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Gg Alfred Bekker. Der Krieg der Elben 03 Alfred Bekker. Der Blutzeichner Alfred Bekker. Anna Im Zauberreich Alfred Bekker.

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Mystic High School Alfred Bekker. Gg Wilfried a Hary. Der Tote am Delft. Die Tote im Tief. Das Reich der Elben 01 Alfred Bekker. Herrschaft der Alten Alfred Bekker. Das Erbe der Halblinge Alfred Bekker.

Gefangen in der belagerten Stadt Alfred Bekker. Das Juwel der Elben Alfred Bekker.

Alfred Bekker

Inmitten politischer Machtspiele zwischen Florenz und Rom versuchen die beiden Assassinen, Licht ins Dunkel zu bringen und ihre Heimatstadt vor dem drohenden Chaos zu bewahren. A list of imagines, drabbles, and one-shots of my favourite assassins here. Cut away from the outside world and haunted by nightmares, Claudia Auditore is drowning in misery, until a stranger enters her life and changes everything.

Fiora Cavazza is feared by many and loved by few.

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Her devotion to the Order is to be admired. But as the assassins make their presence known in Roma, as well as a certain Master Assassin, Fiora begins to see the lines of her reality begin to blur. This is the story of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood with the addition of all the multiplayer characters.

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Cesare smirked at the retainer's foolishness, "I'll tie him up. And if he tries to run away again, I will chop off his hands and feet. Thankfully, there exists a certain man who has experienced the same…. It is a fact commonly known that if a fandom has no version of "Banned from Argo", one will be written because Argo has more bastard children than both Ezio and Edward.

Therefore, yours truly presents the AC version of "Banned", as well as: Machiavelli still smiles with his ambiguous smile that this time is disarming, and says the last thing that Volpe would expect to hear. What if subject 16 didn't have to be deleted in the animus?

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How could she save a man that was long dead before she was a part of the Assassins? Now, with subject 16 outside the animus, she's stuck with him being inside her head and only she can see him. It seemed like an average day at the hideout, but when templars suddenly show up at their doorstep, they are forced to move quickly.

In just a few seconds, it went from hearing nothing but gunshots to.. After opening their eyes, they suddenly discover that no longer are they trapped in their van but on the floor of leonardo's workshop, and with two very suspicious assassins, who happen to be Ezio and Altair, staring down at them.

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Ezio has been an Omega all his life, but only a few trusted individuals know the truth. An attack on Monteriggioni means he is unable to take his suppressants and during a chase through the streets of Rome Ezio finds himself in the opening stages of his heat, leaving him vulnerable and exposed to the Alpha guards who were pursuing him.