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A writer needs to move through the world with all her senses open and collect the details. When you write a scene, think of every aspect: And then make choices. For instance, he could leave out the genealogy of the horses and the chapter about their dental records.

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Ernest Hemingway puts it like this in Death in the Afternoon:. In other words, first do the work. As the writer, you should know everything about your character. Convince the reader with the choices you make. This allows your prose room to breath and allows your reader room to get inside the story for herself. Hemingway has more good advice on writing prose in A Moveable Feast which I recently read on a train:. William Barrett says that for Hemingway,. Putting aside philosophical debates about the possibility of objective memory aside, the truth in fiction and even in much excellent non-fiction is more complex.

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Rather, as Satre suggests in Nausea, we live to narrate. Write concrete, lucid sentences with active verbs and start in the action. Allowing the scene to unfold within the story draws the reader in. We begin to know who Julian is and why he is anxious about the time. There is not an unnecessary word here.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Here's how I stopped seeing myself as a victim of an abusive therapist--and learned to trust myself more.

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Graham was privy to the secrets of the stars of Hollywood's Golden Age, but she had plenty of her own secrets. There was, in this country filled with beauty and grief, a kind of permission to feel my own sorrow for the past and hope for the future.

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Novelist Jessica Keener tells how she became comfortable with the unknown, and became more creative. I'm trying to dig deeper What I once labeled "a relationship" with my teacher was really sexual abuse.

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Literary tribes that include authors and readers are a great way to connect through books. The "Night Child" uncurled from a tight fetal position and emerged from the thick-skinned seed of personal narrative. I had tackled the layers of divorce, both legal and personal But I had never spent so much as a weekend alone in ten years, until the kids went to visit their dad. But every novel is a completely new animal.

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That makes it interesting. I just didn't know how to say it. A meditation on functional depression. Healing is the great gift we can give each other. In this age of emoji communication, why bother handwriting a letter? We write fiction and create characters to explore questions, and these questions are often uncertainties we have about ourselves.

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Janelle Brown's characters do everything that she is afraid of doing herself. Is fame and fortune really rewarding? The author of "A House Among the Trees" explores the perils of success. I used to love telling how my husband and I met. Read why I stopped telling that story. Back Find a Therapist.