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Light the smudge stick, and blow gently until the tip of the smudge is glowing and there is a steady stream of smoke. Open any windows if the space is confined. If you prefer, you can use a natural thyme, pine, rosemary, or lavender incense stick. Bring health, peace, and abundance into my home and make this your home, a dwelling place of joy and harmony. Blessings be always with you. In a steady rhythm, move your right hand clockwise and the left hand counterclockwise. In both cases, you will know when the magical web has been woven, generally after about nine chants. Each day, you can ask for a blessing and name some kindness you will perform in return.

With the wand in your hand, walk around the outside of the circle, first clockwise for the Northern Hemisphere or counterclockwise for the Southern Hemisphere, reversing the direction after each circuit and using any bushes or trees as natural markers. I come in respect leaving only my footprints and my offerings.

I offer in return to do the most good with the highest of intentions. You may hear this externally or within your mind. I leave only my footprints, my offerings, and my thanks for your presence. All is as it was before. Blessings be on all until we meet again. Visiting the Land of the Fey In addition to inviting the fey into our world, we can visit the land of fey in a light meditative state. People have done this for hundreds of years as they sat on faery hills or mounds. The faery world is akin to the dream world, for though we see faeries and nature spirits in woodlands or other natural earthly settings, they in fact occupy the vibrational spirit space between the material human world and the angels, sometimes called the second celestial plane of existence.

The Magick of Faeries: Working with the Spirits of Nature

This spiritual realm is called the astral plane and is one level more ethereal than the innermost etheric plane we visit in our dreams, the spiritual dimension that is closest to the everyday world. Its coloured ray or the magical light in which it is bathed is pink-rose coloured.

Perceiving this realm is like suddenly seeing through the hole in a misty curtain. To access this fey space or vibration in which faery magick takes place, and not only see but pass through the dimensional curtain, sit in a sheltered place in a garden or indoors near an open window. Alternatively, work in your indoor or outdoor fey place; the more you use them, they will gain power and reveal their own gateways to faeryland.

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These are associated with the astral or fey plane. Imagine the land around you falling away to take you directly into the land of fey. The pathways are overhung with trees loaded with golden fruits and there are multicoloured butterflies, rainbow birds, and fragrant, richly coloured exotic flowers. Follow the nature spirit; because you are in a meditative or dream state, nothing can harm you.

In traditional fey encounters on the physical plane, do not eat or drink anything, take any faery gifts, ride on faery horses, attempt to enter a faery ring, or dance in faery revels. Decline politely, as less benign fey may take advantage and make you dance till you are exhausted or get a soaking as a faery horse unexpectedly plunges into water.

With the help of your guide, you will fly, float, and go deep into tree roots to magical kingdoms and watch the fey painting flowers or playing their fabulous golden instruments. The everyday world will gradually surround you, but do not be in too much of a hurry to return to daily life. If you wish, glimpse back through the doorway and then again at the candle flame. Record these in your faery journal that I will describe in the next chapter.

By the time you have finished reading my book, you should have one of your own. Warnings about Faery Encounters Though in meditation nothing can harm you and fey presences you encounter are always benign, nature spirits are generally like young children emotionally and can be volatile, turning from laughter to unprovoked fury in seconds see chapter 9. You are dealing with spirits of the wild winds and the turbulent. The real danger is that these spirits can bring out the worst in us, unless we are aware of this and only ever carry out fey rituals when we are calm and positive.


The ambivalence of faeries and their powerful telepathic abilities enable them to magnify your mood, so if you are feeling angry, jealous, or resentful, fey energies will make you feel that you can and should get your own back on those who have offended you, which may not be wise. We have to be even more moral with faery magick than other types of magick; unlike angel magick, with faery magick you do not have the built-in goodness of the angels to protect you from your own less-worthy thoughts or discourage you from acting unwisely.

Using Good Faery Magick to Overcome Problems In fey spellcasting, you can and should ask for the strength to leave a destructive situation or to bind a bully threatening harm to you or someone you love. You can ask that justice be granted to you in the way and time that is right, harming none, and that what is rightfully yours to be returned.

