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Voice 1 Voice 2 Piano Guitar Scorings: Eb Major Product Type: The Arrangement Details Tab gives you detailed information about this particular arrangement of Demons - not necessarily the song. Not the arrangement you were looking for? When I stumbled panting into the car with a string of ties and two pairs of shoes in my hands, and we headed at top speed for the pier, I just barely caught the last lighter going out to the ship anchored offshore in the Huangpoo, flags flying and steam up for sailing. I left Teddy waving on the docks with the whole backdrop of Shanghai behind him.

A few months after Hughes departed, Mr. Vong sent Weatherford on a recruiting mission to America. They had recently concluded a disastrous gig at Club Ebony, during which their crooked manager had gambled away all of their wages. She was eager to come to China and join the show.

Days before the ship set sail, Buck and Derby married at a ceremony hosted by Duke Ellington and held on the Paramount Studios lot. Weatherford, meanwhile, took clever advantage of his new situation. As he leaned down to sign her piece of paper, she grabbed the monogrammed handkerchief from his coat pocket and ran off.

She was accompanied by a large, rough-looking American who refused to sit down as the show began. Clayton descended from the stage to confront the man. Moments later, the bandleader was on the floor, having been sucker-punched in the face. A melee ensued as the rest of the band converged on the American instigator, a Marine- turned- gangster named Jack Riley. The next morning, Mr. Vong received a telegram from a contingent of American expats threatening to attack the Canidrome with machine guns if Buck Clayton and His Harlem Gentlemen were allowed to return.

The Japanese had bombed the city in , allegedly in response to anti-Japanese rioting. Tens of thousands of Chinese had been killed, and the ensuing cease-fire, brokered by the League of Nations, allowed several Japanese army units to be stationed in the city. The Japanese in the city frequently complained about minor slights to their national honor, such as stones tossed at Japanese schoolchildren.

It was only a matter of time before they hit upon an excuse to invade. Clark spent the next two years subsisting on cracked wheat and enduring regular beatings, until he was allowed to sail home aboard a Swedish passenger ship. Soon after the Canidrome fight, he packed up and left China for good. Weatherford may have lost his cushy Shanghai gig and his White Russian groupies, but as an artist and a showman, he was just approaching his peak. Desperate for a replacement, Butler followed up on a bit of local gossip regarding a spectacular pianist who was wowing crowds at the palatial Raffles Hotel.

When Butler went to check out the show, he was elated to discover that Weatherford, an old friend from Chicago, was the buzzed-about musician. Lured by the promise of higher wages, Weatherford readily agreed. The Taj had two venues where patrons could hear live music: Before long, he was packing the house wherever he played.

Weatherford honed his showmanship in the Harbour Bar, entertaining British soldiers and sailors who craved good times before they set off for distant malarial outposts. Such were the benefits of having been blessed with hands the size of gull wings. Weatherford also adopted a uniform that would become his trademark: Weatherford was once again a star attraction, and word of his talent crossed continents. In early , he was invited to perform at the International Exposition, to be held in Paris that spring and summer.

He set sail for Marseilles in April, taking with him one of his most prized possessions: When Weatherford arrived in town, he was whisked from party to party, playing his accordion for the likes of the fabulously wealthy Rothschild clan. But there is also something undeniably mournful about those Swing recordings, as if Weatherford had developed a pensive streak after so many years as a highly paid vagabond. Smiling in his characteristically modest manner Weatherford seated himself before the keyboard and my what a delightful treat the capacity crowd of music lovers were in for.

His superb executions of classics, of the old masters, and modern jazz music was simply divine. His attentive and appreciative audience was spellbound while he played and prolonged applause rocked the auditorium at the termination of each composition. Weatherford was accorded the royal treatment in Bombay. He was given lavish quarters at the Taj Mahal, with all meals included, and the considerable money he earned performing could be spent on whatever luxuries struck his fancy. Maids and butlers could be hired for a pittance, and expert tailors created exquisite garments for next to nothing.

Weatherford was prepared to live it up for as long as he could.

Demons | Virtual Piano

But a saintly Indian hero was about to ruin his fun: In , in response to the strengthening Indian independence movement, the British Parliament passed the Government of India Act. But the Colombo audiences wanted Weatherford to provide even more minstrelsy. And so the opening-night party at the Galle Face Hotel, held on July 29, , was called Plantation Night; the invitation featured Sambo-style caricatures wearing overalls and picking banjos.

The love of money had always been his major weakness as an artist; he usually chose pleasing crowds over taking risks. But the band decamped for Colombo once again, though this time its stay was brief. While performing at the Galle Face Hotel, Weatherford received a telegram containing an irresistible job offer: Every now and then, one of these gleaners would reach down to pluck a few errant grains of rice from the mud.

