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She kept her eyes closed and raised the bow toward the sound, her stomach winning over her emotions. She cocked the arrow and pulled back the string. She smelled the faint scent of centaur and her eyes shot open. Standing right before her in the dark was a huge centaur. His body towered before her and she wondered how she could be so out of touch with her sensations that she had thought he was a helpless deer. Her heart thudded and for the first time she felt the taste of fear — her own fear — on her tongue.

Her arm weakened on the bowstring and her grip slackened some. He was staring at her through a royal purple mask that covered his eyes. His long oaken hair fell wild past his shoulders, which brought her attention to his bare chest. Strong, sturdy, muscles and sinew cording his chest and thick arms. A sight that left her in awe. She almost got caught up in the moment until her eyes settled on his lower half.

Huge brown legs — four of them — took a step closer and she found herself backing away. The tone shot a warning through her body that this creature may want more than her life since her father had thought to introduce breeding with a goddess into their clan. He reached out his hand and ran a finger across her cheek. She felt a shiver run down her spine and then the spark of the touch.

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It was warm and caring — an attribute she never thought a centaur would carry. According to Bitzer, Kairos is composed of exigence, audience, and constraints. Exigence is the inherent pressure to do something about a situation immediately, with the action required depending on the situation. The audience are the listeners who the rhetor is attempting to persuade.

Additionally, factors such as cultural background, previous social experiences, and current mood, can influence the capacity to see and understand the correct and opportune moment of action. There is no one word in today's English language that completely encompasses the definition of kairos, similar to that of Ethos , Logos , and Pathos. In his article "The Ethics of Argument: Rereading Kairos and Making Sense in a Timely Fashion," Michael Harker says, "Like the 'points' on the rhetorical triangle, the meaning of kairos is not definitive but rather a starting point for grasping the whole of an argument.

Various components of kairos are included in modern composition and have made profound effects on modern composition theory. Kairos' purpose in modern rhetoric is mostly focused on the placement of logos, pathos, and ethos. Kairos is used as a "starting point" in modern rhetoric. Kelly Pender's article "'Kairos' and the Subject of Expressive Discourse" states the inclusion of kairos within discourse "would try to shift the focus of personal writing from the writer's experiences and emotions to a broader perspective that explicitly concentrates on the rhetorical situation In the New Testament , "kairos" means "the appointed time in the purpose of God," the time when God acts e.

Jesus makes a distinction in John 7: In the context, they can go to Jerusalem any time they wish. For him, the kairoi are those crises in history see Christian existentialism which create an opportunity for, and indeed demand, an existential decision by the human subject - the coming of Christ being the prime example compare Karl Barth 's use of Geschichte as opposed to Historie. In the Kairos Document , an example of liberation theology in South Africa under apartheid , the term kairos is used to denote "the appointed time," "the crucial time" into which the document or text is spoken. Hippocrates is generally accepted as the father of medicine, but his contribution to the discourse of science is less discussed.

In A Rhetoric of Doing: Citing John Swales , the essay notes that the introduction sections of scientific research articles are nothing more than the construction of openings.

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This idea derives from the spacial aspect of kairos, or the creation of "an opening," which can be created by writers and discovered by readers. This opening is the opportune time, or kairos. Swales created what he called the "create a research space" model, wherein kairos, or an opening, was constructed.

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It consisted of four rhetorical moves. The third step is one where a gap in previous research is indicated, thus creating the need for more information.

Kyros' Secret

The writer constructs a need, and an opening. Because kairos emphasizes change, it is an important aspect of science. Not all scientific research can be presented at the same time or in the same way, but creating an opening makes it possible to construct the right time. This can easily be related back to Hippocrates statement that not every opening is an opportunity. Yet, in science, the message can be adapted in such a way that chronos becomes kairos. The idea can also be expressed in the words of Carolyn M. In addition, each text helps create a new kairos for texts that come after.

The historical context of the definition of kairos may make the concept appear outdated. However, the relevancy of kairos is at its peak as the world has rapidly transformed into a society dependent on digital technology. In order to recognize how kairos can be applied to online media and the challenges that occur as a result, a broad definition of the term is required. One definition makes the application of kairos to digital media easy to recognize, as it states kairos can be referred to as particular moment in which success is achieved when an opening is pursued with force.

The difficulty with modern rhetoric in the digital space is that the audience is less easily influenced by the rhetor. As such, it is difficult for rhetors to utilize kairos to the best of their abilities. Due to the nature of which modern audiences in the electronic age consume media, it is highly possible that they are multi-tasking, with their attention divided among multiple sources.

This difficulty is compounded with the fact that this audience can consume discourse at different times, in different places, and through varying mediums. As a result, the audience is able to assign encountered discourse at various levels of personal priority. With this, they are able to discern which discourse they think is vital or interesting, and discard those they deem trivial or unworthy of their attention. There are also multiple external factors that lead to the difficulty in using kairos in a modern setting.

Since computer hardware, software, and even the underlying operating system all differ between people, it is difficult for the orator to take account for every permutation possible.

Robert Graves The Greek Myths Part 1

In order to reach online audiences effectively, scholars suggest that context of the information's use, which includes considerations of legal, health-related, disciplinary, and political factors paired with smart rhetorical thinking can solve the issue of miscommunicated messages distributed on online forums. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the ancient conception of time and opportunity. For the Christian retreat, see Kairos retreat. For the Greek personification of opportunity, see Caerus.

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For other uses, see Kairos disambiguation. Kairos, Production, and Writing, p. University Press of America: Principles of Social Construction in Classical Rhetoric".

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Rethinking the place and Process of Rhetoric". College Composition and Communication.