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Repris dans Approches de l'imaginaire chap. Nouvelle Critique, Paris, Un essai de sociocritique, coll. Nouvelle Revue Critique, Paris, XI , Grasset, Paris, V - Lettres, Christian Bourgois, Paris, voir bibliographie anglaise, A Adams, Donald K. E Chimera, A Literary Quaterly, vol. F Gilbert, Michael F. I Landrum, Larry N. University Press, Carbondale, K Nevins, Francis M.

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Eine kulturpolitische Untersuchung, Leipzig, From the early days of D. Politics in Popular Movies analyzes the politics in many well-known films in four popular forms: The aims are to appreciate specific movies and their shared forms, to understand their many politics, and to provoke some rollicking conversations. The means are loosely related film takes that venture ambitious, playful, and engaging arguments on political styles encouraged by recent films.

Horizons of Cinema , , xi, pages. Being in Two Places at the Same Time: The Forgotten Geography of Rear-Projection: The Villain We Love: Notes on the Dramaturgy of Screen Evil: Cult Cinema and Its Unstable Trajectory: Jamie Sexton Part II. The Horn Blows at Midnight: Amateurishness and Bad Film Discourse: Viele behaupten, die modernen Medien seien schuld daran. Aber die besten Splatter-Stories stehen immer noch in der Bibel! Die Bibel erfasst all diese Genres und ist dazu noch unglaublich komisch, wenn man sie denn richtig liest.

Isabelle-Rachel Casta - Le polar contre la tyrannie: Les Origines du roman policier de Dorothy L. Erika Dupont - Meurtre dans le camp assyrien: Highlighting the works of notorious authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, and Raymond Chandler -- to name but a few -- he considers the role of the crime novel in modern popular culture and asks whether we can, and whether we should, consider crime fiction serious "literature".

A Comparative Approach, Berlin, et. Focusing on the United States and the Middle East, two regions entangled in multiple ways, this book draws attention to the fact that conspiracist visions are transnational narratives that travel between and connect different cultures. This volume examines a selection of stories where detectives are criminals and murderers, where criminals are heroes, or where crimes go unsolved.

These fascinating 'Shadows of Sherlock' showcase the often wholly overlooked formal and moral diversity of late-Victorian crime writing, forcing us to rethink our preconceptions about what the nineteenthcentury detective genre is and does. On vous pardonne, les mecs. C to A.

In Blood on the Stage, B. Milestone Plays of Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem: An Annotated Repertoire, Kabatchnik analyzes more than fifty bloodsplattered plays that have withstood the test of time. Kutch and Todd Herzog -- Place. Knittel -- "Der fall loest": Genre — Medien — Techniken, Bielefeld, transcript Verlag, , pages.

With varying political affiliations, their model has been adapted by authors such as Leif G. The first book of its kind about Swedish crime fiction, Swedish Cops is just as thrilling as the novels and films it analyses. Site internet de la revue avec, entre autres, de nombreux dossiers bibliographiques: Un dictionnaire des personnages?

Ken Follett wrote his first international bestseller, Eye of the Needle, when he was 25 years old. He has since been one of the most consistent international best-selling authors, with approximately million copies of his books sold worldwide. His manifold influences on the thriller genre includes the pioneering use of strong female characters in espionage stories and the development of the historical thriller as a new form of novel, exemplified by Winter of the World This is a book about assembling texts and textual networks, the writing machines that produce them, and the ways such machines invest them with meaning.

Et poser un diagnostic sans fard. Doch wer ist eigentlich Sherlock Holmes? Gibt es ein historisches Vorbild?

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Kann Sherlock Holmes irren? Dies Buch bleibt keine Antwort schuldig. Accompanying the landmark exhibition at the Museum of London, the first since , this book explores how Arthur Conan Doyle's creation of Sherlock Holmes has transcended literature and continues to attract audiences to this day. Authoritatively written by leading experts, headed by Sir David Cannadine, this thought-provoking companion sheds new light on the famous sleuth and reveals the truth behind the fiction, over years after the first Sherlock Holmes story was written.

