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I'd like to know if it decreases main attributes, being overcapped. It is useful to learn more about them and about their domain. Can't say its a good thing, but to get it the story does warn you advance. Does anyone have an echo of the "daring" choice near the end? I took the "subtle" route and I'm curious as to what happens and whether it affects your options. Publisher of The Flit Dispatch. For an individual who's currently at a crossroads in the Wars of Illusion main storyline particularly, whether to serve as a double agent for the Glass or the Shroud , would it be better to play this story or conclude the 'Embroiled in the wars of Illusion' one first?

SyFy’s The Magicians Delivers a Very Sexy Episode

Or should one continue the latter up to a certain point and then play The Magician's Dream? If the answer depends on, say, whether one's top priority is knowing best which decisions to make vs. Spoilers optimally avoided, especially major ones, but I'm not averse to reading spoilers if it's key to making the decision. An austere but eccentric prodigious polymath who specialises in sticking their nose where it has never belonged.

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Or is my game bugged? I don't know how I feel about Exceptional Stories being so blatant about some of Fallen London's greater mysteries.

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They are very up front about some big time spoiler stuff that is normally hidden behind the high level Shadowy stuff at Mahogany Hall. I appreciate giving extra story for those of us who have completed the Wars of Illusion story, but I can imagine this whole plot will be ''exceptionally'' confusing to new players. This was the most agonizing choice that I've had to make ever since I've waltzed with the Duke and his daughter. What a perfectly devious trap.

Profile , Story , Ending Passion: Usually it is confusing enough you need the Wiki to make sense of what you played so I am not sure I am unhappy they threw us an easy one for once. On another note, I think the quality it unlocks is common for both endings and will come back I will indulge in some Nightmares and try to find out.

How to Analyze Our Dream of Magic

I don't know whether still being active in both factions will have any material effect on the story, but I can say that if one is unsure which side to support or betray due to a confusion about what is really going on, this story will provide insight that may aid that decision. Yes, I've echoed it.

Doesn't look like kicking and screaming makes a narrative difference. I really enjoyed this story. Writing was excellent, really vivid descriptions and most of the "This matters" choices were agony. Aaaaaaaaaand now I wait to find out badly that bargain is going to affect me. Anyone who might know what happens if you let the girl be possessed?

Ok, so I got a forced event while drawing cards to fulfull the bargain I made and [spoiler]I got some nightmares and a tale of terror. Pretty underwhelming I would say.. I don't see it on your profile; I'm talking about: Penny talks to Quentin, who is dressed like Indiana Jones in this fantasy, and discovers that while six hours have passed for him, six weeks have passed back at Brakebills.

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When they arrive, the Quinn house is in full-on Roman orgy mode, literally. Just really, really high.

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Turns out, she has. She heads to the apartment of someone she had a fling with, and he has a non-speaking golem version of Margot on hand. Meanwhile Penny is still trying to escape from the Neitherlands, and has discovered a vast library beneath the fountains. Back with Julia, she and Kady have mended the fences, and have begun crash-learning twelve new magical spells to help with the group effort. I mean, they really get down.