Asking Permission Unless you are working in your own magical place, it is important to seek permission to be present with the fey and to practice your ritual even with the best-intentioned fey magick, as nature spirits are temperamentally volatile. Be sensitive to the atmosphere and be alert to cold breezes or a sense of unwelcome. If the energies feel wrong, move on or try another day. If in doubt, spiral a pendulum over the area where you intend to work; if it spins out of control, if your fingers feel cold, or it is as if you are experiencing a mild electric shock, then this is not a place for you to practice magick at this particular time.

Phred wrote about her local faery wood and how she learned that asking permission of the nature spirits worked wonders. I found that every time I entered the faery wood with a distracted mind, I would get tangled up in the brambles and hurt myself, or end up at a dead end and have to find my way out again. One day, having brought a small gift and having meditated, I found myself just sitting and watching as the air filled with sparkle and as I looked around, I perceived a small, dancing blue light circling around me.

I had actually seen my first faery with open eyes! Discovering the Power of Faery Glamour Using fey glamour is a love, fame, or success-attraction ritual. Faery glamour is an often misunderstood but very effective faery power we can use to increase our natural charisma and the confidence to attract love, create good impressions, and be noticed in a positive way. These turn to dust or ashes when seized, consumed, or bathed in the morning light. Tales abound of young men who were seduced by a beautiful faery maiden, only to find when they woke in the morning she was a hideous hag.

The English Oxford scholar W. Evans-Wentz, who traveled through Wales, Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Cornwall, and Brittany from to , obtained firsthand experiences of people who described many such experiences. So it may be that the palaces of crystal and gold of the courtly fey were in fact just illusions to lure young men and women to become the lovers of amorous faery kings and queens; when the mortal men and women would find themselves alone on a cold hillside after what seemed to be only one night of wonder in faeryland, it would be revealed that decades had passed in the mortal world.

Conversely beautiful faery palaces could be perceived by curious mortals as just a pile of rocks if the fey chose to remain unseen or considered those passing by unworthy of such beauty. They used glamour to appear beautiful and seduce mortals, as did the Scandinavian Huldra earth spirits who magically disguised their cow tails and hollow backs.

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A Glamour Ritual Glamour does not have to be used for deception. By using faery crystals, we can adapt fey glamour to enhance our own charisma and self-confidence, giving us an extra boost when we doubt ourselves, when others are being nasty, or when we need to sell ourselves at a job interview. You may not be aware of your potential because others have wrongly told you that you are unattractive or stupid to boost their own egos; glamour will allow you to see yourself clearly, to enhance performance, and make you shine in the world even if you are scared inside.

Glamour and Crystals Each crystal contains a guardian spirit. Fey crystals especially have energies that are related to the shining faeries see the Faery Treasury in the appendix for a full list of faery crystals. Because crystals have such powerful aura. The more glamour rituals you do, the more the outer appearance becomes the reality and you project those strengths as well as feel radiant and brave inside. Many people fear their own power and charisma; they hide it behind awkwardness, and so glamour rituals are incredibly liberating.

This rite is most powerful on the night of the full moon or any Sunday at noon the day of Michael, Archangel of the Sun , depending on whether you are using a sun or moon crystal. Moon crystals are better for love and enhancing beauty and sun crystals for fame and outer success or courage. You can use sun or moon crystals at different times for inner and outer power. Alternatively, use two shimmering yellow citrines or two sparkling clear quartz, both kinds of fey sun crystals. If the weather is bad, use a gold candle for the sun and a silver candle for the moon.

Wind bind enchantment in, weave and leave no trace of sadness. Spin and spiral, joy from sorrow.

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Bright as star glow, silver moonlight, sunlit gold, faery glamour I unfold. Keep all your glamour crystals in a drawstring bag with a sprig of mint so you can repeat the ritual whenever you need glamour, using the appropriate candle for your chosen crystals. Fey Methods of Stepping Beyond Linear Time and Physical Distance Astral fey shape-shifting or mind travel is an easily learned magical technique to increase your personal power. This technique improves your ability to think outside the box, your tunnel vision, creativity, and inspiration, especially in the arts and predictive abilities.