From to author Robert van Gulick wrote 15 novels, two novellas and eight short stories featuring Judge Dee, a Chinese magistrate and detective from the Tang dynasty. In Homeland and Philosophy, twenty-five penetrating thinkers probe the fateful issues raised by the Homeland story. Are we free or brainwashed?

Are drone attacks terrorism? Can violence really be religious? How do we know who we really are? King, Christine D. Experimenting with the Mad Scientist Cheryl D. Scandinavian Mysteries, in Mystery Readers International, vol. Reviews by by Mitzi M. Roberts, Raill Taylor -- Crossword: Hand and Andrew Purssell introduce adaptation studies and its relation to Greene's works.

They present new and incisive readings of key texts, including the various screen versions of Brighton Rock, The End of the Affair and The Quiet American, among others, and offer a critical examination of the industries in which Greene functioned as author, screenwriter, film critic and cultural figure. Fernseh —und Gesellschaftsgeschichte im Tatort, Bielefeld, transcript Verlag, , pages.

Covering everything from popular fan favorites by the likes of Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento to lesserknown gems by Cesare Canevari, Massimo Dallamano and Paolo Cavara as well as the worst of the worst by the least inspired of hacks, this volume provides an in-depth examination of a genre that has too often been marginalized in other studies of the horror film and the thriller.

In addition to reviews of every giallo made between and , this two-part study of the giallo—with volume two covering onwards coming later in the year—is also lavishly illustrated with rare and colorful stills and poster art. Cold War Noir, R. Gender and Noir, Elisabeth Bronfen; 8. Merveilleux et science-fiction La science en fantasy et les merveilles de la science-fiction: Fiction linguistique ou linguistique-fiction?

Cloud Atlas de D. Mitchell et The Book of Dave de W. Le merveilleux et la mort. Lorsque le fantastique et la fantasy se rencontrent: Moving from the rich period of nineteenth-century fairy tales back as far as the earliest folk literature of northern Europe, Jan Beveridge shows how long these supernatural features have been a part of storytelling, with ancient tales, many from Celtic and Norse mythology, that offer glimpses into a remote era and a pre-Christian sensibility.

The earliest stories often show significant differences from what we might expect. Elves mingle with Norse gods, dwarfs belong to a proud clan of magician-smiths, and fairies are shape-shifters emerging from the hills and the sea mist. The World in Dis harmony: Between the Scylla of Estrangement and the Charybdis of Naturalisation: From Ideal Community to the Land of Cockayne: Dystopian Topography of Noise: Introduction — Andrew Milner: Snowpiercer and Necrofuturism — Carl Freedman: The Use and Abuse of Racial Counterfactuals: Misanthropy without Humanity — Jessica Langer: The Politics of World Building: Mapping the Future s of Science Fiction Criticism: Science Fiction and Ecology.

The Nature of Reality in Philip K. Post-Declaration and the Transatlantic White Empire 1. The US War on Terror: PostDeclaration and the Regional Predicament 2. Gendering Refugee Narratives of Terrorism 3. The Post-Declaration Nation-State 4. Caste Violence in India: Counterinsurgency Terror in Guatemala: DIEZ, Juan, et al. Wells' The island of Doctor Moreau -- Stranded contacts: William Gibson's Neuromancer and artificial intelligence -- Escaping one's self: From high profile franchises like Star Wars, Halo and the Marvel Cinematic Universe to far smaller, micro-budgeted indie projects, Harvey explores the ways in which fantastic storyworlds use novels, television shows, films, comic books, videogames, toys and user-generated content to extend and deepen audiences' experiences.

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These essays contribute to an assessment of the links between the grotesque, the gothic and the fantastic, and, more generally, the genres and aesthetic categories which the 19th-century grotesque fed on, like caricature, the macabre and tragicomedy. He was the caretaker": Return of the Repressed: Jahrhunderts ; von lebendigen Maschinen im Interrogating the place of the human through the nonhuman whether animal or mechanical leads this book to have interpretations that radically depart from the critical tradition, which, in its concerns with the socialization and representation of the child, has ignored larger epistemologies of humanness.

