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We hope you love these updates as much as we do! In this version we mostly just got ourselves all ready for iOS Some bees got stuck in our keyboards. The bees are free now. Turns out some of you like sharing your check-ins to Facebook. A few clickety-clacks and a couple bleep bloops later, we've got Facebook sharing working once again!

What time is it? If you've been Swarming for awhile We built a magic little thing to help you with that. Tap your search bar and type in "first check-in" for a blast to the past. You want your photos to upload faster? See a Tip that is particularly helpful to you?

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If so, give it an upvote! This will help other people that go there get the right information. Well wish no longer, because now you can. Great news, because you can do that now, too. Please, buckle up, because you are now entering a bug-free zone. We did some clickety-clacks on our keyboards and made some bleep bloops in the computers and all of that noise was enough to scare away the bugs. Ever wished you could edit a check-in? Well now you can!

Swarm mode overview

This release fixes a few issues we had with translations. Quickly quell your quandaries and adjust what you want without having to delete anything. Users who had the most check-ins against their friends at a certain category were awarded this sticker. Users can upgrade stickers to earn 2x and 3x coin multipliers by continuing to check in to those collectible categories.

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Released in , Swarm Challenges encourage users to check in to specific venue types, a certain number of times within a specific date range, to be entered to win prizes. Swarm Challenges were only available to residents of the United States. The user who checks in at a venue more than any other over a day period is awarded the title of "Mayor".

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This is similar to the game mechanic found in classic Foursquare. When Swarm launched in May , Foursquare's public Mayorships were all lost.

‎Foursquare Swarm: Check-in App on the App Store

Instead of competing with everyone on the service to become "Mayor" of a venue, users now competed with their friends only. Swarm lets a user search their past check-ins and reflect on where they've been and what they've done. Users are able to search their check-ins by friends they checked in with, city, category, or even the type of places they've been such as Mexican Restaurant, Park, etc.

Users who publicize impressive achievements in the app via social media may be sent an exclusive pack by Swarm containing branded stationery and physical stickers.

Remember everywhere.

CNET described the app as a "bold move", and praised it for removing some of the "clutter" of Foursquare and focusing on letting the user "quickly see where your friends are and make plans". With younger smartphone users gravitating toward text, photos, and videos that disappear — and the more raw and genuine style of sharing that allows — Foursquare now wants to create a space where you can plant a virtual flag, to come back to a memory and savor it later on in life.

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The swarm manager automatically assigns addresses to the containers on the overlay network when it initializes or updates the application. Swarm manager nodes assign each service in the swarm a unique DNS name and load balances running containers. You can query every container running in the swarm through a DNS server embedded in the swarm. You can expose the ports for services to an external load balancer. Internally, the swarm lets you specify how to distribute service containers between nodes. Each node in the swarm enforces TLS mutual authentication and encryption to secure communications between itself and all other nodes.

You have the option to use self-signed root certificates or certificates from a custom root CA. At rollout time you can apply service updates to nodes incrementally.

Swarm (app)

The swarm manager lets you control the delay between service deployment to different sets of nodes. If anything goes wrong, you can roll-back a task to a previous version of the service. Swarm mode overview Estimated reading time: