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    It was classic Bold Subterfuging. Jesus exposed it for the lie that it was, to those at least who had ears to hear. Jesus told his followers that, while being gentle as doves, they needed to be wise as serpents.

    Veritasing = Seeking truth, liberty, and value

    Home About Me Contact. Posted by Larry Eubanks on Feb 17, in Blog 1 comment. Don't Buy My Book!!! I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp more information. My eBook "The Essence of Jesus: I lived in a van for 6 months, then with 5 roommates saving money, and with my mom working construction and feeling depressed as hell.

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    Anyone who says you can be happy working a minimum wage job is fucking unrealistic and boasts a better support system than me at I would not trade that time for a palace in the Caribbean. Last real life tip and one I am just now learning. I used a razor too, WTH Write expenses down! Write down your entry and exit prices on equity purchases and business investments. See Uranium page for best risk reward you can find. Will this be a long blog post about some useless and regurgitated yahoo finance garbage?

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    Automate your freaking accounts! It is so easy and seems to be the only thing that works.

    Its a great habit and takes advantage of the banks aggressive account acquisition strategies. Think different bank and forget or give away your password. With the remaining amounts after automatic savings distribute between other specific savings accounts using the automatic transfer features that take 2 minutes to set up Call me if you struggle, really.

    Spend all of the rest.