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He became a deacon in Rome in approximately , during the pontificate of Pope Celestine I.

Sermons of Leo the Great - Bishop of Rome 440 AD Pt2

During this time, central authority was beginning to decline in the Western portion of the Roman Empire. At some point between and , during the reign of Pope St. Reigning for over two decades, he sought to preserve the unity of the Church in its profession of faith, and to ensure the safety of his people against frequent barbarian invasions. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Meanwhile, Pope Leo I reigned — led a reaction against this purported monophysite doctrine that culminated in the Council of Chalcedon The council issued a Christological formula affirming that Christ had two distinct natures that were neither commingled nor divided and that were equally present in….


Ancient and medieval views of papal authority. That struggle for power and legitimacy between Antioch, Alexandria, and Rome came to a head at the Council of Chalcedon…. Christological controversies In Jesus: The settlement at Chalcedon In Christology: From Nicaea to Chalcedon In Christianity: Internal factors In Roman Catholicism: Ancient and medieval views of papal authority In papacy: Help us improve this article!

Contact our editors with your feedback. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. For there is no proper place for sadness, when we keep the birthday of the Life, which destroys the fear of mortality and brings to us the joy of promised eternity.

Saint Leo I

No one is kept from sharing in this happiness. There is for all one common measure of joy, because as our Lord the destroyer of sin and death finds none free from charge, so is He come to free us all. Let the saint exult in that he draws near to victory. Let the sinner be glad in that he is invited to pardon. Let the gentile take courage in that he is called to life Let us put off then the old man with his deeds: Christian, acknowledge thy dignity, and becoming a partner in the Divine nature, refuse to return to the old baseness by degenerate conduct.

Remember the Head and the Body of which thou art a member. By the mystery of Baptism thou wert made the temple of the Holy Ghost: Leo died on 10 November and, as he wished to be buried as close as possible to the tomb of St Peter, his body was placed in a tomb in the portico of Saint Peter's basilica. In his remains were moved inside the basilica itself. The significance of Leo's pontificate lies in his assertion of the universal jurisdiction of the Roman bishop, as expressed in his letters, and still more in his 96 extant orations.

This assertion is commonly referred to as the doctrine of Petrine supremacy. According to Leo and several Church Fathers as well as certain interpretations of the Scriptures , the Church is built upon Peter, in pursuance of the promise of Matthew Peter participates in everything which is Christ's; what the other apostles have in common with him they have through him.

What is true of Peter is true also of his successors.

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Every other bishop is charged with the care of his particular flock, the Roman pontiff with that of the whole Church. Other bishops are his assistants in this great task. In Leo's eyes the decrees of the Council of Chalcedon acquired their validity from his confirmation.

St. Leo the Great - Catholic Faith and Reason

Leo's letters and sermons reflect the many aspects of his career and personality and are invaluable historical sources. His rhythmic prose style, called cursus leonicus , influenced ecclesiastical language for centuries. The Catholic Church marks 10 November as the feast day of Saint Leo, given in the Martyrologium Hieronymianum and the 8th-century Calendar of Saint Willibrord as the date of his death and entry to heaven.

His feast was once celebrated in Rome on 28 June, the anniversary of the placing of his relics in Saint Peter's Basilica , but in the 12th century, the Gallican Rite feast of 11 April was admitted to the General Roman Calendar , which maintained that date until This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Leo I the Great ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Papal vestments Papal tiara Staff. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Biography portal Christianity portal History portal. The First Seven Ecumenical Councils — Leo I the Great. Robert Appleton Company, Edited by Philip Schaff and Henry Wace, eds. Christian Literature Publishing Co.

T and T Clark.

St. Leo the Great

Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Another translation is available at William Bright, trans. Masters, , p. Bibliography [ edit ] Meyendorff, John Imperial unity and Christian divisions: The Church A. The Church in history. English translation with scholarly footnotes, and illustrations.


Attila, the Huns and the Roman Empire. Jalland, The Life and Times of St. Leo the Great , London Pope Leo's Tome ccel. Leo the Great , in A. Jesus der Christus im Glauben der Kirche , Bd.

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