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There were some strange omissions. Romney failed to grill President Obama about his disastrous handling of the attacks on the U. But each man seemed to accomplish his goal for the evening: President Obama sought to assure Americans that he was tough-minded and unapologetic for America; Romney seemed to want to allay concerns that he would return to the wars of President George W.

But the momentum appears to be with Romney, who halved the point lead the president enjoyed in that same poll when it was taken on Sept. President Obama, by contrast, seemed to be courting men.

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Here, Romney holds a 51 percent to 44 percent advantage. Romney won the first debate — big time — and President Obama recovered on the second, this third debate seems to have been a draw, or a slight advantage for the president. Ultimately, the third debate is unlikely to determine what will be the critical factor in the contest on Nov.

Debate on Foreign Policy Produces 'Obamney' | omyhukocow.tk

She also is an adjunct fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of its magazine, City Journal. Read all of Judith Miller's columns on Pundicity. Click Here to comment on this article. Newsmax Comment Policy Keep discussions on topic, avoid personal attacks and threats of any kind. Robin Bush's Legacy of Love. What's Behind the West's Malaise? Saudis Have Only Themselves to Blame.

Trump Could Be Charged, Indicted. The Left doesn't know what the wrath of the American people looks like Trump to Schumer, Pelosi: Cohen thought he was gonna walk with all the Mueller tail-sniffing.

Accoutrements-wise, Republicans are traditionally the more stylish of the lot — the RNC is, after all, our preferred source of formal wear inspiration — and Gov. Romney, who appears not to have met a repp tie he did not like, clearly has a far more exciting tie rack than President Obama. We would, however, have to hand the tie knot award to Obama.

'Obamney' Emerges From Foreign Policy Debate

Wisely avoiding the chunky, stiff Windsor knot favored by Romney and picking perfectly crafted, narrower four-in-hand knots that frame his lean face and stature far better, Obama proved that he has the swag locked down and his omnipresent tie dimple confirms it all. Romney, no presidential candidate — Republican or otherwise — ever needs a lapel pin of such elephantine proportions. Meanwhile, President Obama, help yourself to this point. One could hardly watch the debates and not notice the elegant ladies on the sidelines, out of their traditional binders. It surely is a daunting task to go up against someone who has been variously compared to every style icon from Jackie O.

Noticeably favoring celebrated designer Oscar de la Renta, she kept to classy, conservative outfits similar to those of Lady Bird Johnson and Barbara Bush.


The FLOTUS, on the other hand, kept to her signature youthful style, scoring major PR points with the fashion crowd by a wearing exalted emerging designers like Preen and Thom Browne, and b re-wearing her outfits. The first lady fashion faceoff came to a head when both women showed up at the second debate in identical shades of Pepto-Bismol pink, with Michelle Obama in a Michael Kors dress-and-bolero-jacket number, and Ann Romney in a cap-sleeved tweed shift dress by her go-to designer.

Many debates have been had in the Intermission newsroom over this issue, but the verdict falls in favor of the impeccable Michelle O. The model-armed first lady wins top spot with her youthful yet regal sartorial sensibilities. We're a student-run organization committed to providing hands-on experience in journalism, digital media and business for the next generation of reporters.

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