It is immensely liberating if your creativity is blocked or you need to free yourself from a stagnant situation or relationship. The adult fey soul that gives us spontaneity at any age as well as the ability to travel beyond the physical body in mind or astral travel is part of our spiritual body and this is what Barrie was talking about. This rainbow spirit body, which is the blueprint of our perfect ideal self, spills out as the rainbow energy aura field around us.

As I already mentioned, this aura is of the same spiritual vibration as faeries. Children, until about the age of five, routinely report experiences of being able to float downstairs, fly, or make their rainbow body dance in front of them. Adults can rediscover fey flight, thus restoring what may be long overdue joy and spontaneity. Peter Pan recommends faith, trust, and the gold pixie dust he shook from his tiny faery companion Tinkerbell so Wendy and her brothers could fly to Neverland. Fey Flight for Grown Ups Fey flight is much lighter and subtler than traditional Shamanic bird flight.

The easiest way to begin your fey flying is in sunlight, using your shadow as the stimulus. The shadow represents a part of ourselves that is free to dance and move ahead or behind us according to the angle of the sun. Spiritually, the shadow holds hidden or undeveloped parts of ourselves that offer great potential for happiness when released.

Blow bubbles from a giant bubble blower and focus on one of the rising bubbles. Then turn from side to side rapidly, so the shadow is first one side and then the other; swirl around and around, peeping at the shadow first billowing behind and then in front of you. Project a positive thought to the shadow; watch as the shadow instantaneously tosses it back. Lie down and look upward, focusing on a particular area of clouds or blue sky.

In your mind, extend your hands high on either side of your body, moving them up and down, your arms changing to soft, feathery, glittering faery wings, scattering Tinkerbell gold flying dust. At the same time, visualise the sky enfolding you. Remember, as Peter Pan says, it is all a matter of faith;. Enjoy the flying sensation. When you are ready, close your eyes and count from thirteen down to one and float slowly downward. Do not force this stage.

One day it will just happen, and the final step is to take away the shadow aspect and fly or float with the fey in your liberated mind anywhere, anytime. Simulating Fey Flight If the above techniques do not work for you, it does not mean you are doing anything wrong. It may be that you are a very logical, practical person, and it will take practice. The joys of this technique are worth persevering and the sensation will come if you relax and enjoy it. Often physical flight will trigger the visualised flying experience initially.

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After that, your psyche will take over even in everyday situations. Stimuli might include hang gliding, hot air ballooning, lying in a flotation tank, sky diving, bungee jumping, rock or mountain climbing, standing at the top of a tall building, riding in a cable car, or riding in a funicular railway. Alternatively, journeys by plane are an excellent opportunity to perfect astral travel, especially as the aircraft is rising off the tarmac and you project yourself into the fluffy white clouds at the point of takeoff excellent for calming flight nerves. On a clear day, use the midair cloud and shadow formations beneath you.

You will see the air spirits sitting on the clouds. In the next chapter, we will work with the spirits of your locality. Chapter 1 Sources 1. From the world of the wee folk to the history and lore of faeries, explore all things fey in this easy-to-use, essential guide.

  1. The Magick of Faeries : Working with the Spirits of Nature by Cassandra Eason (2013, Paperback).
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  5. The spirits of earth, water, fire, and air—as well as golems and goblins, boggarts and brownies, orcs and ogres—help us tune into the cycles of nature and work with the amazing magick around us. Through practical spells, rituals, and empowerments, The Magick of Faeries will teach you how to use natural energies and essences for wishes, prosperity, love, protection, personal transformation, and family health and happiness.

    Learn to identify and connect with over a hundred nature spirits, including the local spirits who share your home and guard sacred places. Explore the Treasury of Faerie Wisdom, a collection of useful information that will help you understand the structure of fey magick and create your own rituals. It was here I found one glaring slip, as Eason states that Gandalf is of the Elven race. Any good Tolkien fan will tell you that Gandalf is an Istari. Unfortunately, this left me questioning the accuracy of her other folklore re-tellings.

    Still, overall it was an easy and enjoyable read and there was a nice variety of spells included. Feb 27, Erica marked it as did-not-finish. I just am not connecting with the writing style.

    The Magick of Faeries : Working with the Spirits of Nature

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