With great luck, a person could find just enough food to sustain himself for another day. Like so many famines throughout history, the catastrophe in Bengal was largely man-made. The inhabitants of rural villages perished in droves, and the survivors were often too weak to bury the dead. Those with the strength to flee headed for Calcutta in the hope of finding relief.

But anyone expecting salvation in the big city was quickly disappointed. There were few government handouts to be had, and the rice available on the black market had been marked up percent. All the newcomers could do was forage, beg, or steal. Otherwise they died on the Calcutta sidewalks, their rotting bodies an ever-present obstacle for pedestrians throughout In the Calcutta stock exchange, enormously fat brokers dozed in their deep leather chairs, surfeited with their heavy lunches; they sprawled out with their feet apart, their snoring mouths wide open.

You went down the stairs and sidestepped to avoid a totally naked Hindu who was foraging with his head in the garbage pail. You stepped over the frail, white-swathed bodies of women who lay on the sidewalk in front of your hotel, dying quietly with their babies clutched to their breasts. From his penthouse suite at the Grand Hotel, Teddy Weatherford was one of those comfortably isolated from the horrors of Calcuttan street life.

He regularly held court in his lavish quarters, where he kept a piano to entertain guests who were served highball after highball by a coterie of hangers-on. He was nearing 40 when he first arrived in Calcutta. He had spent most of his adult life chasing pretty young things and romancing the various female singers who passed through his band.

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Soon after he came to Calcutta, though, he finally met a woman he wanted to settle down with: Weatherford had only been in the city for about six months. But interracial couplings were the norm in Calcutta, where Englishmen often took up with Bengali women.

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When asked whether his Calcuttan hosts ever exhibited racial prejudice, Weatherford replied with a quip: Weatherford returned the favor by employing a multiracial band. His best sideman at the Grand Hotel was a Burmese guitarist named Cedric West, who had escaped from Rangoon just before the Japanese took the city in March He hired a Nepalese trumpeter named Pushkar Bahadur Buddhaprithi; to spare audiences the embarrassment of trying to pronounce that name, Weatherford had the young man play under the pseudonym George Banks. Weatherford also tapped passing American servicemen to sit in with the band.

When these soldiers wanted to go on leave, their only option was to head for Calcutta: It was located in Howrah, just across the Hooghly River from Calcutta proper, and it was an absolute dump—a collection of canvas tents perched atop mud, within spitting distance of the bloated corpses that regularly floated down the river during the famine.

Black soldiers did everything they could to avoid spending time there, and that meant passing their vacation hours at the Winter Garden. Those who could sing or play were welcome to come onstage with Weatherford, and occasionally the Seagull would unearth a future star. The great blues singer Jimmy Witherspoon got his start in this manner, filling the open-air club with his melancholy baritone.

Unlike in Bombay, cheap liquor was everywhere in Calcutta, and soldiers had few compunctions about getting blind drunk while on leave. Bloody dance-floor fights were commonplace, as the Goan saxophonist Ruben Solomon recalled:. Americans had more money to spend on the girls, so all the girls would be with the American soldiers and none with the British tommies. As soon as a set of Americans would come in the British would watch them, then suddenly, for no apparent reason, there would be a free-for-all, bottles, chairs, the lot. A few bodies would be taken out. The Grand Hotel band played constantly, and not just at the Winter Garden.

Many who fell in love with the genre would always credit the Seagull. Happily married, handsomely paid, and frequently inebriated, he found his creative energy flagging. The crowds of soldiers and party girls who packed the Winter Garden each night demanded feel-good hits, and Weatherford obliged by having his band deliver faithful renditions of mainstream fare: Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller. At the same time, Weatherford and his band produced dozens of records for an Indian label that had a manufacturing plant just outside Calcutta. Where the Seagull had once sounded like a man ahead of his time, they remarked, he now sounded years behind.

Perhaps the drop in creativity could be attributed to mere fatigue: Weatherford was now more than a decade older than the new generation of jazz trailblazers back in the U. Despite having been a star in Asia for nearly two decades, Weatherford intended to return home one day. To print parts, please upgrade to a Pro account first. Uploaded on Feb 27, Duet song but i'm forever alone?

Well, that's depressing, but I would rather let life take its own path. I'm only stuck on the three lines. Demons is such a pretty song on the piano!!

Demons - Imagine Dragons

When you've composed it right. I want to learn!! This is so amazing! Hey there is a small but obvious mistake there - it should be a E sharp for the forth and eighth note for the middle line there, thanks so much for uploading it, my favorite song ever!

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I usually don't play the middle line. Was just wondering, how i am supposed to play it? I mean, how do i play two things at the same time, with my right hand? I am refering to the two different right hand prifles.