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If it hadn't been for the interference of our hero, he would have shot her through the heart. When hearing of this, Martine suddenly can walk again. The next part is about the court hearings. There is no proof but he is saved when the village priest finally admits the accident that almost killed him was caused by Terka's scaring his horse. The priest's role is very strange. Earlier on in the book he publicly sent Terka away when she wanted to attend a church service! His accident was supposedly an act of revenge by Terka. The only proof is his word against hers, which apparently is sufficient.

I kept hoping for some twist near the end. This could have been done so easily, but nothing happened. While in the hospital Terka asked Juliet to visit her. She had always been kind to Juliet and called her an angel. She once laid the tarot cards for her and warned her to stay away from the inn and leave the village. Now she wanted to give Juliet a precious ring that would protect her from all evil. Great, I thought, Juliet will wear the ring and be saved while the village is crushed under the mountain.

Juliet refused the ring, even insulted Terka and left the hospital. So the book didn't fulfill its promise in any way. It was a very slow read, though beautifully written. Vicki Parsons rated it really liked it Dec 30, Linda Chrisman rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Catbr rated it liked it Oct 13, Joanne rated it it was ok Jul 01, Linda Klager rated it liked it Mar 29, Anne rated it liked it Apr 09, Mary Prayne rated it it was amazing Mar 14, Vena rated it really liked it Feb 23, Vena rated it liked it Apr 18, Oolookitty rated it it was ok Jun 08, Clark rated it liked it Feb 25, Nancy Hedberg rated it really liked it Aug 23, Robert Dunbar rated it liked it Mar 26, Deborah rated it really liked it Dec 23, Retroredux added it Apr 26, Susan marked it as to-read Feb 27, Jennifer marked it as to-read May 29, Cathyb marked it as to-read Mar 10, Deb marked it as to-read Jul 11, Lb marked it as to-read Nov 20, Kelsey marked it as to-read Feb 05, Bhumika marked it as to-read Aug 27, Nikkie marked it as to-read Nov 23, Ricky Badon marked it as to-read Jun 18, Jeremy marked it as to-read Jun 20, Betty marked it as to-read Dec 02, Becky marked it as to-read Dec 14, Gina added it Dec 29, Gretchen Leavenworth-keenberg marked it as to-read Jan 05, Dana Taylor added it Jan 30, Mermarie marked it as to-read Feb 09, Sue marked it as to-read Oct 11, Darcie Maldonado marked it as to-read Oct 24, Jaimie marked it as to-read Oct 31, Sheri marked it as to-read Feb 28, Marian marked it as to-read Mar 23, Bonnie Seiwell marked it as to-read Mar 24, Cambria marked it as to-read Mar 24, Violet marked it as to-read May 24, Monique marked it as to-read Aug 26, Peggy added it Nov 30, HarrietVane marked it as to-read Jan 04, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Dorothy Macardle was born in Dundalk, Ireland in into a wealthy brewing family, famous for their Macardle's Ale, and was raised Roman Catholic. She received her secondary education in Alexandra College, Dublin — a school under the management of the Church of Ireland — and later attended University College, Dublin. Upon graduating, she returned to teach English at Alexandra. Macardle was a memb Dorothy Macardle was born in Dundalk, Ireland in into a wealthy brewing family, famous for their Macardle's Ale, and was raised Roman Catholic.

Macardle was a member of the Gaelic League and later joined Cumann na mBan in In during the War of Independence , Macardle was arrested by the RIC while teaching at Alexandra; she was eventually dismissed in , towards the latter end of the Irish Civil War, because of her anti-Treatyite sympathies and activities.

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She was imprisoned by the fledgling Free State government in , during the Civil War, and served time in both Mountjoy and Kilmainham Gaols. While working as a journalist with the League of Nations in the s she acquired a considerable affinity with the plight of pre-war Czechoslovakia. Consequently she differed with official Irish government policy on the threat of Nazism, Irish neutrality during World War II, compulsory Irish language teaching in schools, and deplored what she saw as the reduced status of women in the Constitution of Ireland.

Macardle recounted her Civil War experiences in Earthbound: Nine Stories of Ireland Macardle became a playwright in the next two decades.

In her dramatic writing she used the pseudonym Margaret Callan. View all 6 comments. Dec 31, Rachel- Goodbye Borders rated it really liked it Shelves: Originally wasn't sure about this one because of the compulsion Charlotte was under. I needn't have worried. I thought Charlotte a strong, capable character and a good match for Kieran. I like that while each book is about different couples getting their HEAs, there is also an underlying story line that ties all the books together in this case ultimately freeing the fae trapped in Piefferburg.

And boy, with that story line, things are heating up. There is a bit of a cliff hanger ending, book 4 Originally wasn't sure about this one because of the compulsion Charlotte was under. There is a bit of a cliff hanger ending, book 4 had better wrap everything up.

Mar 14, Marq ReadingRomanceinColor rated it it was amazing. The Dark Magick series is a series that gets better with each book. Dark Enchantment is the 3rd book of the series and it is the best book of the series thus far. Charlotte Bennett is a human whose father hates the Fae. Some of his prejudices have rubbed off on her but not completely. She has preconceived notions of the ugly, non-human looking fae. Charlotte suffers from nightmares that she has had since a child.

When a strange, sexy man starts visiting Charlotte in her dreams, she is compelled to follow his orders which lead her to the city of Piefferberg. Kiernan is a Dream Wraith. He forges a bond with Charlotte through her dreams and uses his gift to compel her to do his bidding and travel to Piefferberg. The Unseelie need the 3rd piece of the bosca fadbh and they think that Charlotte can help them find it.

Dark Enchantment grabbed me from page one and did not let me go. Her reaction when she came face to face with Kiernan was hilarious. Any woman brave enough to punch an Unseelie in the face has balls. Her eyes are opened to the fact that the Fae are no different from humans. Each species have its bad side and good side. It is obvious that the attraction is mutual thanks to the steamy hot sex dreams Charlotte had thanks to Kiernan.

They both have prejudices of the other that they have to get over before they can truly work together and trust each other. Oh, and Kiernan has a nasty little curse where if he falls in love with someone and that person returns his love, they will both die. The side characters from the first two books continue to play an integral role in this series. Niall is awesome and I am so excited that his book is next. Aerick and Emmaline are happily married. And Brother Gideon is still creepy as ever. We get a brief look into his past and discover why he is such a sicko.

From start to finish, I was engrossed in the story. I hated that the book had to end. This book can be read as a stand alone but I suggest you read the first two books of the series, Wicked Enchantment and Cruel Enchantment. Although each character has their own story and Anya Bast does an excellent job recapping what happened in the previous books, I think to get the whole picture, read books 1 and 2 first.

Jul 29, Book Binge rated it really liked it. Charlotte is drawn by compulsion to Piefferberg, the containment area that the Fae live in. That happens when Unseelie Fae, Kieran, uses his magic to try to save his people. Though Charlotte is pissed off at Kieran for being dragged into the whole situation — because she loathes and fears the Fae — she has to depend on him for her safety and protection.

Though she first dressed as a dowdy woman there was an incredible body under all of those dark colors. Kieran also discovers that Charlotte has an incredibly strong spirit and is more open-minded than he believed. He is cursed to never know love and if he does fall in love then he will die. If he is loved in return then that woman will die also.

Sometimes, though, life happens despite the curses and then the consequences have to be faced. This is the third book in the Dark Magick series and it was a good one. She always shows us all three worlds and I love how they all come together to make a great story. Of course I knew from the get go that Kieran and Charlotte were going to fall in love because, ya know, he was cursed to not know it and this was a romance so it was logical that it would happen anyway.

How they were going to break it, IF they were going to break it and how exactly they were going to deal with not only falling in love with each other but knowing that because of their love they were now going to die. It was well done and I really enjoyed the whole situation. Parts were very happy and light and others very sad and emotional and I loved having that in story.

Jun 12, Lauren rated it really liked it Shelves: The fae are searching for the third and final piece of the bosca fadbh, which once opened can release them from imprisonment. However, only one person knows the location of the elusive piece, a human named Charlotte Bennett, but this information is hidden deep within her bloodline and can only be accessed by the dark magick wielded by Kiernan Aimhrea and the other Unseelie fae.

This is the most romantic of the three books so far but the least action packed Dark Enchantment 4.

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This is the most romantic of the three books so far but the least action packed. The plot continues where the last book left off, however, this time, the heroine is not a member of the fae, in fact, she associates them with the most traumatic event of her life and the manner in which she overcomes her ingrained fear makes for a captivating read. Charlotte and Kieran are an endearing couple who fall slowly and deeply in love, although their relationship lacks the intense chemistry and emotion that characterized Emmaline and Aeric in Cruel Enchantment.

The curse is an interesting plot device that adds tension to the romance, and Bast is such an adept storyteller that it never feels contrived. I really enjoyed the way in which this obstacle is resolved. The characters are another positive element in the book. Kiernan is gorgeous and sexy but is also quite tortured another favorite theme of mine. In addition, I also appreciated the extra information provided concerning the villain in the series. Even though he has always been obnoxious and threatening, now readers receive insight into the underlying causes of his hatred for the fae, and I must say that while his motivation is not exactly original, it is consistent with his personality and adds another dimension to his psychological makeup.

Dark Enchantment is a wonderful read and now that the war between the Phaendir and the fae is coming to a head, I am seriously looking forward to finding out what happens. Once again, I'm sucked into this world.

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I have to give Ms. Bast props for writing a story that captures my attention and I want to know where we are going. Piefferburg is becoming more clear to me as we receive each new book. It's nice to learn a bit more about the world each time. What I also enjoy in a series, is showcasing a previous secondary character as the new main character and developing this new character into some I care about. In Dark Enchantment, I felt sorry for Kieran. His life ha Once again, I'm sucked into this world. His life has not been easy. To have a twin and experience all the dark sides of the twin is torture.

Then to pain for your twin's crime through the sacrifice of your own life and that of your soul mate, I call foul. This isn't fair, but no one said life was to be fair. Bast designed her story this way. This conflict enhances my enjoyment. I did like Charlotte and her past. While it was a surprise for her, it was no surprise for me. How else would it make sense? Her response to the betrayal is what made it good for me.

Charlotte didn't rail and scream "I have Daddy issues". It helped heal her in someways and let her move on. I did feel badly for her not to be able to resolve this with her father and once again, her response to this set back is admirable. I am also quite pleased with the reveal regarding the free fae. This was a twist that didn't occur for me and I liked it. The involvement of the three sisters was a bit depressing though. Once the connection was made, it made sense and brought on a whole new set of angst.

Having two sisters myself, it makes a bigger impact on me than others who don't have sisters. I guess what I've learned in this latest book is, when the fae aren't kept in check by the Wild Hunt, they are monsters. I recommend this book to paranormal lovers who enjoy smexy relationship as well as a decent plot. This book was more plot than sex this time. Apr 06, FV Angela rated it it was amazing Shelves: This series gets better and better with every book.

I can't believe we have to wait until next January for the next installment to come out.

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Jun 03, TinaMarie rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Kieran invades Charlotte's dreams to force her to come to him. Her blood has the memories of where the final piece of the bosca fadbh.

Dark Enchantment

She was raised to fear and hate the fae and the last thing she wants to do is head to Piefferburg. While this is going on there are Fae on the outside doing everything they can including working with the Phaedir to stop them. Kieran is cursed should he ever fall in love to die and be taken by the Slaugh. Okay read but I'm ready for this storyline to finish. Oct 30, Hollie rated it really liked it. Really enjoyed this book. Dark Enchantment is book 3 of the Dark Magick series, I love this series.

The universe is awesome, the fae and the magick, all is perfect, really.

Secession - A Dark Enchantment [Full Album]

His curse prevents him to fall in love. If he was to love someone, and that someone was to love him back, they would both die. But Kieran has other projects for her. A long time ago they were living among the humans, in peace, but some people did not like them: So, there was a big war and with that war came a disease who killed lots of fae and since they were very weak, the Phaendir were able to imprisoned them with magick in a sort of dome.

Obviously, they want to destroy those walls and the magick, they want to be free and not kept in Piefferburg. To do so, they need the three pieces of the bosca fadbh, a puzzle who, basically, is the key to the Book of Bindings, this book contains the spell that can break the warding around Piefferburg. At the beginning I really wanted to throttle Kieran and the other characters from book 1 and 2, even if I love them. Fortunately, after some time, my need to throttle them stopped. Kieran became less hostile toward her and Charlotte started to understand the reasons of her kidnapping.

Together, they were so cute.

Lots of things happens, and then bam. They ultimately fall in love. Their love was profound and perfect. Charlotte broke my heart, I cried with her and my heart broke with her. Anya succeeded in writing a great book with a surprising and great ending! Feb 15, Coucher de soleil rated it it was ok Shelves: I was somewhat disappointed in this one.

It was a bit of an improvement over book 2 in this series see my review of book 2 for more details , but I was rather disappointed in that there did not appear to me to be any real effort on the part of the author to really flesh out the details of this universe beyond what had been established in book 1 see my review of book 1. As for the first book in this series, I felt as though this novel had dual personalities, in that it was as if there was a 3-s I was somewhat disappointed in this one.

I did like the two main characters, Kieran and Charlotte, who all in all were not bad people. They also had at least one point in common, in that they had difficult pasts. The story did detail or flesh out some elements which had felt as though they had been almost randomly inserted into the previous book, namely the aspects relating to the 'evil fae' who did not want the imprisoned fae to be freed.

The plot did move along at a good pace and I was interested in finding out whether or not the fae imprisoned in Piefferburg would manage to obtain the final piece of the magical device needed to free them. These two characters were never shown to have a great deal in common. This left me with several questions, namely: Given the richness of mythology, legends, and folk tales from the myriad other cultures of this world, I find this detail a bit sloppy as regards the worldbuilding.

How is it linked to the fae's imprisonment? And how is it that the Phaendir did not have it in their possession since they are the ones responsible for the fae's imprisonment? How closely are they related to humans? I could come up with more questions, but I think these illustrate what I am trying to say. So all in all, this was an acceptable but not outstanding 3 star urban fantasy adventure merged with a 1 star romance. Average of 2 stars Mar 06, Serena rated it liked it.

Dark Enchantment, Rank 12

Still an enjoyable read but story too formulaic with other books in series. Predictable what would happen and I didn't get connected to characters as much. Will still read series, but rating went down for me. Dec 24, Joy rated it it was amazing. Since Kieran, an Unseelie fae cannot leave Piefferburg, a containment area forced on the fae population by humans, he must do what is necessary to bring the human woman to him.

At their first meeting Charlotte enraged at her puppet master shocks Kieran by socking him in the mouth. Curious despite herself Charlotte makes a deal, her memories for her freedom. The charmed spell surrounding the third piece can only be released by a human who is dying for the love of a fae. No chance of that right? As the story evolves Charlotte learns some unwelcome truths about herself and her father as well as fighting a growing attraction for a man who is so much more than he seems.

Never in her once orderly existence could she have envisaged becoming so pivotal to the freedom of a people she once believed were monsters to be avoided at all costs. Even in this Charlotte will learn a truth about herself. Gripping, interesting, riveting reading. Ms Banks should you ever read this I'm so glad the word 'pet' was replaced with 'stroked. Mar 31, Bookaholics rated it really liked it.

This series has bit of the edgy feel of an urban fantasy but is definitely a romance at heart. In this series powerful magic users including the deadly fae have been locked up the city of Piefferburg by the fearful human government. But that may all be about to change Charlotte Bennett is a human who has been having disturbing and erotic dreams about a man too beautiful for words. But what she doesn't know is that this man is real. He is a dangerous fae named Kieran that has used his magic to form a connection to Charlotte in order to compel her visit the treacherous city of Piefferburg.

For Charlotte is unknowingly the key to finding the last magical artifact that is the essential to finally freeing the inhabitants of Piefferburg.

Dark Enchantment by Dorothy Macardle

This is because an ancestor of Charlotte's holds the clues to finding the artifact and the fae feel by delving into Charlotte's past and her ancestor's memories they can find where the last artifact is buried. But it also opens memories of death of Charlotte's mother. But Charlotte comes from a background prejudiced against the fae. She has dark nightmares of the fae and her father is a leader in coalition against them. If she wasn't compelled to obey Keiran she would prefer the fae stay locked up. But as Charlotte enters the city of Piefferburg her compulsion wanes and Charlotte soon surprises Kieran with her independence and sass.

Although she fears him she refuses to be intimidated. For Keiran is an Unseelie. They are known for their dark and deadly powers. Keiran is quickly intrigued by Charlotte and the erotic dreams they share haunt him. Even though he has disdained humans before. And Charlotte can't help thinking of him. The compulsion Keiran used to bring Charlotte to Piefferburg has backfired on them both. For it is usually used to find a mate and it seems to be affecting them both!

But any love between them would be foolish. Especially because Kieran is under a deep curse. If he ever falls in love he and his love will dies a horrible and painful death. This book was a spell-binding read because it has a curse which makes any love between the main characters tragic and tension-filled. I loved the angst between them as both do not want to care for each other but find they cannot help themselves. I liked Charlotte's courage, and cheered her on when she first meets Kieran and punches him in the face for using magic her! Lovers of dark fantasy will enjoy this book but because characters from previous book return and the world is rather complex it would probably be best to have read at least one of the prior books before starting this one.

And edgy world, a curse love and fantastic main characters make this a thrilling book. Apr 08, Juju rated it it was amazing. I have made it no secret that I think Anya Bast's Dark Magic series is one of the best new series out there. These books are interesting and a new take on the Fae genre where the Fae are known to the human world, not only do they face their own prejudices, Seelie vs Unseelie but they are imprisoned together in Piefferburg, subjected to monitoring and attack from their enemy the Phaendir al I have made it no secret that I think Anya Bast's Dark Magic series is one of the best new series out there.

These books are interesting and a new take on the Fae genre where the Fae are known to the human world, not only do they face their own prejudices, Seelie vs Unseelie but they are imprisoned together in Piefferburg, subjected to monitoring and attack from their enemy the Phaendir all whist being filmed for the reality show Faemous.

It is to me a fascinating take on the traditional myth one which incorporates modern society and its obsession with reality TV. The first two books were great and this is another fabulous installment. We got to know Kieran a bit more in Cruel Enchantment but in Dark Enchantment we find the softer side behind the gruffness and begin to understand his family history. He is really very unique in the fae world and at times we do wonder if and how he will ever begin to overcome the curse falsely laid upon him.

He is gruff and irreverent and downright sexy. His relationship with Charlotte does not get off on the right foot, they have no reason to trust each other and Charlotte is pulled to him through the erotic dreams they shared. Charlotte's family has it's own secrets, secrets which are held even from her and when shown to the light of day threaten everything she has ever known, including her safety. Both Kieran and Charlotte are likeable characters, you want things to work out, even if the Gods are against them, you feel the heat coming off them and as usual this story as more twists and turns than a monkey puzzle tree.

We are reunited with many of the faces from the previous books and throughout it all we again get a more fleshed out vision of the fae world, we also get to meet the Goblins in more detail and learn about their past. When we hear about what happened t the Faemous film crew when they went into the black tower I laughed out loud, in fact this book made me frequently laugh, hold my breath, long for success and grip the book so tight I almost crumpled it! Selfish of me I know. Naill's book is next and I can't wait for it to come out.

I know this isn't the most indepth of reviews but all I can say is, if you want to take one series on holiday with you, take this, it is the perfect holiday read, it has it all! A hot summer read, I give this book 5 frilly knickers out of 5! May 28, Dragonwolf Feller rated it really liked it. One reason I like this series is that each book is focused on a different character. You should still technically read them in order since certain parts refer back to others, but you don't need to in order to enjoy the book. This time we join Charlotte a human and Kieran a fae in search of the third and final piece of the bosca fadbh.

It didn't exactly start this way for Charlotte though. It started as a very "intense" dream where she had lots of pleasure from whom we eventually learn is Kieran. But the difference in this dream is that she actually ended up bound to him, she just didn't know it. For Kieran, it was a last desperate attempt to eventually find that third piece since he was trapped in Piefferburg.

Something else is that he's a member of the Unseelie black Court of the fae. That's the court where you'll find the not so happy-go-lucky fae. With the bond that he makes, Kieran is able to basically force Charlotte to come to the city against her will. She is told what to say, how to act, to get in to the city. This is when she is finally taken to him and greats him with a giant punch to the face. What needs to happen is that another fae needs to travel through her thoughts and memories and down her maternal line to find out where the last piece is and how to get it. But along the way she also discovers a number of truths that were completely opposite of what her father made her believe.

Not only did this help break through some walls that made her fear them, but Kieran took her to a number of places as well to try and settle her feelings. Unfortunately, one of those feelings neither of them expected to have later on was love But it's the type of love that was needed to make it happen. In a race between Charlotte and the Phaendir Archdirector to get that last piece, comes more revelations between her and Kieran.