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I used it to play Netflix through the Xbox cause I'm cheap, and could avoid paying for Xbox Live. At one point we had a full Windows 7 MC server and 4 Xbox clients in the house. Cable companies still haven't caught up. Microsoft had a good product at the time, especially if they would have added a few more waves. There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. It was easily head and shoulder better than any other DVR out there. I had the same situation with my Beloved once upon a time, and when I think about it its actually amassing how much she has learned in the past 15 years.

The secret is, or what I did eventually after failing and being a total dick answer questions like a friend instead of instructing like a dick , and everyone needs to remember there is nothing you cant fix, worst case scenario you get the joy of buildin a new rig to replace the brick. I'm not saying anything in particular about you or your situation, I just wanted to give some respect the my lady love, of all the "Normals" I know she is the most respectful and appreciative of the technology, and I think that's pretty cool!

It's a shame to see it go. I have been using it for years and currently use it on 8.

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It's really easy to use, as mentioned. Even my dad, who can't even figure out how to reboot a PC without help, can use it to watch TV. For now, I'm just going to have to stick with the current solution. I've seen loads of usb-tv dongles that dont come with software it's just assumed you will use media-center.

Those just require device drivers, and Microsoft isn't going to stop manufacturers from supporting nay hardware on their platform. Now, will you have drivers out of the box? Now I'll have to keep those PCs as Win7 and look into another solution for the Premium channels on me and wife's main gaming PCs as those will need to be upgraded to Win10 for DX12 for sure. I am going to have to look at the Kickstarter program, but there's still too many question marks and holes in support.

Main thing for me is iOS is still a stretch goal. I suspect the reason it was dropped was because there was a lot of baggage from old media center. If you wanted to use it as a dvr, it would need to support the old ms-dvr file format unless they dropped legacy support for old tuners and that used the old mpeg2 format which I believe requires a license, thus the high price for all DVD player applications or move to another codec that's already bundled with Windows, which would mean different hardware. If you add in the whole cablecard fiasco, on-demand streaming, and you see that WMC as a product is kind of dead.

Now I just stream like everyone else. I think the media center interface was really for people that ONLY wanted to use a remote and nothing more We've reached a middle ground.

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Kodi is good but not quiet as good as WMC. It would be great if MS gave the source code away to allow it to continue afterwards. But in meantime I will not be updating from W8. I still have four Windows 8. In fact they will stay on 8. Its obvious that Microsoft planned for the Xbone to take over the living room. It never happened, and never will. It might be possible to use the Windows 8.

I don't know how long that would last, though.

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Started planning my first HTPC build a couple of weeks ago so thank you for posting this. Not really sure if I want to use something that won't be getting any updates so will start looking at other options. Do people like Kodi? Sign in to vote. It still does not work. What should I do?

Monday, July 3, 3: Monday, November 19, 7: Hi This could be that a codec neded to play the file is not installed on the system. Sunday, July 9, 4: Weird problem, but I still can't play any video files on Windows Media Center. Monday, July 10, 2: Thursday, November 23, 6: Please install or upgrade my window media so i can see video. Thursday, November 23, 8: Try to move your system date before 31 October and have a try. Friday, November 24, 3: Your not the only one with this problem Doc! So does anyone know what is going on?

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Monday, November 27, 4: Friday, December 1, 2: Do you know if this is something that MS is working to correct or is there something on my system messing things up? I bought it specifically for the media center to watch DVD's and that magically stopped functioning on Dec 1. I don't know how this forum works but if you have any further info you wouldn't mind sharing my email is wolf42f at yahoo. Saturday, December 2, 7: I am having exactly the same problem too! Sunday, December 3, 9: That's the reason you are getting this error message and the reason Media Center works just fine if you roll your system clock back to an earlier date.

I've not come across a solution other than waiting for the RTM version to hit the store shelves the end of this month. I've read that the RTM version includes a codec that doesn't expire. Saturday, January 6, 1: My hardware for your infor: Thursday, January 18, 2: Monday, September 17, 5: Someone please let me know what to do?

Monday, November 19, 4: Digital Media Tech that didn't help.

The Death of Media Center & What Might Have Been

I'm still looking for a solution for this. Saturday, December 8, This may help you, at first i was not having problem with using most of the video and Internet TV. Then i had to move and i had to save most of my files to my hard drive and when i did that for some reason the Windows Media Center would not work. I when to a Tech center and they said that i didn't have any thing wrong with it and that very thing work fine, but when i went back home the Windows Media Center didn't work.

So i took my other hard drive out and was going to up grade my music, the reason was that i but more music on my hard drive. In my opinion i think if you move all of your videos and picture videos that you made to another folder other then My picture , My Videos, My Music, or My documents then it should work.

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Or you can do what i did and my another drive and put all of your v ideos and Music on it. Tuesday, January 8, 3: Friday, February 8, 6: The same problem happened to me some random day media player and media center just decided to stop playing DVDs and tells me that there is a DVD error while the DVD plays fine in other players I wish we could just reset media center or update its mpeg 2 drivers. Thursday, March 20, 3: I just reformatted my hard drive on a dell inspiron and now Media Center doesn't work.

Also, media player has a hard time keeping up with movie files. It is fine if I don't display it in full screen, but once I go into full screen it gets really jerky. After reformatting my graphics rating in the windows experience index has dropped from somewhere around 3. Once you agree to the terms you will be able to install the Netflix application for Windows Media Player. I have a Netflix account and this is one of my favorite features. Thanks for posting this. I never knew you could actually do this and because of this I just got a netflicks account. Tweets that mention Solution: