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The Wardepait- jment In giving nearly half of Its ap- proprlatlon for rang. Riley hs shown that. Instead of at, Sea Girt of elsewhere. This is because of he range here being in the center' of the country an don account of the excellent site for a range of this kind with splendid facilities for establishing a bjg camp necessary -for the ;.

Work of making the extentlon of the range and improving Its facilities will be rom menced ss soon as possible. Richardson ' has purchased the Central Candy company's business. Karl Miller of Leland Stanford university is the guest of Mr. Robert Dietrich has sold the Capital Coal company business and retired. Dargitz has-purchased Thomas Mabbltt's grocery store.

Chester Wilcox,, a year-old boy, was run. Beyond several bruises the boy was not injured. Wilcox was riding on a bicycle at the time of the accident and saw th6 cart approaching. Wilcox, the wheel and the horse came together. The man drove on without stopping to inquire whether or not Wilcox was hurt. After collecting his wits, and some of the remains of his bicycle, Wilcox went his way and later called up the police. Master Hervy Wright of West street, who has been ill with pneumonia, is improving.

Guild has returned from Excelsior Springs, Mo. Wheeler, pastor of the Firsi Congregational' church of Wellington, Kan. Howard, president ot the city union, in regard to the coming state convention of-the union to be held at Salina, A delegation of between forty and fifty young people left here yesterday afternoon for St. Marys to attend the Eighth district convention of the Christian Endeavor at that place. Charles Lesher of Lawrence are visiting Mrs.

Hale at Tyler street. There will be plates for The Missouri Valley Associate alliance, consisting of ladies of. Topeka, held a meeting at the Unitarian church yesterday. BUlill lumiiiB - o'clock and a business meetm and re ligious services in me auernuuu. Downs, formerly part owner of the Sells-Downs shows, but now proprie-e nAi. The residents about the fair grounds are thinking seriously of petitioning the Commercial club to get its two wrecked engines hauled away as soon as possible.

The small boys kept the bells on the engines ringing nearly all day yesterday. The Washburn and St. Marys baseball teams will play at Association park this afternoon. The Rock Island will run an excursion tomorrow from Topeka. Louis division of the road were in Topeka this week for the -urpose of conferring with the local officials of the system. Stephens, Kansas City, was chairman of the committee and the other members were J.

B Whitney and A. Neither they nor the railroad officials would state tne purpose ot we cvmimi-tee's visit. The big "Carry-usall" at the Parker Pike is claimed to be the largest travel- j lng merry-go-round in the world. There are a few larger one permanently located in parks and amusement resorts, but the Parker shows claim they have the biggest one that is taken down and moved every few days.

It o r ft a rrfl T four abreast. It was made at the Parker factories in Abilene. Kemper, grand secretary of the I. Gasche is visting his son. Wil liam, a-t Imperial. Jungck of Tampa is visiting 'in Topeka. Gus Dunnine of Cincinnati is vis- Itine here. Dunning formerly held a position in the Santa Fe' offices here, but is now witn tne -jsig. Thayer of Maple Hill is In town. William Larsen who violated his parole from the Hutchinson reformatory was returned to that place yesterday. As if to make amends for the four divorces Issued in the district court Monday, four marriage licenses were Issued.

Those securing them were: Walter Mor ton and Bertha Lee of Topeka. Caldwell and Bertha D. Neiswender of Topeka and Robert C. Brasche and Laura R. Cooper, secretary of the Democratic state central committee. Burman alleged ' that he had 4, coming to him from the Insurance company as commissions when the, -Kansas Mutual company was absorbed by the Kansas Union company.

The case was appealed to the circuit court of the United States and the case was reversed. The councilmen are all resting preparatory to the meeting Monday night which will last until a late hour, and then there will be, as usual, an adjourned session. Smith after he got the roasting he received on his speech at the Throop Thursday night. Seaver of Ellsworth was in the city yesterday attending to law business in the Supreme court. The fire department was ealled to Madison street yesterday where the Whlt-telsey Commercial company does business.

