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A job working security for a big tech firm seems too good to be true. She is tasked with hunting down a group of thieves who have been stealing sensitive technology. Caught up in a battle involving alien forces, Jenny has some important questions to answer: Who are the thieves?

GALAXY WRITER – G. Paul Grondin

What's their real purpose? And is she on With step by step guides and instructions, you will not only have a better understanding, but gain valuable knowledge of how to start a offshore Supply Vessel Service Business Omega Shadows by Carol Hightshoe Still trying to convince members of the former Centauri Alliance she can be trusted, Selaynia finds herself kidnapped - apparently by the organization she once worked for - and taken to a new world where members of the group Omega are coming together.

An alien intelligence takes an interest in the group -- but just who are they and what do they want with the refugees?

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After a battle ensues Zeph is shown the errors of his ways and returns to Appagon with them, if only to stay with Sensei until he is ready to return home. He soon discovers that he has lost all of his abilities.

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Under the watchful care of Sensei and Desiree Zeph slowly starts to recover. Iggy, along with Victor, Visiting an old friend, a woman detective, he unwittingly becomes the critical link in a chain of criminal evidence stretching from a narcotics raid in Washington to telecommunications fraud in Miami. Back home, a series of mysterious events unfolds. His boss threatens his job, a shady entrepreneur coerces him on a Omega Chronicles by Nathan Burton Omega Chronicles revolves around Team Omega, a group of budding young superheroes, struggling to make their mark on the world.

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Suddenly, they find themselves thrust into an adventure concerning corrupt businessmen, an ancient prophecy and the re-emergence of a villain long since presumed dead to history. You are currently in the: Not in United States? If not controlled properly, orgon could destroy the planet.

Never Regret Tomorrow propels you across Russia, U. Now the gloves come off!

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Betrayed and befriended, Sydney faces the enemy, while attempting to save her discoveries for the good of Earth and to thwart those who with greed and malice demonstrate their willingness to kidnap, murder and destroy anyone who stands in their way. Since the enemy does not understand how to fully control orgon their ignorance sets a course that could create chaos and horror on Earth.

Sydney, Jonathan and Gryphon encounter loss, injury, discovery and love as they adapt and learn that nothing ever goes as planned.

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Sydney Caldwell must confront and control the potential destructive forces of her own discoveries. And the journey will continue