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This could be due, at least in part, to the fact that the tasty chocolate and hazelnut spread makes a wonderful ingredient in a wide array of recipes.

Recipes You Will Discover Inside

Nutella Snack and Drink Recipes for Lovers of the Chocolate Hazelnut Spread" proves just that Inside this Nutella cookbook, you will find 25 delicious recipes that take Nutella to a whole new level. You will find that each recipe has been tested, on multiple occasions, to ensure its accuracy, includes the serving size, which can be altered to fit your needs, gives you the complete time it takes to prepare and cook the recipe, and is written in a simple step-by-step manner that is easy to follow, which means that, no matter what your previous cooking or baking experience, you can successful recreate each one of the Nutella recipes in this book.

Most people, however, think that Nutella is only good in dessert recipes. Certain content that appears on PlusCompare. This content is provided "as is" and is subject to change or removal at any time. Legend -- Unavailable Information. The Ultimate Collection Nutella Recipes: The 30 Best Recipes Nutella: In stock Usually ships in 24 hours.


Not eligible for Amazon Free Shipping. A nutella lover's dream come true January 17, Gift for a friend with a serious sweet tooth who couldn't have been happier! November 20, I bought a bunch of bottles of the biggest Nutellas I found in amazon and I use it for Christmas gift basket along with this Nutella book, the Nutella spatula and cookies.

November 29, This Nutella is lower priced than my local grocery store so I purchased it on Amazon. Product arrived quickly and fresh with smooth texture. It's perfect on fresh strawberries or sliced toast. My husband and I drink one a day- so we're saving eight bucks on our coffee addiction! Here's how to make Nutella Lattes: Fill cup with espresso, stir in one tablespoon of Nutella until it melts, add frothy milk, top with whipping cream, then sprinkle on Belgian Chocolate Curls found on Amazon! If you put it in the fridge it gets sort of hard like proper candy October 6, What can I say about Nutella that hasn't already been said If you put it in the fridge it gets sort of hard like proper candy, so if you scoop little amounts of it on a silicone tray and put them in the fridge you can have little treats, mixed with nuts or whatever you like and possibly rolled in chocolate powder if you like coughing chocolate powder through your nose.

No taste difference between the store or online, only plus is I do not need to walk in the grocery store to buy it. The only down side is I have to wait overnight to fulfill my yesterday craving. September 28, I was curious but since it was chocolaty, I knew it was probably good and I was right. It's not very nutty tasting, it's pretty much just wonderful spreadable chocolate. Nutella on toast, also yum.. This stuff is addictive. The first time you try Nutella, it might be with breadsticks or crackers, and when the breadsticks or crackers run out, you move on to a spoon, and realize that the spoon is just slowing you down, so you use your fingers, until the light bulb goes on and you decide to cut out the middle-man and just start using your tongue.

That's called The Nutella Effect. This stuff is cocoa hazelnut flavoured crack in a jar. It's smooth, rich, creamy and sweet And, much like bacon, it tastes good on almost everything: It's gotten to the point where my family staged an intervention and now my Nutella consumption is strictly After reading the nutrition facts and comparing it to my usual all natural peanut butter I found the calorie and fat contents to be nearly identical calories per 2 tbsp.

If you've never tried this but enjoy peanut or cashew butter and you don't mind things a bit sweet give it a go. You will not regret it! September 30, I bought this for my nephew as part of a Hurricane preparedness kit. He is going to school in Tallahassee, so I bought him a bunch of stuff batteries, book light, battery operated phone charger etc. Needless to say, the Nutella is gone already. The other stuff, yeah, he thanked me - but the Nutella, that couldn't wait for a hurricane! July 11, It's nutella, Amazon, how could it not meet my expectations?

I routine order this and eat it straight from the jar with a spoon.

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It's embarrassing how fast it disappears. October 31, Dangerous and delicious magical stuff.

Do More With Delicious Hazelnut Spread

I am a sweet tooth from day one and this stuff is crazy good. But anyone who has tried this amazing stuff is already a lover of the best thing to make your pbj into a beautiful thing! I have to hide it! But sometimes you have to get your mind and spirit together with some delicious food and treats!!! May the Nutella cravings begin!

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Turns all your bad feelings into good feelings December 12, I like to keep jars of Nutella in my house because I keep hearing about how Hazelnuts are going to increase in price and I plan on using Nutella and silver as the de facto currency after the apocalypse. I put this stuff and sriracha on everything. Cream Cheese Stuffed Carrot Cake. Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse. Caramel Apple Poke Cake. Toffee Pecan Caramel Pound Cake.

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Million Dollar Cookie Pie. Easy Blueberry Cheesecake Pie. Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie.

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Mini Banana Cconut Cream Pies. What an inspiring post! Love every single one of your recipes. These recipes look incredible! I cannot wait to try them. Thank you kindly for sharing!

Nutella Recipes: The Ultimate Collection - Jonathan Doue - Google Книги

I know my family is going to love them. You are so welcome Carol! Thank you for trying my recipes! I am excited to hear what you decide on! Thank you so much for so many wonderful new twists and spins on the flavors of autumn. So happy to have recently stumbled upon and followed your blog!