There was no loss. The cause of fire is not known. It is the same play that Topeka people naid as high as S3 a seat to see Bernhardt give in French at the Auditorium. Vinewood will be formally" opened for the summer tomorrow For the last two Sundays cars have been run part of the day o the park but none of the amusement features were in operation. Voorhls-was painfully, although not seriously, injured in a street car accident In Kansas City on Wednesday.

In company with a friend she had boarded the car and was on ber way to a seat when the car started. The motor-man turned on the current too suddenly and -the car lurched forward throwing Mrs. Voorhis to the floor. She started to rise, when the car suddenly Quickened its speed and she was thrown down again and through the rear door of the car to the rear platform. Millions Can be Saved by - ' Short Method.

Benjamin Andrews, president of the University of Nebraska, who' served as a Judge at the inter-state oratorical ' contest last night arrived in town several hours previous. It will be remembered that Mr. For instance such words as thought, programme, prologue, etc. All of these words cari be cut down by simplified spelling from ten to fifty per cent without effecting any ambiguity in their use. In sympathy with the movement since It first originated and for four years. To printers and newspaper men this means a great deal.

Not only v does It represent a saving of time but ,', it is a saving of money as well In the matter of Ink and paper. I have seen It estimated. It will not come come gradually. There are more1 than 3, words in the English language that. For instance there ' is the word trough. If it should be v spelled trawf as has been suggested,' the J; In my own correspondence"! V he' was aware of a faction of which the V that while they were not Bavin much ; now it would undoubtedly develop when the convention is held. Lincoln, U very remarked.

When they hear H of a cyclone in Kansas the naners tell it as it the whole state had been, blown to pieces. But the time has about come when these people can not help but take notice. The reports of our bank commissioners are astonishing them. Our shipments of surplus products and the high standard of our live stock is causing them to realise that there to something to this country after all.

Heo was finally recaptured and Is now In V the Jail wearing what the officers call "jewelry-. The "Jewelry" in this case Is a large ball and chain. McMellin ' was convicted a few days ago of stealing S3 from W. He was fined ten dollars for this and was working out his fine at the time of his escape. About 2 o'clock the patrol wagan was called to the Santa Fe depot and by some - mistake the doors of the stable, in which the horses and wagon are kept were left opeir allowing the prisoners on the rock pile to see Into the street This glimpse v f the outside world was too much for IcMellm and when R.

Boyd, who has charge of the 'workers" stepped to the Then the club wiU hold a reception at the club house for friends and guests of the members. The wires for light and power ser vice are expected to reach the tlub house by, the middle of next week and when that is accomplished - the club's dining room will be opened.

The club's private pumping service for supplying the club house v with running water can not be operated until the club house is supplied with, electricity. From the Ottawa Herald. A two-Inch augur, propelled by two men. Is solving the water question out n the flats west f twn.

The Topeka Daily Capital from Topeka, Kansas · Page 6

In a general way the augur seems t be slving the questln in the direction of. In many of the wells water struck at a depth of thirteen feet has risen to within three feet of the top of the hole, when the main gravel bed was encounterd, and this may mean a higher source of supply, some where, of a larger body of water. But In the main the experiment seems to be showing that the gravel is in pockets, and that the water supply comes from seepage down fro ' mthe surface. Four teen wells have so far been drilled under the direction of City Engineer Myers.

These wells cover in general the expanse of the Sheldon pasture, west of the Robinson tract, upon which It Is proposed to locate 'the water plant. The wells range in depth from 18 to ,22, feet,. Gravel averages in thickness two feet, though some deposits are four and a half feet in depth, This thickest deposit, however, was struck on high ground, and the location would not be available for use as wells, tl has been found that an up-cropping of rock divides the gravel field between the Roblrisbn tract and the windmill on the Beeler tract, where the phenomenal water deposit was struck in.

