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Doidge admits that neuroplasticity research is in its early stages, but so far it seems to indicate that mind and body are far more connected than we thought. Take visualization, for example, a fundamental part of the Bates Method. Bates would ask students to create a perfect image of a familiar object in their minds, before looking at that object.

If you do that, he theorized, your eyes relax, because your brain already has a perfect image of the object, and there is no need to strain it. Bates often made use of the ways in which the eyes are connected to the brain in his relaxation techniques.

Trying To See Things Without My Glasses

Doidge is convinced that Bates made a very valuable contribution to the way we look at the eye, he writes in his book. He also writes that he is concerned about how children today are learning to use their eyes, and especially the amount of time they are spending peering at screens. Ironically enough, various computer games are being developed to improve eyesight and train the brain, and they make use of the concept of neuroplasticity. Relaxation clears up those letters better than strain does. In the past year, she followed a course in natural vision at the College of Vision Education in London.

We are looking at the Snellen visual chart—the classic eye test—from 6 meters 20 feet away. With my contact lenses in, I can read practically the whole chart. Only the last line is difficult. Van der Hoeven concludes that with contacts in, I can read from 6 meters what a person with healthy eyes can read from 4 meters. This happens often, says Van der Hoeven.

Seeing Without Glasses: A Step-By-Step Approach To Improving Eyesight Naturally

Opticians want to help you so much that they fit you with contact lenses that are too strong. This creates even more tension in my eyes. Together with Van der Hoeven, I practice a few relaxation techniques that I will be able to start doing at home. One of the most important techniques in the Bates Method is palming—the eye muscle need this period of rest to be able to see better afterwards, he discovered. Just closing your eyes without cupping your hands over your eyes is usually not as effective, he said, because it still allows light to filter through your eyelids.

Van der Hoeven explains how palming works, and ten minutes later my eyes feel very calm. Every time your eyes are in the sun, the photoreceptors necessary for good sight are stimulated. In addition, your pupils narrow, which is important for keeping the eye healthy. Blinking and moving your eyes, instead of staring, is also very important.

Blinking improves the condition of your eye, by activating the tear ducts, among other things. As long as you keep your eyes open, your brain gets information to process. In the days after my visit with van der Hoeven, new questions keep popping up in my head. I ask Esther van der Werf. She knows that regular eye doctors and optometrists have little patience with the Bates Method.

Ultimately, Van der Werf hopes that more people will become aware of the Bates Method. But we have been taught we have no control over our eyesight. Glasses are culturally accepted. You have to learn to accept the blur, Van der Werf has told me. Think of it as a friendly reminder for you to relax.

Elleke Bal decided to continue doing eye exercises to improve her sight. Share your experience at - Facebook. Look for an update in our next issue. I wore them alternately with contact lenses for almost 35 years. But suddenly my eyes got tired; I started having difficulties with wearing lenses. One day, a friend told me about the Bates Method. So I decided to go for a Bates Method training weekend in Madrid. As soon as I started the course, they asked me to take out my contact lenses, which had a strength of —5. I felt like I was almost blind after doing that, it was really difficult. I could recognize shapes, colors and movement.

I was still able to see things that were close to me. So I took the decision to leave out my lenses for the first few hours of every morning. I stopped wearing contact lenses and started using glasses, because I could easily take those off when I wanted to.

Seeing Without Glasses: A Step-By-Step Approach To Improving Eyesight Naturally by Roberto Kaplan

I bought glasses with —4, and then later —3 and —2. After a few months, I noticed I had started wearing the glasses less. One day, I just forgot to put them on. And now I only wear glasses with —2 when I drive; otherwise, I go without glasses. Taking off the glasses has changed my life. For me, the capacity to see is related to my ability to relax and to let go.

Eyes are part of the body, and if there is a constant strain on them, your body needs to make a constant effort to let them work. Letting go of this tension and strain is very valuable. What you gain is much more than just being able to live without glasses. I was wearing glasses with a strength of —3, and I wanted to get rid of them.

I found an Italian book about the Bates Method and I started doing some of the exercises, but I was distracted and stopped.

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I was shocked and started reading about the Bates Method again. Two years ago, I reread the Bates book again, this time in English. I contacted Bates teacher Esther van der Werf and I took some lessons with her over e-mail. Only at that point did I understand that I had some bad eye habits and that I had to replace them with good habits. Most important, I had to learn to relax my eye muscles.

I learned that I had to become friends with the blur and release tension. When you do need a new pair of glasses or contact lenses, you usually get your eyes measured first by an optometrist. The situation during these eye tests is often not optimal, says Kim van der Hoeven, a Bates Method teacher.

When your glasses or contacts are too strong, it puts stress on your eye muscles. The best time of day to have your eyes measured is in the morning.

Train your eyes to see clearly without your glasses or contacts

This will keep your eyes more relaxed. It is important that the prescription not be too strong. Talk with the - optometrist about this, and make sure that you will get a prescription that is not stronger than it needs to be. Try to avoid having your eyes measured in stressful periods. Stress creates tension, including in your eye muscles. While examining your eyes, they will ask you to place your chin on a chin rest. Pay attention to keeping your neck straight so that there is no bend in your neck. This ensures better circulation. Keep blinking and shifting your eyes and make sure your breathing is even and calm during the measurement.

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I had my eyes fixed about 20 years ago so I could fly for the military and this really reminded me of what it was like to take off my glasses. It almost brought me to tears because I had forgotten how impaired I was without my glasses.

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