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Games are really out of the question as well. Not only that, but it has the Play Store built-in, so you have instant access to all of your purchased content. It actually adds an entry to your Google Play device list, masquerading as an Android device. The BlueStacks client will load up in a desktop window with different app categories like games, social, and so on.

How To install Android OS On Pc 2018

Clicking on an app or searching does something unexpected — it brings up the full Play Store client as rendered on tablets. In fact, you can install a third-party launcher like Nova or Apex from the Play Store and set it as the default. The main screen in BlueStacks with the app categories is just a custom home screen, so replacing it makes BlueStacks feel almost like a regular Android device.

If your PC has a touch screen, you can still use apps and games that rely on more than one touch input. All the alterations the company made to get apps working on a PC can cause issues — some apps fail to run or crash unexpectedly. There are a few ports of Android that will run on desktop PCs, but not all systems will be able to run them properly.

Kaustav September 23, This is what I got in reply from them: Hi, Thanks for your interest in Genymotion! Best regards, Damien Genymotion Support Team. Chaitanya September 23, Luke Russell September 21, Chaitanya September 28, Keiko Mattock-Smith October 3, Chaitanya October 3, Droid 4x is a useful app player for me.

BlueStacks - Лучший Эмулятор Android для ПК

Martin Rubenstein October 5, Chaitanya October 5, Also Bluestack is a horrible app simulator. Loads of bugs, the apps closes by itself many times. Chaitanya October 31, TailsThe Fox November 14, Chaitanya November 18, Michael November 26, I just downloaded Bluestacks on my PC, it works as expected. Bhavin December 4, VCuts December 17, Chaitanya December 17, Chaitanya December 18, Rajesh January 13, Phoebe January 25, A Vistor January 26, Andy runs super slow on my Windows 8.

I am looking into Droid4X [V 0. Chaitanya January 26, I love Ami-duos its really faaast, full support , perfect for gaming , customizable. Vassilis Riganias February 2, Try Nox app player and amiduos there the best I have came across so far! Chaitanya February 19, Kris February 24, Are there android emulators that support bluetooth smart communication?

Atul June 14, Chala February 25, Raj February 28, Khuzi March 4, Phillip DeVilla March 6, World Boss1 March 30, Yashu April 2, Alur Lyrx April 4, Raj April 13, Anybody can tell me in which emulator i can use Xender. Aditya Gupta April 22, Marolloand May 7, Tristan May 23, Fashion Trend Terbaru June 3, Nell June 9, Chaitanya June 12, Dameon Huber June 11, Ankit Singh June 11, I2C June 24, I2C September 18, JustSaying July 14, Rae July 25, Asjad Ullah August 2, Surya Kamarajugadda September 12, Josh September 23, Jyotirmoy October 21, Is Xmarin good for windows 7?

Chaitanya October 21, Hi Jyotirmoy, will recommend you to go for droid 4x or bluestacks. Wiki November 6, Guy November 21, Huy Nguyen November 26, Peppermint December 19, Some Guy from Estonia December 6, Abu December 12, Nox is a useless piece of shit December 25, Deepak PK December 28, FullApkZ December 30, Suraj Sharma January 1, Please tell me how I install android apps in my Lumia window Adrian January 9, Vladimir January 12, Sarthak patel January 21, Thanks for sharing … I had installed Bluestacks but it had increased loading time of pc.

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Jacob Roy September 2, Sei Chele September 12, Com September 22, Great Article to read. Brandon November 1, Richard Ward November 10, K Rifat November 15, SoftCroco November 16, Among all of these Emulators, I think Bluestaks is the best choice. Rajendra Singh February 24, Droid4x March 1, Arslan Saleem March 5, I think BlueStacks 3 is best choice among all emulators out there. Bharath March 20, AndroidFan March 22, Kishan March 26, Shafras ThetechSky May 12, Johanandy May 15, Aneesh s May 23, TechDN May 26, PC June 10, Kemulator June 11, Kemulator is a Java simulator utility.

Do not know people do not know. Praveen Kumar Dubey June 17, Chaitanya, Will these Android Emulators work on Windows 10 64 bit? Sonam June 20, Karan June 22, Good to know about these top 7 Free Android Emulators.

Thanks for the suggestion. Kish July 2, Amazing android emulators list. Thanks for the suggestions. Faisal July 4, Digital Blog News July 13, Download Browser July 24, Apart from the user interface and performance, there are some options to further customize your Android emulation experience on PC.

This is a point where HandyAndy feature enters. This feature allows you to have a complete control over the operations and workings of the Andy emulator. You can use this feature to start, restart, quit, and customize your Andy experience. Overall, the Andy emulation software was easy to download, required zero setups, and performed smoothly without any issue. Andy is fully compatible with any computer that is running Microsoft Windows supported versions include Windows 7, 8, 8. You can download the full-featured version of this software for free from the official Andyroid website.

However, in case you are specifically looking for developers support then you will need to purchase an enterprise license. Otherwise, this software is not going to cost you a single penny.

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  • 1 – GenyMotion.
  • 2 – Nox App Player.

BlueStacks App Player is developed and produced by BlueStacks, a virtualization and mobile software technology company that was founded in and headquartered in America, who uses their patented Layercake technology to serve the users of App Player with a capability to run Android apps and games on their computer at full-screen size.

The software was originally designed to make it easier for the Windows and Mac OS users to virtualize the full Android experience on their computers large screen as well as to install, run, and operate apps that are originally designed for Android-based mobile devices. The BlueStacks website openly claims that their BlueStacks App Player is compatible with most of the apps available on the Google Play Store Android apps store and the software has been polished enough that it is now fully capable of running over ninety-six percent of those Android apps.

The website also claims that the software alone has been downloaded by more than million Windows and Mac computer users.


At the time of writing this article, BlueStacks is believed to be one of the best software and Android emulators according to the reviews and testimonials of users from all around the world. The reason behind all these claims, positive reviews, feedbacks, and support from the users is the hard work that has been done by all of the creators and developers in an attempt to make their software more effective and to add more features. Recently, during the end of , BlueStacks released the latest and the most up to date version of App Player i.

Furthermore, they have an awesome support team who is keen to help and guide the users.

Run Android Apps on Your Windows PC

So after evaluating all the reviews and testimonials by the existing users, I decided to try BlueStacks App Player just to see how it performs. The software is indeed free of cost and I was able to download the setup file from the official website without providing any of my personal details. The installation process was pretty straightforward, but the last phase of the installation did take quite a bit to successfully setup all of the required components on my computer.

Once installed, I was able to easily log in to my Google account and synchronize all of the services. Then I opted to install an app on the BlueStacks App Player to see how it performs while emulating an app. After playing this game for a while, I can conclude that performance wise the BlueStacks 2. The reason behind all these could be the newly released version with a completely overhauled user interface, which still requires some patches and bug fixes so that it can handle all the tasks flawlessly.

You can download the full-featured version of this software for free from the official BlueStacks website.

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In the conclusion, I can safely say that after installing all those emulators and trying each one of them individually, GenyMotion and Nox App Player are the best of all. However, GenyMotion does not have support for Google Play services, which might be the reason many will not like this software. But on the other hand, Nox App Player was the best performer, with great speeds, and did not lag for even a second. What is your opinion? Do you think we have reviewed them well? Please share your experience and feedback about running Android apps on your PC in the comments section below.

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