Wilkinson and Claud Pugh are "operating the drill and keeping the record of the wells. They are able to dfrfll four "wells a day, by using a common auger used by carpenters. This 'is placed at the end of various lengths of gas pipe, for which an ingenious support has been arranged by the drillers in order jto. An Atchison Joke on Topeka. From the Atchison Globe. Entering the drug store, they walked up to the soda fountain, which was near a big.

The Atchison man winked slyly at his friend, J and replied to the clerk's question: Horse Thlcfea In Pane '' Conaty. From the Lamed Tiller and Toiler. Investigate ghe found his little race horse had been saddled and bridled and taken from the barn, together with a team of draft horses. Bailey, mother of the Bailey brothers of this city, passed away last evening at the home of her son, Luther Cr Bailey, 99 Garfield avenue, about 6 o'clock. The remains will be taken to Greenville, Ind.

Chad wick, aged 44, died yesterday from inflammation of the brain at his home at North Quincy street. The funeral will be held from the residence at 2: Hubbell, wife of Captain W. Hutchinson, formerly pastor of North Topeka Baptist church,- officiated. She leaves her husband, a daughter, Mrs. Field, of Topeka, and sons Frank G. Hubbell, with auditor of disbursements A. Hubbell, La Junta, Colo.

It Is expected that it will be one of the best heavyweight matches pulled off in Topeka. Both' are big men who have had ring experience. Both have fought some of the big men in the fighting game but Everett's record is probably stronger that the T. McCormick has been training ever since his fight with Johnson, and he was in good condtiion then. Everett met Bob Kerns last week and showed good condition except that he seemed to be fat He has been doing severe work ever since in an effort to reduce his surplus weight.

He takes a long run Into the country every day and wears a heavy sweater and woolen gloves. Everett has challenged the winner of the Fitzslmmons-Ruhlin fight for a. Probably neither of these is a great deal better than he is when in condition. On the invitation of N. Check back for dates; I'm told that this year there will be different shows. The Off Festival kicks off with a parade of costumed performers, many of them with their instruments, on July It's a fun, festive evening and the perfect way to kick off the Off!

You can also buy event tickets at each performance venue. Once the online program is available, shows appropriate for non-French speakers will be highlighted. Exhibitions and sales, with the breeders and raisers on hand, from throughout all of France. Cheval Passion Horse Show. Plus, of course, an exceptional line up of riders. Come dance in Avignon! The Les Hivernales contemporary dance festival offers an entire week of performances and classes! There are also discussions and meetings on the subject of contemporary dance, films, exhibits and ad hoc get-togethers.

Exhibitors include nearly private collectors and clubs from all over Europe. This is one of the biggest markets for models and old toys. Lots of fun to see and be part of, with trains, autos, planes, copters, boats, models, figurines, dolls and workshops. Animo Nature, September, The Animo Nature show is one of the biggest animal shows in France. At the Avignon Exhibition Park, the show lets you discover 6, beautiful animals — fur, feathers and scales - displays of dogs, cats, birds, chickens and ducks, reptiles and chinchillas, animals from the farm and from the field, donkeys, mares and more.

For one day, the Papal City of Avignon takes part in a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages --a popular, celebration in honor of the start of the grape harvest. A fun day of sharing and learning about wine in a festive atmosphere! Mass in Provencal at Saint Agricol church; start of wine harvest officially proclaimed in the Clos de la vigne vineyard, located at the highest point in the city centre.

In the afternoon, performances and other events for children, and picnic, held in the Rocher des Doms park. In the evening, wine tastings, regional products market, concert, until midnight. And this year, there are shows every night in English, as there was last season. Learn the history of the Palais des Popes, with sound and light projected on the medieval walls of the Honour Courtyard. See my current story HERE and for more info: You need to have credentials as a professional to get in Mostly dealers buying for their shops.

Good prices and some room for negotiation. Mostly indoors in multiple buildings and some on lots outside. Check the site for upcoming dates. Check back for schedule. Sixty or so crafts stands and city merchants who offer their wares from the small chalets on the Place Horloge, proposing santons, gifts, regional products and everything you need to prepare for the Christmas holidays! The Avignon Chapter of Democrats Abroad as in, American democrats hosts informal Aperos cocktail hours in English periodically, to encourage participation in the group, expand the ranks and simply make new friends.

