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You will be able to enter this area with the strike mode quest The Devil's Lair or from the Patrol mode. The next Ghost is in the area which you will enter right after the Rocketyard area which is The Refinery. You will visit this location during the strike quest named The Devil's Lair or in the Patrol mode. Defeat few turns and you will enter the large room in which two organizations will battle each other.

You can ignore them and go to the illuminated room with a Russian logo above the entrance. Take what you are looking for from the desk.

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In The Blast area you will see the giant crab-boss. You will be asked to defeat him during the strike quest called The Devil's Lair however you will also meet him in the Patrol mode. Try to avoid him by walking along the left wall until you will find the entrance to the building.

Go upstairs and find the Ghost on a desk in front of you. You can get to The Groots from either the Forgotten Shores area by walking along the coastline or from the Refinery by walking through the green crystals tunnel. In the end of the road you will meet a very strong group of enemies on level The better path leads from the Forgotten Shores area.

Follow the road until you will pass the rock arch then turn left and go along the water. In the end you will find the huge pipe which you can see on the screen above. On its left side you will find the Ghost. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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The room visible from the stairs. The Ghost on pipes near to the steel stairs. The Ghost is on a metal construction under the ceiling.

The view from the billboard construction close to the Ghost. The big pipe close to the wall. The shed with the chest and the Ghost. The channel with the Ghost hidden in the bushes. The Ghost is hidden behind the rock in the cave. The machine on which you will find the Ghost. The cave on the path to the Forgotten Shores. The Ghost is in hidden in the hole in the right wall.

The view on the stairs underneath which is hidden the Ghost. The ship with the protruded cabin. The Ghost is hidden in the locker. The hidden room under the airstrip. The entrance to the Rocketyard area. The view next to the Ghost from the metal building. The entrance to the room with the Ghost in the Refinery.

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The Ghost is on the desk on the top of the stairs next to the boss. Destiny Guide Game Guide. User Interface Health bar and character's death Achievements Controls. PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox Introduction Character classes Titan Hunter Warlock. Weapons Armors Grenades and special attacks Other. Galaxy Planets, moons and stations Materials and loot The Tower. Earth - Main Story. Moon - Main Story. Venus - Main Story.

Destiny 2: Breach the barrier - Differential Diagnosis

Just know it will take a bit longer to get it. You need to travel to the Plguelands version of the Breach, an area of the Cosmodrome. Jump up the gangplank into the Ketch a big Fallen ship and search the back right corner for a chest.

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This is only accessible in Plaguelands patrol mode. Speak to Shiro at the Iron Temple Shiro will give you a fetch quest. Speak to Shiro at the Iron Temple Shiro will give you one last mission. Complete the mission A Khvostov Rising This mission involves a boss fight against a spruced-up Splicer Captain, so bring plenty of ammo and some good gear.