What exactly does it mean to be 'normal' or 'abnormal', and what happens if individuals find themselves on the 'wrong' side of the divide? Stephan Karschay addresses these questions through extensive readings of works by scientists such as Darwin, Lombroso, Maudsley, and Krafft-Ebing, and the most famous Gothic novels of R.

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Fantasy as Testimony Gary K. Writing and Unwriting the Unbearable Michael P. Truth and Memory Carol A. Tauris, , pages. Black and Brown Planets embarks on a timely exploration of the American obsession with color in its look at the sometimes contrary intersections of politics and race in science fiction. Barr, among others, explore science fiction worlds of possibility literature, television, and film , lifting blacks, Latin Americans, and indigenous peoples out from the background of this historically white genre. Fantastic Forms of Change, , Palgrave, Macmillan, , x, pages. Covering authors from Mercedes Lackey and Brandon Sanderson to Christopher Paolini and Stephenie Meyer, the author finds that it is the nature of tropes and the language used that make a fantasy story, for bad or good.

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From Faustus to Azatoth: Gothic Metalepsis and Ekphrastic Horror: Antonia and the Male Gaze. Imaging Femininity in M. Who's Afraid of Carmilla? Gender and Power — Sara Tavassoli: Body out of Human Bounds: The Old Gothic Monster vs. As Gothic As It Gets? Gothic Convention and the Aesthetics of Failure. Lettres , , pages. Ai lu ce commentaire enthousiaste sur Amazon.

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Les textes, dans des traductions nouvelles, se lisent avec bonheur. C'est aussi palpitant qu'un roman policier! While recent critical thinkers have reengaged with Utopia, the possibility of terror — whether state or non-state, external or homegrown — shadows Utopian imaginings. The essays in this volume look at a range of fantastic texts as tools for understanding, talking, and arguing about crime and justice.

Although crime and justice are not common terms in fantasy, their cognates such as right and wrong, good and evil, punishment and restoration are central to the many themes that inform these texts. This book is the first to offer a justice-focused cognitive reading of modern YA speculative fiction in its narrative and filmic forms. It links the expansion of YA speculative fiction in the 20th century with the emergence of human and civil rights movements, with the communitarian revolution in conceptualizations of justice, and with spectacular advances in cognitive sciences as applied to the examination of narrative fiction.

She places the contemporary literary vampire within the wider popular culture scope, also building critical connections with issues of fandom and readership. In reworking the formulaic elements of the vampiric tradition — and experimenting with genre-bending techniques — this book shows how authors such as J. Ward, Stephanie Meyers, Charlaine Harris, and Anne Rice have allowed vampires to be moulded into enigmatic figures who sustain a vivid conceptual debt to contemporary consumer and popular culture.

This book highlights the changes — conceptual, political and aesthetic — that vampires have undergone in the past decade, simultaneously addressing how these changes in "vampire identity" impact on the definition of the Gothic as a whole. Essays on Ideology and Gender in Fiction, Film,.

La Balance ; EXCELLENT POLAR film entier en français Nathalie Baye, Léotard, Berry

On the Persistence of Philip K. Between Scanner and Object: From Here to California: Dick without the Dick: The Hymn of Philip K. Stairway to Eleusis, or: Internet Memes and The Hobbit: Tolkien, Paris, Pocket, , pages. This book delves deeply into her body of work and traces her career in detail. Gender on the Disc; Jacob M. Plato, the Witch and the Cave: Millennium Hand and Shrimp: The Care of the Reaper Man: My earthly lot hath little of earth in it -Massachusetts: My days have been a dream. Although the classics get a deserved mention, the author concentrates mainly on the neglected lesser titles, many not seen for decades, giving them a much-needed public airing.

Readers will indulge in chapters devoted to: Key actors, companies, directors and composers! Comparisons between Japanese monster movies and their Americanized counterparts! Scarce, unseen American, British and foreign horror, sci-fi, fantasy features! A couple of out-and-out schlock classics! The Abominable Snowman in the s!