All are welcome and those who are interested go on to a restaurant after. To get on the mailing list: Painting, engraving, sculpture, photography, video… in art galleries, workshops, shops, restaurants, coffee shops. This year 3 artists from the Ukraine are invited and a special theme has been proposed: Featuring known artists and up and comers, this has become the number one jazz competition in Europe. Great opening ceremonies, music awareness sessions, exhibits and more.

The 22nd Annual Grape Harvest Celebration will be in Sept , celebrating the beginning of the intense period harvest in the life of the city and its surroundings. The Cotes du Rhone choir will accompany a huge parade through the streets of the city until they reach the Rocher des Doms, where games and activities for all age groups have been organized.

In the early evening, the traditional vineyard mass in the Provencal language will be celebrated at the Metropole de Notre Dame des Doms, followed by the proclamation of the harvest, grape pressing and tasting of the wines. There will also be big festive picnic in the gardens of the Rocher des Doms with a market of regional products.

The Avignon International One Day Antiques Market is for dealers and pros only so you have to have a card or other credentials. The Emergences Festival of Young Talent offers dance, theater, music, art and more. Nights at Palais des Papes, August, The famous Popes Palace opens its doors to the public for a few unique musical evenings: Festival Resonance, July, The events mix current music and architectural heritage in a move to draw different audiences interested in one or other, or both. The musical program offers a wide range: Many of the events are free.

To see what's on at the lovely Angladon Museum: There's always something good at the Calvet Museum. Scottish Country Dancing every Monday. Learn the dances with a fun, friendly group. Dancing in groups of 8, so you don't need to bring a partner. English- and French-speakers welcome. Just about every Saturday morning at 11 am, the covered Les Halles food market hosts demos and tastings with top local chefs. Members lend and discuss current English-language books and visitors are welcome. Brocante every Tuesday and Thursday, from 7: A full week of performances for all ages.

The first event is called Festopitcho and includes lots of events for kids, street events, etc. For info on both, contact the Avignon Tourist Office: Fiction, animation, documentaries, plus the chance to meet the actors and directors, and brainstorm with young creators who will be presenting their works independently. This Short Film Festival is a way to discover the many aspects of the world of cinema through the master classes, the meetings, the demonstrations of equipment, exhibits, discussions and synopsis-writing workshops.

In , there were exhibitors including clubs. Fete de la Gastronomy, September, Gastronomy is cause for celebration in Avignon: During this gastronomy celebration, there are also cooking demonstrations, competitions and lots of gastronomic events on hand at Les Halles marketplace in Avignon. A huge proportion of its population left Barcelonnette in the Alpine Ubaye Valley to seek their fortune in Mexico between the early 19th-century and This migration forged links celebrated every year when this little mountain town suddenly swings and swirls to Hispanic rhythms.

There are concerts, parades, dancing, and street shows - and much of it is free. Discover the art of medieval combat and chivalry, with workshops for kids 5 and up, at the Chateau de Beaucaire. The lord of the troop and his vassals welcome you in the heart of the Languedoc Count's Castle! Discover the life of knights in the 12th and 13th centuries. Ticket office at the Museum of History and Archaeology from 10 no credit cards.

The quayside road is closed off to traffic and stalls are set up selling all sorts of local fare. At the Chateau de Beaucaire: Medieval journeys at the fortress in summer. Legendary Violins Festival, Sept, The festival also aims to become a meeting place for the world's major violin collectors. A km night bike race in the heart of Luberon's natural park organised by Bonnieux Run and Bike.

Pottery Market, Easter Weekend, Art and every day pottery for sale, plus pottery workshops for children, music and more. From 9 am to 7 pm both days. Brantes in the Stars is the three-day holiday festival in this pretty town near Mont Ventoux. For more info, click here. More than exhibitors and producers of fine food and wine, in a square meter exhibit space. Camargue Festival, May Conferences, tours, activities and much more. Inf o is here or call 04 90 97 28 The 5th edition of TEDx Cannes Boat Show, September, For info click here.

