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There is a genius in each of us. What is this capacity? What happens to us?

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Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind. The voice of internal judgement is the culprit. As I have stated earlier, fear is one of the worst enemies of success. They see success even before they start a project. Even if failures come their way, they just conquer.

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Even the successful people in the world face obstacles in life. Instead of residing on that failure, they initiate a different project so as to move forward. When a first project fails, a person may choose to give up. However, allowing a failure to change your goals is quite dangerous.

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Positive people do not allow the failure to bring negative thoughts and discouragement. When they fail on one thing, they create an alternative plan to continue striving for the best. Stay occupied by useful things. Positive people have always something useful to engage their minds. No idling, as this brings negative thoughts and depression.

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They always have scheduled for everything because they are used to developing themselves. If you observe their character even at work, it says it all. They do things at the time, in the manner, at the right place. Whether it is private affairs or relationships, they are ever proactive to achieve a successful day. Positive people understand the need to stay active in order to bring the desirable changes in their lives. They create the change they want through hard working and playing their roles smartly.

They find ways to create change to better their lives.

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They are flexible in life. Successful people do not dwell on past failures, they just forget about the past and focus their energies on the future. It is a waste of time and resources trying to recover from a failure. In her first year there, she had already made four pioneering discoveries.

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The advancements in science were exponential. We want to know the destination before we begin. Jane followed the spark of yes without knowing the destination. We may be afraid to ask ourselves what our Insistent Actions are. We always find a collection of Insistent Actions, as unique as a fingerprint. The Insistent Actions almost always have underused energy and creativity behind them. We all have that. We can trust that it will grow and coalesce. Jane shows us the extent to which Insistent Actions are, by their very nature, generative. They generate results, learning, and trying again.

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Jane shows us that we can risk devotion to our Native Genius without knowing exactly how to make it into something. The Insistent Actions themselves are a map we can trust that unfolds with each step.