Neither a debunking book nor one written for the "true believer" in the paranormal, American Hauntings objectively scrutinizes the historic evidence behind such hugely popular films as The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror, An American Haunting, The Conjuring, and The Haunting in Connecticut to ascertain the accuracy of these entertainment depictions of these "true life" hauntings. The authors then compare these popular culture accounts against the alleged real-life encounters and impartially weigh the evidence to assess whether each incident actually took place.

Cyrino and Meredith E. The Limits of Human Knowledge: Orpheus in a Grey Flannel Suit: Arya, Katniss, and Merida: The Suspense Thriller's Pygmalion Complex: Savior of the Working Man: The Twilight of Olympus: Of Marketing and Men: John Cameron Mitchell's Aristophanic Cinema: Hedwig and the Angry Inch ; Lorenzo F. Dionysus Comes to Gotham: Dyson argues that science fiction and fantasy television creators share a fundamental kinship with great minds in international relations. Creators like Gene Roddenberry, George R. Martin, and Ronald D.

Moore are worldbuilders of no lesser creativity, Dyson argues, than theorists such as Woodrow Wilson, Kenneth Waltz, and Alexander Wendt. Each of these thinkers imagines a realm, specifies the rules of its operation, and by so doing seeks to teach us something about ourselves and how we interact with one another.

The Writing Dead features original interviews with the writers of today's most frightening and fascinating shows. The Transformation of Dr. Final Exams and Greek Tragedies: In The Paranormal and The Paranoid: The author traces the roots of the phenomenon in an earlier generation of series such as The Invaders, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, and Project U. This book delves deep into the internal mythology of shows such as The X-Files, resurrects now-forgotten series like Wild Palms and VR. Outi Hakola investigates the ways in which American living-dead films have addressed death through different narrative and rhetorical solutions during the twentieth century.

From early examples such as Star Trek and Sapphire and Steel to more contemporary shows including Life on Mars and The Vampire Diaries, time has frequently been used as a device to allow programme makers to experiment stylistically and challenge established ways of thinking.

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In what sense does torture porn respond to current events, and in what ways does it draw from much older tropes? How has torture porn been influenced by earlier horror film cycles, from slasher movies to J-horror? Paul, Space Helmet for a Cow: BFI Film Classics , , pages. Starting with the explosive Kiss Me Deadly, the book examines various apocalyptic scenarios and how each ties together through issues of displacement and amorality: Including a number of narratives belonging to film, literature, comics and video games, this book provides a comprehensive perspective of the genre.

It sheds light on the differences and similarities in the depiction of fear and horror in America and Japan, while emphasizing narrative patterns in the context of their respective cultures. This engaging collection of profiles introduces many of the actors behind the heroes, heroines, monsters and villains who have terrified and fascinated moviegoers around the world.

Predator , the profiles offer insight into how the actors prepared for and performed their roles. Longer essays explore the casts of renowned horror series, including Saw, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, providing a window into the world of horror filmmaking. This collection features critical articles that explore the role of the child character in post-apocalyptic cinema, including classic, recent, and international films, approached from a variety of theoretical, methodological, and cultural perspectives.

Hodapp; Frank Jacob; Cassandra L. The films covered include The Strange Case of Dr. Hyde, The Island of Dr. The studio also produced films in the adventure, comedy, fantasy, mystery and western genres. This volume covers these movies in detail with critical and historical analysis, in-depth plot synopsis and numerous contemporary reviews.

In Making and Remaking Horror in the s and s author David Roche takes up the assumption shared by many fans and scholars that original horror movies are more "disturbing," and thus better than the remakes. Containing seventy-eight black and white illustrations, the book is grounded in a close comparative analysis of the politics and aesthetics of four of the most significant independent American horror movies of the s--The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, Dawn of the Dead, and Halloween--and their twenty-first-century remakes. Author Adam Rockoff traces the highs and lows of the.

How have familiar tales such as 'Cinderella', 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Ali Baba' and 'Bluebeard' been redeployed in film? Why has the industry taken such a keen interest in reworking age-old stories? And are the 3D star vehicles currently being released necessarily the most interesting examples? Paying particular attention to less conspicuous adaptations in order to question exactly what constitutes a 'fairy tale film', Sue Short argues that some of the most significant revisions can be found where we least expect them.