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To Stankovic, chief of the division of otology and neuro-otology, the problem did not sound idiopathic; she suspected that Behforouz had inadvertently fractured a tiny, delicate bone in her middle ear called the malleus.

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When she examined the records of Behforouz's previous hearing tests, Stankovic realized that the results had been misinterpreted. Behforouz didn't have sensorineural hearing loss — damage to the nerve. Instead, she had conductive hearing loss, a problem with the way sound is transmitted. The difference is important because some forms of conductive hearing loss can be fixed through surgery. Malleus fractures, which prevent sound from being properly delivered to the middle ear, are rare, Stankovic said, and probably underdiagnosed. She said researchers at Mass Eye and Ear have studied 13 patients with the fracture and "every one had the same story": Moisture "provides the perfect pressure seal," Stankovic said, and force can result in fractures to the bones in the ear, which are the smallest in the body.

Behforouz had an additional risk factor: Behforouz said she "nearly fell off the chair" when, five minutes into her first appointment, Stankovic told her what she suspected had happened. The hearing tests were more extensive and careful, she said, describing them as "a very different experience. Stankovic told Behforouz that the problem could be corrected surgically, although her hearing loss, which was mild, might not improve and could even get worse.

A month later, she returned to Boston.

In an hour-long operation, Stankovic repaired the fracture using bone cement. But to Stankovic's surprise, the broken bone wasn't the malleus but another tiny one called the incus. Behforouz said she was elated by the results. The clicking immediately ceased, although her hearing loss and tinnitus were largely unchanged. Behforouz was also relieved that the problem wasn't caused by a progressive disorder that she feared could impair hearing in her right ear.

The important thing is you really have to listen to a patient. Get the news you need to start your day. What caused that maddening clicking in her head? Boodman, The Washington Post , Posted: After three specialists failed to determine why one of her ears was causing her problems, Maryjane Behforouz turned to the Internet, a step that eventually led to a surprising explanation.

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Maryjane Behforouz remembers very clearly when her problem started. As she had with each doctor she had seen, Behforouz recounted "the whole rigmarole. It was a chance Behforouz was willing to take. August 31, - 6: Boodman, The Washington Post.

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