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Jay accuses Jonah Hill of being this when chatting with Seth at the convenience store. He's latter proven right, especially when Jonah winds up possessed. Latter in the movie, Danny. He's pretty cheerful and excitable for a vicious cannibal. It is his house, after all and he leads the escape from his house after it burns to the ground. Seth gets the most respect out of the crew and is also the guy who helps sort out the food problems that the guys have. He's the first one to deduce that The Rapture is happening on earth.

The biggest guy out of the group and the first one to pull a Heroic Sacrifice to save the guys. Jonah, judging how nice and sensitive he is to everyone. This latter to turns out to be BS, but only to Jay. Danny, seeing how he shows up only after the group has been formed. Also doubles as The Load. He latter turns into a Sixth Ranger Traitor. The heaven we see at the end of the movie is this, except with marijuana and the Backstreet Boys. Guess how James dies? The illustration of Satan in James' Bible - when he shows up for real at the end, he looks just like the drawing.

At the beginning Jay and Seth are watching news on TV about a sinkhole in Guatemala foreshadowing the one that opens near james Franco's house.

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The beers being drunk at the party, as seen below. They have the picture of a demon on them. The beers being consumed during Franco's party are from Stone Brewing Company, known for featuring a horned demon on their bottles similar to the ones the group will encounter. They also make beers with names like Arrogant Bastard and Ruination. There is a billboard ad for a film called "Ninja Rapist".

This Is the End

The Friend Nobody Likes: James threatens to shoot off Danny's dick if he catches him jerking off in his house again. Danny defiantly retorts that he doesn't have enough bullets. For a good chunk at the beginning of the movie, and a couple times elsewhere, everyone refers to each other by full name, except Jay.

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Craig wears a shirt written "Take Yo Panties Off". A demon that apparently rapes Jonah Hill sports a large one, as does the devil himself. There's also Franco's giant sculpture of a penis. Seth is on a Cleansing Diet and refuses to eat Gluten or Carbs or anything that's bad for you. The scene cuts to him and Jay eating Carls Jr. When Seth is pulled to Heaven, the Pillar of Light shears off the devil's penis.

Making it even better, the beam of light that saved Seth was the first one and it blasted apart the Devil's jaw making him reel. God wasn't finished muscling in on the Devil and so another beam of light was shot out just to hit the Devil in the crotch. One goes down right outside of the house, throwing a piece of the propeller inside.

Craig gets a minor cut on his finger. Performing such a selfless act actually helps prove that the character is worthy to be taken to heaven. Craig Robinson distracts a demon so that the group can escape and is taken to heaven. He's about to be taken to heaven like Craig, but mocks Danny over the victory and is left behind to be eaten. Seth chooses to stay and die so that Jay can ascend to heaven, but his sacrifice earns him a ticket as well. James Franco seems to think that he and Seth Rogen are this, but Seth seems a little disturbed by James' devotion to him.

Jay and Seth have this feel, but it's a rocky relationship that was at its end, until the Apocalypse Hilariously Abusive Childhood: Rogen's account of being tittyfucked as a youngster. Jay is labeled this by Emma and Craig when he says not really into the L. They mention his tightly cuffed pants, possible hatred for movies that are universally loved and his admittance of his hatred of Forrest Gump as proof. The pillars of light pulling people into Heaven hurt the demons on contact.

With the massive amount of subtext between the guys, the giant penis gags, and Jonah's rape , you could easily say that this movie is "kinda gay" and not be derogatory. Early on, the group hears a helicopter and figures that means they're saved. The helicopter promptly crashes right outside Franco's house. One shows up to rape Jonah Hill. Literally once the Rapture turns it into hell on earth, but the trope applies even before this; everyone we meet is an awful, entitled, self-obsessed phony. Not a single person at James Franco's party is raptured into Heaven because everybody there is a bad person.

I Am A Humanitarian: Danny late in the movie. When the earthquake happens, James Franco warned his guests to stay inside as they all ran out. After the survivors ran back inside his house, he screams at them they should have just stayed inside. Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Michael Cera, courtesy of a fallen street light.

It's All About Me: All the celebrities who appear in the film display this to varying degrees with Danny McBride being the most glaring example. None of the main characters are that great, but Danny McBride is easily the worst. Michael Cera also deserves some mention. Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: McBride seemed to be apologetic when the group decided to kick him out. Then he tried to shoot them all with the gun Franco gave him to defend himself. Danny, but since he's last seen still stuck on Earth, which is crawling with demons and covered in hell fire, perhaps he has received a degree of karma.

Jonah is possessed, later burnt and crushed to death after wishing death upon Jay. Killed Off for Real: Jonah Hill and James Franco don't survive or make it to Heaven either. Kevin Hart kicks Aziz Ansari down the sinkhole to his death to avoid falling down it as well, however Ansari's hand comes off in the process due to a cable and gets stuck to Kevin; he ultimately falls down as well trying to shake it off himself. Vast majority of deaths in the film are this really since it is the Apocalypse; whether or not you go to Heaven is based on your moral merit.

