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What's tha matter Colonel Sanders? It's all in fun.. I was still crapping my pants when i was three: P is he any good? Still have his demo with Ramen Pride's 2 year old..

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My friend has a three year old sister and boy is she dumb! I could get it implemented very well until i was playing quake for a while. Originally posted by SlackMaster: Why not expose him to some cyberporn to go with the violence? Totally fucking uncalled for.

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That was meant to be more sarcastic than this medium can make it look. What I was trying to say is that letting a 3 year old play a game in which people's heads are being shot off with sniper rifles is at least as bad as letting them see pornographic material. This is my opinion, and yes the original message was uncalled for and very vague. Yeah, and while he's stomping goombas in marioland, why not let the little guy peek up princess toadstool's knickers. A father showing porn to his three year old, and teaching him to be comfortable with human sexuality, is one of the BEST unorthodox ideas I've heard about child raising.

Anyone who gives their children the impression that their body, or the body of someone else is "wrong" is doing a great disservice. Children should be comfortable with the human form when they reach puberty, and should only be told "don't have sex" when they are old enough to understand what sex is. Heck, I was 19 before I could talk about masterbation or porn, even with my closest friends.

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I still can't talk to my parents about sex. Man, I think my worst fear as a teenager was having someone find out that I masterbated. I still have nightmares about it.

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Maybe this post belongs in a different forum It's going into an entirely new realm that, with the new moderation policies, will probably get it locked. Let's shuffle off to more Did this match-up ever happen? Will we see results of this battle? Bottom Feeder, that was one of the funniest posts that I've ever seen. Let me say this. I support my children in whatever they do. As long as it's legal.

If my 3 year old enjoys playing Quake3 or UT and shooting peoples head off in a digital world Let me tell you a story He doesn't like to play Halflife, for this reason. When he was playing halflife, and after he got through porting the Aliens in and all havoc was breaking loose.. You know the Cop that was on the ground and was administered CPR by a scientist?

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My friends are so angry because they don't know how I have all this high quality ebooks. And I still keep silent haha The are so many fake sites which said they have the book that I want like latest Harry Potter. This is the first that worked! Although the cartoons depict characters fully nude they are not pornographic. They were designed for the enjoyment of nudists but even non-nudists will find them funny. As long as readers don't find the nudity offensive they will laugh their pants off not literally, of course. Read more Read less.

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