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Joseph, The military does not issue dog tags to veterans after they have left military service. The Army and Government also do not use dog tags as an acceptable form of ID for veterans — they require a photo ID, passport, Social Security Card, birth certificate, or other official documents.

If you need replacement dog tags, they would be for your own personal use. Commercially available dog tags would be fine for this purpose. Please be sure not to include your Social Security Number, as it is not needed for replacement dog tags. I hope this helps. We have no access to it. How do I obtain a copy of this photography? I found some dog tags and am trying to find the owner, Phill George. Contact your local VA, ask for a case manager, and let them know that you have a service members tags.

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If you give them the information off of the tags, they should be able to locate the service member. You can provide them your contact information, and if they can contact the service member, they can pass that information along. Joseph, Thank you for contacting me. They are used to quickly give medical attention on the battle field, or to identify bodies when there is no other nethod.

I would Google dog tag images to get an idea of what information is normally included, then only use the relevant information. One idea is using his name, branch of service, and maybe the years he served. How do you find out what medals and things he received? My dads WWII records were lost in the fire, but a friend of mine says I can still obtain his medals and ribbons.

He was a top turret gunner in a B stationed in England. I know my Uncle Frank suffered from shell shock and did spend some time institutionalized, but I remember him as a really great guy. Uncle Frank brought his wife, my Aunt Ida back with him at some point. Is there any way that I could get their military records.

Is this a possibility? Bill, Thank you for contacting me. You would need to do a military records request through the National Archives. I hope this is helpful! My grandfather died 10years ago he was in the army guard my mother lost all his medals. I just want to know where can I get a list of medals he had.

Any help is appreciated. I hope you will find peace during this time. The best way to get the medals is to contact the National Archives in St. Louis, where you can get a copy of his military records. It can take a long time to get replacement medals issued, but if you have a list of medals and awards, you can buy them from websites and stores that sell military medals and awards.

GI benefits were lacking.

I requested replacement medals from nam and others. I sent my DD to speed up the process. That was 3 months ago. Any way to contact them or is this normal. Thanks for doing what you do here. Dave, Thank you for contacting me. From what I understand, obtaining replacement medals can be a time-intensive process. Acquiring copies of written records usually takes much less time, because all they need to do is copy the forms, then drop them in the mail.

But medals require more time. The best I can say is to contact them and ask if there is a rough timeline. I am trying to obtain my mothers navy pictures, she was enlisted February 22, September 16, She passed away October 31, to breast cancer that spread. I have all of her military paperwork. If you can please direct me in the right direction. The National Archives houses all official veteran files, including service history, personnel files, awards and decorations, and similar papers. I do not know if they maintain military photos of specific units.

You could try contacting the National Archives if you have the information of the unit. You may also try to contact the unit to see if they have an archival copy that can be reproduced. I wish you the best in finding a copy of the photo. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be nice , either getting government issue or someone that is up to government standards.

Mine have disappeared over the years I entered the Army in George, Thank you for contacting me. The only way I know to get dog tags is to buy them from a third party. My husband has his original dd when he got out of the Army in It has his medal awards listed. When we requested a copy of his dd it did not list these medals, including the Purple Heart he earned. He lost his medals and we want them replaced.

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How do we get the dd updated to include all his awards? Laurie, I recommend making copies of his original DD and keeping copies in a safe place. Then you should contact the National Archives to request a military records update. Having a copy of the original DD will be important as proof of the original awards. He died 3 yes ago and I want to have some dog tags made to put on his urn and a second set made for me to wear in remembrance. Also I have no idea if he received any medals or awards as I came along a long time after his service to this country but I would love to honor him in this way.

I have been trying since he died to find out and no luck. Any help would be appreciated thanks. Denise, Thank you for contacting me. You will want to request a copy of his military records. He Passed away Nov. When he was buried I reiceved his Military Flag for his Service and was my honor to get the Burial Flag which sits atop my table along with his medals and Purple Heart which I have on display to honor him and his service and for his Grandchildren my Girls who he helped me raise because he loved them and they equally loved and cared for him in his final days.

Is there some kind of special medal given she my neighbor told me I should inquire about this. When she shared this with me it just made me even more proud of him and the love he had for his fellow man. If you could help me in any way possible that would be so very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank You for this S. Espindola, Thank you for contacting me.

It is possible for medals to be awarded years after the action, however, there needs to be an official report written that states what happened, the actions of the individual, and other details. If there is someone who can testify about the events, then it would be possible for that person to submit an official report, which could then be put in for a medal. Hello, my dad served in Germany in WW He passed away at the end of Nov I know the criteria is different if you served in in the Army.