Cannes Dance Festival, November, The only electronic music festival in France to take over a public beach, with a giant dance floor on fine sand. Watch this space for details on next summer's program.

The Topeka Daily Capital from Topeka, Kansas on May 5, · Page 6

See my story here or go to: Fete de la Figue! There will also be wine, other produce, plenty of local food specialties, culinary workshops, games for the kids, a jam contest, music, dancing and more. Painstakingly harvested on the slopes of Mont Ventoux, the tuber melanosporum is unveiled in winter, revealed to buyers from far and wide.

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Hand-held scales weigh the precious truffles which are then carefully wrapped and tucked away to be used in delicious winter dishes. The 8th Annual Strawberry Festival will be in April, Meet the growers who who raise the famous "fraise de Carpentras" The Strawberry Festival also features music and special events for kids. Come April, the Ciflorette and Garriguette strawberries are fully ripe. The Pajaro continues to grow until June and is the berry with the largest production. Chefs and vineyards offer demos and tastings of Cassis wines, which has the oldest registered designation of origin in France.

As part of the annual nationwide Fete de la Gastronomie, Learn about grapes, wine, the harvest, the crush Wine tasting too, of course. Kids under 5 are free. The 9th edition of the popular festival known as the "Printemps de Chateauneuf du Pape" will be in April There's free parking, and both indoor and outdoor childrens areas. Food is available on site. For more info about the wine and the region, go to: And for three days, this famous wine-making village, twinned with Castel Gandolfo, the Italian summer residence of the Holy See, travels back in time to the 14th century when the Popes lived in Avignon.

Military and medieval camps spring up in the town's squares, banners blow in the wind, herbs and meat simmer in great cauldrons giving off wonderful aromas, arquebusiers shoot cannons, horsemen march in rhythm on their mounts and lords and ladies socialize. While a cart distributes unlimited amounts of wine, the sovereign pontiff proceeds through the narrow steep roads to the festive sound of medieval music. There will be a grand candlelit banquet, a trial of the Inquisition, a medieval wedding, mass, torchlit procession and more.

There will be chef demos all day and free babysitting for kids age 4 to A number of well known restaurants from the region will participate. Local products, fabrics, clothing, housewares, food and "an atmosphere conviviale et festive! PhotoFeel Festival, July, The shows change often at Jane Dreyer's contemporary art gallery Gallerie 22, located at route de Gordes.

In August, Dignes les Bain has two major events. In particular, the group welcomes all veterans to help laying the wreath during the ceremonies. If you planning to attend, please let the group know to help organize any carpooling needs. This distinguished ceremony honors those that have served both our country and France as well as celebrate the bond between France and the United States over the years.

Les Nuits Lyriques, August Live classical music concerts at the beautiful winery Domaine de La Vallongue, on the Route de Mories, outside the village of Eygalieres. For prices and reservations: The non-profit, English-speaking group hosts a range of social, cultural, sports and charity activities for women of all nationalities and age groups who live or spend time in the Var.

For more info, contact Gillian Miller: Daudet's Feast, August, Traditional party dedicated to the writer Alphonse Daudet. Listen to Mass in Provencal, followed by a reception. Santon Faire and Christmas Market, Nov, At the Salle Polyvalente and on the Places du Village. The seventh annual Gigondas sur Table happens Monday July 16, In an idyllic setting on the town square, this sell-out event shines the spotlight on the best local wines and regional cuisine. Five guest chefs will be cooking, their dishes paired with Gigondas wines. Booking opens on June 1st, The next annual La Croisee des Terroirs for nature loving cycle enthusiasts young and old will be in May It is a 10 km mountain bike trail through the vineyards of Gigondas.

