Manual Cognitive Development in Chimpanzees

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It revealed that humans and chimpanzees show similar development until 3 months of age.

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However, chimpanzees have a unique type of social learning that lacks the social reference observed in human children. Moreover, chimpanzees have unique immediate short-term memory capabilities. Taken together, this paper presents a plausible evolutionary scenario for the uniquely human characteristics of cognition.

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Didn't get the message? Add to My Bibliography. Using materials suggested by Uzgiris and Hunt, the male and female infants were tested on, object permanence, means-ends relations, operational causality, and object relations.

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By way of a profile analysis, the sensorimotor abilities of the chimpanzee infants were compared to each other, and bore a striking similarity to published findings on human infants. Furthermore, as the early experiences of the chimpanzee more closcly approximated those of the human infant, the similarities became more apparent.

Comparative Developmental Psychology: How is Human Cognitive Development Unique?

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