Commit something bad, you're likely going to die very soon. Like Michael Cera dying immediately after accusing people of stealing his cell phone and acting like a snob about it. Or the cashier who forced a little kid to buy something in order to use the bathroom. She was the first to die. Many of the actors refer to each other by their last names, particular James Franco who is almost exclusively called Franco throughout the film.

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Some of the comments from Possessed! Jonah aren't far behind as well. Heaven is coated in these that would make J. Those beams of light? They actually bring you to Heaven. And as one could expect, it's paradise. As one can tell, Danny is this to the group.

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Craig has one after a huge piece of rubble flies right past him If Seth had picked maybe a better time than in the middle of an exorcism to call Jay out on their strained and failing friendship, Jonah would have probably lived and their only shelter wouldn't have gone up in flames. Not So Above It All: Jay really didn't like any of the celebrities at Franco's party. But when giving his apocalypse theory, Franco pointed out that he hadn't been Raptured either, meaning he was also an asshole like them. At the climax, he admitted that he was self-righteous and that he didn't like the person he became so he took it out on Seth.

When Emma Watson is the only female in the house, the cast discusses making sure that she's comfortable and doesn't feel like she's in danger from them. However, since she's in the next room, she can make out half the conversation so she thinks that they're discussing who gets to rape her.

A beam strikes Jay, and he begins to ascend while Seth does not. Jay grabs Seth's hand, but his presence prevents him from ascending into Heaven. Seth forces Jay to let him go and another beam appears around Seth. The pair arrive in Heaven where they are greeted by Craig, who tells them that it is a place where any desire comes true. Jay wishes for the Backstreet Boys and the band performs " Everybody Backstreet's Back " as everyone dances. Most of the film's cast portray fictional, exaggerated versions of themselves: Rogen and Goldberg told interviewers, "We always wanted to do a movie where people played themselves and something extraordinary happened; the initial version of the film was Seth Rogen and Busta Rhymes were filming a music video and a film respectively, on the Sony lot, and Antmen attacked from the center of the earth.

In an interview with The Guardian , Goldberg commented on influences contributing to the film, "If you drilled down to the core of what I do, it's just ripping off little bits of Charlie Kaufman. And the popularity of reality television now also feeds into that idea of whether what we're watching is actually real.


We thought working with our friends in that situation would be awesome because they're all comedians willing to take stabs at themselves. While set in Los Angeles, principal photography was in New Orleans due to financial incentives from that city. Filming rolled from February to early July As The World's End was the name of a key location in that film, Pegg worried that he could not change the name of his film.

This Is the End: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack of the film. Despite that, a promotional album for the score does exist, according to Soundtrack. The site's critical consensus reads, "Energetic, self-deprecating performances and enough guffaw-inducing humor make up for the flaws in This Is the End ' s loosely written script.

Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a letter grade of "A", saying, "You could sit through a year's worth of Hollywood comedies and still not see anything that's genuinely knock-your-socks-off audacious. But This Is the End. It's the wildest screen comedy in a long time and also the smartest, the most fearlessly inspired and the snort-out-loud funniest. Johnson of Maclean's wrote, "There could be worse ways to experience the apocalypse than with a party of stoned celebrities at James Franco's house. For one thing, his epic art collection can be used to board up the cracking walls against demons and zombies.

That's the screwball scenario of This Is the End The film unfolds as a profanely funny showbiz parody. But with perfect timing, it also sends up a genre that has recently gone viral at the multiplex: The critic referred to the actors in the film as "the lazy, the privileged and the mirthless". When Evan Goldberg was asked whether a sequel to the film was probable, he said, "If you ask me, I'd say there's a pretty good chance of a sequel. If you ask Seth Rogen, he'd say no.

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The maze served as the event's first comedy-horror based attraction. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It's speckled with funny moments through out the entire movie and what really makes this film succeed is the fact that it's not just a comedy parody movie. It's a comedy and a apocalypse film. It's decently funny and is filled with gratuitous celebrity deaths. Honestly what else can you ask for? Although it's not the best film ever it's much better than the average comedy of the past several years. This review contains spoilers , click expand to view. I think this movie was just excellent and every man did a good job selling their own characters.

The plot was pretty good I don't think that many film creators have thought of this idea. Of course the movie was super funny at parts but in other parts they tried to hard to be funny that it wasn't funny.

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My other complaints about this movie are that it had a lot of blood and gore. Although some of the parts that featured those things were really funny. I liked the fact that the movie had a lot of inside jokes between actors such as James Franco and Seth Rogen. It was also funny when many people didn't know who Jay Baruchel was due to the fact that he has only been in a few movies.

Overall this movie was pretty great with a lot of laughs and creativity. I felt pretty meh about this. No doubt that this comedy will be a big hit with a lot of people. I did get some laughs out of it, although it took about 30 minutes before they started to come. I'm surprised it is doing so incredibly well on reviews when frankly I have seen funnier films.

This is the End

After finishing the movie I have yet to find a funny moment. Not to mention totally uncalled for offensive garbage that fails at humor. We rank the major natural disaster movies of the past 25 years by Our editors select the 10 most interesting films headed to theaters in