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Les prix littéraires – La récap – Ballade au fil de l'eau …

La femme serpent — Ed. En son absence Belgique — Ed. Rouergue Rouergue noir , nov. Fleur sauvage, Pas-de-Calais, mai La fille de la peur — Ed.

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Les animaux — Ed. Indian psycho — Ed. La rage — Fleuve Ed. Duel de faussaires — Ed. Seuil policiers , janv.

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Au milieu de nulle part — Ed. Le verger de marbre — Ed. Le Motel du voyeur: Points sortira le livre en format poche le 19 octobre — Figures pissantes: Prix Sade du 1er roman: U n certain M. Man Booker International Prize Prix du Roman historique: Prix Violeta Negra Le fleuve des brumes Agullo — Parker Bilal: Prix des lecteurs de la Foire de Brive Man Booker Prize Prix Renaudot Romans: Prix Renaudot essais Prix Goncourt — Choix de la Suisse Prix Jean Giono Each of the four novels studied here opens with a disruptive event: But very swiftly, the crime or inexplicable act which Llob is investigating takes a back seat, the initial disorder being just a pretext to the tracking and revealing of evil, whatever form it may take crime, embezzlement, occult powers and so on and wherever it may be lurking.

In this way, fiction becomes a tool for understanding the real world: This is why there are so many straw men, intermediaries and fake figureheads whose function is to cover for the real promoters and beneficiaries of the resulting chaos. As fat as Buddhas AC , p. Interchangeable from one novel to the next, they are clearly singled out as responsible for the multi-faceted bankruptcy the country is going through. In this regard, their names are particularly revealing. Highlighting the devouring aspect of the character in this way underlines the weak state of the nation that is a victim of predatory bogeymen and werewolves, terms which recur in all four novels in reference to the powerful.

Surnames always echo a character trait: He undoes the badge with a trembling hand and pins it on my chest. The case of Bliss, however, remains an exception.

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This system of naming is sometimes reinforced by an animalisation of the character: A few pages later M , p. It comes as no surprise to discover, at the end of the novel, that Sid Lankabout, a failed and bitter writer is the leader of a group of fanatics, under the name of Abou Kalybse. And when they are not animalised, Muslim fundmentalists are diabolical creatures, [15] a comparison which is all the more surprising because these characters claim to be acting in the name of their faith.

Such a dichotomy allows Khadra to play with the opposition between the fundamentalists who use their religion for political or corrupt ends, and Llob who not only affirms his Muslim beliefs but acts in accordance with them and with the values associated with those beliefs.


In an interview published in an Algerian newspaper in , Khadra stated: I believe in evil, in good. The manicheism claimed by Khadra translates into an abundance of terms with religious and moral connotations. The city, capital or metropolis, is the place par excellence where Evil flourishes, prospers and spreads like some rhizome. The noir novel is for this reason essentially urban. The few excursions Llob makes outside Algiers, to go to his home village of Ighider, or for reasons related to his investigations, remain secondary.

It is inside the city that he moves around, continually on the move between the plush area of Hydra, on the hills above Algiers, to the stinking alleyways of Bab el Oued. The fact that Llob, and his subordinates Lieutenant Lino and former parachutist Ewegh Seddig, are able to move through the various layers of society is another trait of the hardboiled detective, whose investigations are marked by time spent in the most sordid slums as well as the most luxurious homes. Khadra reuses this function of the detective novel to highlight the social division that exists in Algeria.

Up on the heights above Algiers or in the well-off suburbs, who cares about a war that seems to be taking place in a different universe? Hydra, these days, is like some forbidden city. Moguls originally from the back of beyond live off their bank balances there, round-bellied and with a sharp eye out for the next acquisition M , p.

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There is also, repeated like a leit-motiv, the theme of spaces off-limits to the vulgum pecus , the common herd, an Olympus where the gods live together, cut off from everyday Algerian reality. Quite obviously, the daily lives of the elite are not at all affected by the trials endured by the common people.

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As an example, take the dinner hosted by the extremely wealthy Madame Rhym. Just as dinner is about to be served, the sound of an explosion in the city centre briefly disturbs the chatter of the guests - yet another bomb exploding. But class self-interest very quickly takes over again: Llob, like his creator, has his own ideas about this question: In other words, it is the politico-military oligarchy that is to blame, having seized independence in its own interests and done all it could to keep the population in such a stupefied state that it need fear no challenge to the established order: The death of an artist, a creator, a thinker, becomes an ordinary, anecdotal event, while a fall in the stock exchange is cataclysmic.

Referring to the death of Tahar Djaout AC , p. Faced with terrorism and fanaticism, it is highly probable that a man might lose his soul, in other words that he might turn to the same weapons as his adversary. Llob has a recurring dream, in which the hero is pursued by a fundamentalist, immediately identifiable from his beard, who threatens him with an axe. This dream reveals the moral dimension of the conflict: It is a difficult question, and on a number of occasions Llob uses violence against despicable characters, a violence that allows him to vent his resentment and rancour on the spot.

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This is particularly true when he is faced with the greatest of possible scandals, the massacre of the innocent. A car bomb is set off in the heart of Algiers. Over time you get used to it. And the longer he will get away with it, the extra girls will endure. From the alternate Paperback edition. Sombre histoire qui virerait au roman noir sans l. Now, Don needs to tune down a mom long gone improper whereas looking for her deserted daughter a formal domestic earlier than baby welfare will get the smell. To make issues worse, an past love is being confused through a former boyfriend and is begging Don for help.

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