorbet, Stellenbosch

Even as the owner, he enjoys being out in the field and being able to run the machinery. He continues to set the bar with his work in the field and loves interacting with his customers face-to-face. As a 4th generation Colorado native, his desire to strike riches in Greenland is fueled by his deep-seated love for prospecting and his goal of securing a financial foundation for his daughter. He is also a veteran mountaineer and takes pride in being able to solo his way through any rough terrain.

He skillfully does so by forging new, more efficient routes through some of the most diverse landscapes. As a hobby, John loves to build cabinets and all sorts of furniture from scratch. For the last 20 years, Doug Stoup has refined his skills through unbelievably dangerous experiences to become the worlds leading polar pioneer, ski adventurer, expedition guide, and stand up paddler. Spending the majority of his time outside with Mother Nature has made him a strong environmentalist as well. He has faced some of the harshest conditions this earth can throw his way.

To top it all off - Doug has had to fight for his life in an active Polar Bear den, he has scaled the most intimidating landscapes and has trekked a total of miles across Antarctica alone. Chad Watkins was the lead Dredger on 'Ice Cold Gold' until he was asked to leave at the beginning of season three by a majority of castmates, due to the dredge they brought with them proving fruitless in the Red Zone. He is also a 4th generation Colorado native and when asked about other natives like himself and John, Chad said "There's not too many of us left. We're a rare breed". He grew up about 10 miles from where he lives now and recalls crawling down his first mine shaft when he was about 10 years old.

Now, Chad has been prospecting for over 25 years and he operates a small guide business where he teaches people how to pan and dredge for minerals. Chad claims to have spent more time dredging at high altitudes than anyone else in the country - his highest is about 11, feet. When asked about such feats, Chad said "Its hard because it's 35 degree water but the lure of striking it rich is the same no matter what the price of gold is" [10].

He used his expertise and experience to help keep his fellow prospectors out of deaths way by assessing the probable dangers at every prospecting site. A skilled marksmen, Jack kept the other 7 members safe from Greenland's wildlife. He also kept them fed with his keen hunting abilities.

He began prospecting back in while he was in the US Coast Guard. He distinctly remembers a three-day whitewater rafting trip in California that exposed him to "Gold Fever" for the first time. He was hooked for life. Welcome to Greenland, the largest and most imposing island on Earth.

Every summer, its massive ice sheet melts, revealing immense potential for mineral wealth in the virgin rock below. Now, a small, ragtag group of eight American prospectors have pooled their resources and experiences to chase the American dream overseas.

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  • The mining company has less than two months to strike it rich. Winter is coming, the clock is ticking, and the race is on. Prospecting in Greenland is only getting harder by the day.

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    • Every one is already missing the comforts of home and growing pains are settling in as tensions flare between the members of Sixty Degree Resources over their differences. With ominous skies and clouds moving in, each is reminded of their limited time in Greenland.

      One wrong step means certain death for all. As they began executing their new prospecting plan, Greenland reminds them who reigns supreme as a deafening avalanche stockpiled with rocks falls from a ridge high above base camp, creating plumes of dust in the air. After being battered by a massive storm, the miners must band together to fix the damage to their camp. With renewed confidence after another finding, the miners set a new target and realize that their last chance to find gems depends on their ability to get to Fiskenaesset.

      But with limited funds, factions are forming and the lobbying has commenced as Americo gets voted into the fourth and final seat on the helicopter. Having to dig under two feet of snow on a 3,foot ridge, Americo drops to his knees as he discovers something none of them has ever seen before - an entire ridge full of rubies! Now, they are ready to claim their prize, but the risks are so much more than they bargained for. As they drop back down into the capital city of Nuuk, the team quickly discovers the rules have changed once again. Industry, mining companies and claim jumpers have also descended on the island.

      The miners must get everything together quickly in order to make it back to the rubies before anyone else does. But with time and the elements against them, is it already too late? The American miners have their sights set on what team Geologist Eric Drummond believes could be the largest ruby deposit in the Arctic. But Greenland's wild frontier soon plays havoc as the team struggles to return to its prized claim from last year. When the stress reaches a boiling point, old tempers flare up again, and one miner's outburst puts the whole operation in jeopardy. The seven men must learn to work together quickly or risk losing all they worked for in the off season.

      Are the miners able to come together and meet Greenland's relentless challenges, or do they fall apart before even setting foot on the ruby deposit? Even in base camp, the dredge operation starts off with unbridled optimism but soon disintegrates into a mess of poor planning and renewed fear that the potential reward never could make up for the enormous risk of this pricey endeavor. Getting back to the Red Zone after a year of anticipation is both triumphant and daunting.

      Punchdrunk with the first signs of ruby fever, the miners quickly get hit with a harsh reality: Greenland throws a wrench into their plans, and the beast from within starts to rear its ugly head. The miners are battling Greenland from two fronts with half the team finding huge rubies at the Red Zone and the other half dredging for gems in the river below.

      Later, the Red Zone team has an encounter with a mischievous arctic fox and quickly learns that even small predators can cause a lot of damage, while the base camp team sees an approaching boat as a threat to its very existence. Can the miners persevere through competition and diminished resources before their entire operation is sunk?

      With food supplies almost nonexistent and weather turning from bad to worse on a dime, the team is mustering all its strength to make this venture a success.

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      John desperately wants to see the rubies on his 50th birthday, so he makes a foolhardy hike to the Red Zone with more than 50 pounds of reindeer meat on his back. It's a dangerous trek never before done by any human, and with the wrong intentions, he puts the team at severe risk with his choice to redeem himself. Meanwhile, Eric gets a bad case of ruby fever and successfully ventures farther and deeper into the Red Zone.

      The miners find a deposit a hundred times better than their first and confirm they could be sitting at the epicenter of the largest ruby band in the world. Eric tries to take control but ends up breaking the ruby that could have paid for the whole season.