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The most scorned fashion statement of our day, the target of rabid eradication campaigns by modern hairstylists, Big Hair hangs on like a buzzard in the desert.

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I, for one, am glad. At the risk of sounding socially impaired, I must confess that I love Big Hair. I mean really big. I love the old-fashioned bouf-le-dos made popular again by Governor Ann Richards, and I love the wild curled-all-over hair of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

Hooray for Big Hair! – Texas Monthly

I love the way West Texas women can back-comb their hair until it looks like balls of tumbleweed, and I love the fluffy blond-tinted permed hair of big-city socialites. I love the drama of simply standing next to a big-haired woman, wondering if the whole is going to collapse onto my face, cutting off my air supply, the fumes of her hair spray sliding up my nostrils and lodging forever in my brain.

Sixty percent of women age 25 or older in Dallas wear some variation of Big Hair. Says Perry Henderson, another Dallas society hairdresser of note: Women who dress do.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Big Hair, however, is not restricted to rich women who have a lot of time on their hands. Ladies who live in trailer homes on the edge of town still make weekly trips to the beauty shop for beehives. Post-punk girls who populate downtown nightclubs tousle and mousse their hair until it looks like a temper tantrum. Cool teenage Hispanic girls prefer Mall Bangs, in which one half of their bangs shoots straight up over their heads and the other half swoops down over their foreheads. Mary Magdalene had Big Hair. Everyone seems to have an idea about the origin of Texas Big Hair, known among some scientists as the Big Bangs Theory.

Some say it started out of necessity in West Texas, where women needed a way to keep their hair in place when the wind blew. Not so, says Barbara Jenkins, an Austin hairdresser for eighteen years. A woman learned that when her head was smaller than her butt, she looked deformed, like a marshmallow with an olive on top.

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Big Hair gives a gal proportion. What makes the Texas Big Hair phenomenon even more amazing is that it holds fast against trendiness. From teased-out updos, to glorious mermaid waves, to a generous head of perfect curls, the photos you see in this story are meant to give you some big-hair inspiration, no matter the hair type and texture you're starting with. This is a beauty story and then some: We promise people will remember when you do.

People With Ridiculously Long Hair

This product is the secret to Julia Roberts' voluminous hair. Sure, big hair fell somewhat out of favor from , but honestly, in terms of overall aesthetic, the whole decade took an L.

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  6. And now, in , amid all of the glassy middle parts, tidy bobs, and slicked-back runway looks, we still make plenty of space for a big, voluminous hairstyle to enter the room and demand at least one solid head turn. Big, heavy curls; volumized waves ; or a teased-out updo: The options are truly endless. Below, check out some advice from professional hair stylist Rutger van der Heide on how to achieve the biggest hair — and, ultimately, biggest you — possible. When applied to the roots, it gives the hair some grit and curls will hold better and longer.

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