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Navy, Marine and Air Force includes many more family members! As next of kin, you should be able to get a copy of his military records. They may not replace his medals, but you can purchase them from many different vendors that sell various ribbons and medals. We filled out the necessary paperwork which took all of 20 minutes and I was on my way.

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He said there should be no issue with me getting a duplicate set of his medals. I took along his VA card, drivers license, death certificate and something similar to his DD He was discharged in prior to using the DD in His original records were damaged or destroyed in the fire but we needed a copy of his discharge to receive his VA plaque for his headstone. A veteran from Latin vetus , meaning "old" [1] is a person who has had long service or experience in a particular occupation or field.

Those veterans that have had direct exposure to acts of military conflict may also be referred to as war veterans although not all military conflicts, or areas in which armed combat takes place, are necessarily referred to as wars. A combat veteran is a person who has fought in combat during a war or a skirmish against a declared enemy and may still be serving in the military.

Military veterans often receive special treatment in their respective countries due to the sacrifices they made during wars.

Veteran Recalls The Horrors of War

Different countries handle this differently: Veterans are also subject to illnesses directly related to their military service such as posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD. War veterans are generally treated with great respect and honour for their contribution to the world and country by their own nationals.

Conversely there are often negative feelings towards the veterans of foreign nations held long after the war is over; for example towards the German Nazi soldiers, yet they are no less veterans of war than those of the winning side. Veterans of unpopular or lost conflicts may be discriminated against. Veterans of short or small conflicts are often forgotten when the country fought bigger conflicts. In some countries with strong anti-military traditions e. Many countries have longstanding traditions, ceremonies, and holidays to honour their veterans.

In the UK, "Remembrance Day" is held on November the 11th and is focused mostly on the veterans who died in service to the monarch and country.

Why Vietnam War Vets Were Treated Poorly When They Returned - HISTORY

A red or white poppy is worn on the lapel for remembrance or for peace, respectively in the weeks up to the date, and wreaths and flowers laid at memorials to the dead. In Russia, a tradition was established after World War II where newly married couples would on their wedding day visit a military cemetery. In France, for instance, those wounded in war are given the first claim on any seat on public transit. Most countries have a holiday such as Veterans Day to honour their veterans, along with the war dead.

In Zimbabwe, the term veteran is used for political purpose and may not actually refer to someone that participated in a war, but still feels entitled to some benefit because of association with a cause for which there had been an actual war. Britain, with its historic distrust of standing armies, did little for its veterans before the 19th century. It did set up two small hospitals for them in the s. In London and other cities the streets teemed with disabled or disfigured veterans begging for alms. The First World War focused national attention on veterans, especially those who had been partly or wholly disabled.

Kowalsky says it was practical, innovative, and ahead of its time and was the most important piece of legislation enacted for disabled veterans in interwar Britain. In addition to direct aid, it stimulated a national discussion regarding the need for employment programs for disabled veterans and the responsibility of the state, setting up a future demand for more benefits. In the 21st century, Britain has one of the highest densities of veterans in a major country, with 13 million in , or per 1, population.

The most common usage is for former armed services personnel. A veteran is one who has served in the armed forces, especially one who has served in combat. The National Guard and Reserve is included. It is especially applied to those who served for an entire career, usually of 20 years or more, but may be applied for someone who has only served one tour of duty.

A common misconception is that only those who have served in combat or those who have retired from active duty can be called military veterans. President Abraham Lincoln , in his second inaugural address in towards the end of the American Civil War , famously called for good treatment of veterans: The treatment of veterans changed after the First World War. In the years following, discontented veterans became a source of instability. They could quickly organize, had links to the army and often had arms themselves. The Bonus Army of unemployed veterans was one of the most important protest movements of the Great Depression , marching on Washington, D.

Each state of the United States sets specific criteria for state-specific veterans' benefits. For federal medical benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs VA hospitals, prior to 7 September the veteran must have served at least days of active duty, after the above-mentioned date the veteran must have served at least 24 months. However, if the veteran was medically discharged and receives a VA service-connected disability stipend, the time limits are not applicable. The efforts sometimes succeed. Thirteen war decorations, including a Purple Heart, recently were returned. There is no deadline to find owners.

While tangible unclaimed property may be liquidated after three years and the cash proceeds kept on hand in perpetuity pending claim by the owner or their heirs, the Treasury does not liquidate military medals. You can contact the Treasury at or search for unclaimed property at patreasury. Those who have questions about the U.

The information will be presented at a town hall meeting at 5 p. The session will be led by Russell Lloyd , director of the Wilkes-Barre medical center system that includes clinics in Allentown and near Bangor. The event will include a presentation with an overview of hot topics, program changes and announcements.