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General Comment This song is about our country. How we all are just fading away slowly. Kinda like the song slow fade by casting crowns. But back to the song. It is just how GOD needs to provide a miricle for us to get back to the way we were 50 years ago. Without all this crime, suicide, drugs, and abortion.

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Login with Facebook Error: Was it an accident? Was he meant to find her? Who was he kidding? He was just overthinking this. Fate was fake; something to tell little pups to keep them from doubting themselves. He tried to drift off to sleep, but there was a problem: The sun was not his friend today! He dug around in his doghouse hoping that he could find something to help him.

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He finally found a black strip of cloth that he could wrap around his eyes like a blindfold. The sun was out of his eyes, but it was still hot in the doghouse, and his mind kept racing. Miracle; was she okay? What if she got caught by the dog catcher?

The pups were gathered around the screen as Marshall and Zuma were facing off against each other. Chase was still wondering how he had been beaten by Marshall; he usually tail-spun himself out on the second level. Both pups were tied. But if it remained this way for another ten minutes, it would be declared a draw.

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Finally, Marshall tripped and fell on his side. He quickly got up and tried to keep going to see if Zuma would make some sort of mistake. Maybe it would be big enough for Marshall to win, but alas, the lab was on his game, his teeth gritted together as he tried to time his moves perfectly. He'd been sweating even after dunking water over his head, and he wasn't even hydrophobic.

He noticed the stares and cleared his throat before saying, "I mean… I think that would be a good idea.

Little Miracle

She halted in front of Rocky's doghouse to see him fast asleep, laying on his back and his tongue just slightly lolling out. But, unbeknownst to the aviation pup, the happenings in his dream were anything but cute. Rocky found himself at the bank of a river. Not just any river; Adventure River was the one. Rumor had it that it was the roughest in the county, and the roughest meant… the wettest. The banks were steep cliffs that only the toughest pup could surmount.

But that wasn't even the worst part.

A Little Miracle

He found himself facing a terrified Miracle on the other side, yowling for help as a human with a baseball bat closed in on her. A cliff was right behind her, and teetering on top of it were a wobbly tree and a pile of rocks, which dangled precariously on the edge, as if about to fall and possibly crush her. It was more than Rocky could take, she was a good pup, and she couldn't die!

That childish 'fate' seemed to be against her then. Wherever she turned to, she would be hurt. Then there was his own fear to get over: Why did it have to be water? That was all he could bear. Without a single thought he bolted across the water, running on top of it. He payed this no mind; Miracle would perish if he slowed down.

Just as he arrived on the other side, charging up to the assailant to start, he heard a short, loud squeak as Miracle was hit with the bat. She crashed up against the cliff, and the tree and rocks started to shake even more, all at once. They started to tumble, and-. He pulled the blindfold off his eyes and realized he was back at the Lookout, in his doghouse. His breaths heaved as adrenaline struggled to wear out. Had that really happened?

Was it just a dream? He took a step forward and felt his left paw touch something wet. He gasped and jumped back. He looked down and saw that it was just his water bowl. He then remembered how Ryder had gotten that water for him earlier, and that he had fallen asleep shortly after Miracle was still alive.

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He breathed a sigh of relief. Good, it wasn't real.

A Little Miracle

What time is it getting to be, anyway? Rocky glanced out at the sky, and he jumped when he realized the moon's position in the sky. Darn, I'll be late! Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. During a mission, Rocky meet a pup who is down on her luck. As he tries to help her, he begins to develop feelings for her. He'd try to help her find a home, but she has an intense distrust of humans. What's more is that the other members get worried about him as they have no idea what he's doing. Some people were so ignorant… His rig was parked nearby should he need to unload.