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To our minds, it perfectly captured how attuned Diebenkorn was to art history as he forged his own distinctive vocabulary as a painter. And Diebenkorn almost comically includes not just an orange, but an orange peel , as well as a brown, rotten lemon both elements he liked so much that he would paint them again. After several months went by without an answer, Andrea Liguori, the managing director of the Richard Diebenkorn Foundation, informed us that the owner, Barbara Foster, had passed away at the age of ninety-seven.

We have since learned that Mrs. In the fall of , she took a painting class with none other than Richard Diebenkorn, who, after both studying and teaching at the school in the late s, had just re-joined the faculty that semester. The stylish town has its own answers in accounts of former times when citizens peered from curtains as their neighbours were arrested: This probing of ideas of what constitutes normality and expectation extends to all the poetry of Archival Footwork.

Fisher is well acquainted with the record of opposing visions of Australia in Colonial times, and of their persistence even into more recent times.

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  5. Odd that we never really noticed how our trees look straggling up a hillside, ragged against the sky. Until he showed us. Generally, Fisher works in free-verse forms, where her sense of the surprise effects a precisely broken line can spring on a careful reader provides successive pleasurable encounters and recognitions of the extraordinary in the banal.

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    Mr Roscorla was put in a Home, Where he sat in a sea-grass chair, Looking all day at the ocean And wondering why he was there. Mr Dinwiddy of butterfly collar Found board in Neutral Bay. Dinners were not undertaken; Cornflakes came in on a tray. By some accounts, dates range from until Brand names of household products mentioned by Fisher in passing also bookmark bygone times. The Sydney Mail, a Fairfax weekly magazine published between and , was notable for its journalism, illustration, and fiction.

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    At times the mood of such poetry is deceptively equable. This strikes me as quite deliberate. By contrast, a cucumber is defined almost negatively: This last, with its contrast between grim surrounds and the milieu of Wildean privilege and wit, also finds echoes in poems about class and privilege closer at hand: She speculates that this due to the influx of cleaners and housekeepers.

    Oblique references to personal pastimes like reading and solving crosswords give the clue to a mind that revels in the contrariness of mundane activities. Fisher dramatises the female dove that remains in the Ark when the male bird fails to return. That sense of the mot juste extends to impatience with imprecision.


    Aware of ambiguities inherent in language, her poetry seeks out the marginally recorded, the fact behind the legend, the un-famous who appear beside the celebrated and famous in photographs. This is a quintessentially democratic aspect of her style. The first section speaks of delight in the tangible, visual and edible world, including the associations of names we bestow on objects—such as pears in the poem of the same name: Several poems take paintings as triggers for other conclusions than those intended by the artists.

    Out there canvas cities flap in a dry wind, water queues wait in the dust. Does the poet have to say more?

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    When she broaches political subjects in similar manner: In a series of poems on the wives of famous artists, Fisher highlights neglected features of the actual production and interpretation of great works. I think the difference lies in a sort of rescue operation, reclamation of reputations of women who had actual existence.

    Not all such history involving art hinges on suppression of recognition. In like mode, Fisher refers to her own activities in a trio of poems on poetry. Her work tends toward realism idealized through noble subjects. Specialized in painting "Still Lives" using the wet on wet technique dating back to the days of the painter Jan Van Eyck.

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    She usually painted on semi-absorbants wood panels. The Panel or canvas are prepared carefully and are fitted with a primer. The base is slightly colored to get a warm ochre tone in light gray which will form the basis for drawing. Then, the subject is drawn with precision to the pencil. Then applied a thin layer of liquid paint. In this step, she already has the design, colors and shadows.