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He gives details of the Underground Railway and how it worked.

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The book opens with an introduction by George Lewis Ruffin. Ruffin declares that the most remarkable contribution this country has given to the world is Frederick Douglass.

Ruffin in his own words:. Douglas was born a slave, he won his liberty; he is of negro extraction, and consequently was despised and outraged; he has by his own energy and force of character commanded the respect of the Nation; he was ignorant, he has, agains law and by stealth and entirely unaided, educated himself; he was poor, he has by honest toil and industry become rich and independent, so to speak; he, a chattel slave of a hated and cruelly wronged race, in the teeth of American prejudice and in face of nearly every kind of hindrance and draw- back, has come to be one of the foremost orators of the age, with a reputation established on both sides of the Atlantic; a writer of power and elegance of expression; a thinker whose views are potent in controlling and shaping public opinion; a high officer in the National Government; a cultivated gentleman whose virtues as a husband, father, and citizen are the highest honor a man can have.

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The book is divided into two parts. Part one has twenty one chapters. Part two contains nineteen chapters. The first chapter is Escape from slavery followed by Life as a freeman, Introduced to the abolitionists, Recollections of old friends, One hundred conventions, Impressions abroad, Triumphs and trials, John Brown and Mrs. Stowe, Increasing demands of the slave power, The beginning of the end, Sessions and war, Hope for the nation, Vast changes, Living and learning, Weighed in the balance, Time makes all things even, Incidents and events, Honor to whom honor and Retrospection.

It is the only one of Douglass' autobiographies to discuss his life during and after the Civil War, including his encounters with American presidents such as Lincoln and Garfield, his account of the ill-fated " Freedman's Bank ", and his service as the United States Marshall of the District of Columbia. Complete History to the Present Time. Ruffin of Boston, Hartford, Conn. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 12 March Slave Narrative Collection Captivity narrative.


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