You will explore their wines and vineyards along the way, meeting with the wine producers to taste and discover their wines. For more info and to RSVP: Every Friday from 3 pm to 6: An outstanding site for an unforgettable evening! Rose Expo, May, For three days the town welcomes rose lovers and the village becomes a sea of beautiful flowers. July, , 6 PM to Competing are more than sailors from as many as 50 nations. And very big it is indeed The fair always happens in Spring usually Easter weekend and again in late summer. You'll find roughly vendors selling all over town, including the or stall-holders and shops that normally call Isle sur la Sorgue home.

Look for antiques and brocante, ancient books, design decoration, vintage pieces, artistic works and much more. Annual Floating Market, 9 am to Check back for dates and details here. A great spectacle, with special boats slipping across the river from one bank to the other selling fruits and veg, flowers, cheese, bread, wine and more. Arrive early as parking and access is difficult. The Campredon Centre d'Art always has something interesting. There are lots of great food and wine events coming up at Le Vivier, one of my favorite Isle sur la Sorgue restaurants.

These include special menus, winemaker dinners and more. See the full schedule here: More than exhibitors are expected. L ocal producers, tasting and cooking contests, evening events, kid's events, plus a restaurant with nearly seats. This major event attracts plus visitors, who come to taste the authentic local 'terroir' and enjoy the fun atmosphere.

Traditional Provencal Festival, May 21, Old trades, craftspeople, town shops, regional products, creators. Lots of events for all ages, free of charge. The transhumance also takes place this month date TBA , with more than sheep ambling through the village on their way to their summer fields, accompanied by musicians and the traditional tambourinaires. From late July to mid August.

Boat Show, March Lacoste's old stone quarries and chateau provide the unique backdrop and exceptional acoustics for this summer festival, presented by Pierre Cardin. The program includes music, theater and dance; details to come as the fest gets closer. July and August, Considered by many to be the most important piano festival in the world, with concerts in outdoor and indoor venues. This year will be the 35th annual. Country and blues, lots of line dancing, boots, hats, Harleys, burgers, Tex Mex and more. Each day several troops of circus present their creations: July, , on the Castle Terrace.

Music, dance and much more. Activities for all ages. April 17, Easter Monday: July, , Music Under the Vines. A festival of jazz, soul and funk, in the idyllic setting of a castle. Warm nights under the stars and great music. The Carrieres de Lumieres is a magical space in a vast cave-like quarry at the base of the village of Les Baux, with a new sound and light show always devoted to art and artists each year. It's a stunning visit and one of the most popular sites in Provence. A ll the current info is here. For hours, prices and more info: Wander the streets of the village and discover its architectural riches.

Free guided tours in French are offered by the Tourist Office at 5: Then prolong your visit up at the Chateau de Baux, with free entry after 9 pm. At the Musee Yves Brayer: Otherwise, the mill is open daily for visits, tasting and sales. Mon to Fri 8: Weekends and holidays have special hours. In the castle or on its terraces, enjoy concerts of classical music with award-winning and highly talented artists.

It is also the opportunity to visit the village classified "Most Beautiful Villages of France. Pop, folk and rock on the terraces of the chateau. There are often interesting events at the Chateau de Lourmarin. Ristretto Summer Concert, August date to be announced, free and open to the public. Every year the city is beautifully ablaze with sound and light installations during the annual Fete de Lumieres. If you haven't seen it, it's a must. December 8 to 10, Open every day 10 am to 6 pm 9 pm on Fridays. It has two main public areas, one under the sea and one in the air.

M uch more than a museum, the MuCEM is a cultural centre that "brings together all disciplines of the social sciences and presents artistic expression from the Mediterranean's two shores. The Fiesta des Suds Southern Fiesta music festival is now in its 25 th year. They call it the most romantic swimming race in the world. Mars en Baroque Festival.

The 15th edition of this festival will take place in 13 locations in Marseille March , The International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary, the 19th edition of the festival celebrating images of history, current and past events of the Mediterranean area, with an eclectic and sharp selection of documentaries, reports and investigation films.

Salon du Chocolat, Mazargues, 04 91 71 53 This festival welcomes artists, poets and performers from different cultures, backgrounds and religions. Concerts Under the Stars, from June thru August, The Silvain Theatre of Marseille will host weekly concerts in the early evening. In the courtyard of the Conservatory, at the heart of Marseille, an evening program will take place featuring pieces of music inspired by the night - from Chopin's Nocturnes to Berlioz's Summer Nights.

Additional info to be posted soon. Five Continents Jazz Festival, July, You can learn more by clicking here. There's no entrance fee but please bring something to share either to drink or eat aperitif style. This festival, the oldest classical music festival in France, has something to please everyone, with its rich, dynamic program. Tango Festival, July, Celebrate superyachting with 34, participants from all over the world. All the info is here. Francis Bacon in Monaco. For more than a century, an international mix of artists has been drawn to the south of France by the dazzling light, pure colors and gentle climate.

E-Rallye Monte-Carlo, October, Art Monaco, October For the seventh year, Opus Eventi presents one of the most highly anticipated art fairs, considered among the most opulent global art shows to grace the French Riviera. Black Tie and Evening Dress. The Chocolate Show, October, Chocolatiers and pastry chefs will create fascinating, original chocolate recipes in the Choco Demo area.

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At Chocoland, budding gourmets can find out about chocolate through recipes, chocolate moulding and fun, educational activities. And of course, at this show, there will be all kinds of chocolate-themed activities, created especially for this event. Fifty exhibitors are expected, including some of the great names in chocolate and patisserie.

At the Espace Fontvieille, Monaco. Monte Carlo Polo Cup, July, The 25th Monaco Yacht Show, dedicated to luxury yachting, is the largest floating exhibition of mega yachts in Europe.

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One of the premier exhibitions for the food industry, offering the opportunity to taste and buy a wide variety of products. The event showcases all the latest technology and over French, Italian and European gastronomic producers under the single roof at the Espace Fontvieille.

Thursday Aug 3 and Sunday August 6. The show should return every summer until There are 40 horses on stage: Lusitanians, Friesians and purebred Arabians, performing alongside 60 people including riders, dancers, acrobats, stuntmen, musicians and singers. The venue is the open-air Beaulieu Lake Theatre. At the heart of a classified Natura area, it's a hectare park with a hectare lake. Tickets on sale on the website and at the venue.

A picnic lunch will be provided cheese, ham, bread After the hike, visit of the winery and wine tasting. By r eservation only. All you need to know about living in the Languedoc region of France, as an English-speaker. This full-day seminar on March 23, will cover all the essential info to help make your life in the region successful.

Marche de Noel, Dec Food, arts, crafts, gifts, Santa, a concert and more. Entry, parking and navettes transport from parking lots and village are all free. The 22nd Mougins Jazz Festival. Demos, food stands, tastings, pizza tossing and much more. Three days to discover fine Italian food and wine, including charcuterie, cheese, sweets, truffles and truffle products and more. Fete de l'Huile Nouvelle. Come celebrate the olive harvest and the new oils of the Valley of Les Baux. International Fair, March One of the most popular events of the French Riviera with more visitors and exhibitors.

This social is open to all members and guests.


There will be a brief presentation on a current topic. For more info about Democrats Abroad and the Riviera Chapter: Through some of the most beautiful areas of the Cote d'Azur. A major event for chocolate lovers happens each November; the dates will be announced soon. Next one is February, Carnival Run, Feb Participants choose from 5km or 10km. Lou Queernaval, Feb Paris to Nice Cycling Race, March This event traditionally marked the start of the international season. Tennis Open, May Thirty players battling it out o n the clay courts of the Nice Lawn Tennis Club.

Book Festival, June, Novelists, essayists, poets, polemists Autographs, debates, meetings, activities, lectures and more. The athletes will complete 3. Nice Jazz Festival, July, Since , the Festival has moved from the amphitheatre of Cimiez to the city centre. The Festival of Cimiez Concerts, public master classes, recitals