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You'll see how to use the two investment approaches - technical and fundamental analysis - to indentify promising securities in strongly trending markets. In addition, this guide covers how to calculate investment returns and, most important, how to manage your portfolio's risk.

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E-books are non-returnable and non-refundable. Added to Your Shopping Cart. Description Take advantage of price swings in strongly trending securities and pump up your portfolio!

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Learn from a highly experienced trader, analyst, and portfolio manager - the author shares his insider knowledge Understand often overlooked topics such as money management, journal keeping, and strategy planning - key areas that will largely determine your success Focus on the fundamentals - often overlooked by swing traders, fundamental analysis can increase your chance of success Determine your entry and exit points with technical analysis - read charts, apply indicators, and compare markets Evaluate companies with fundamental analysis - grasp the basics of financial statements and the criteria to screen for undervalued or overvalued stocks Develop and implement your trading plan - outline what you trade and how often, decide your risk tolerance, and calculate your performance Open the book and find: Take advantage of price swings in strongly trending securities and pump up your portfolio!

Want to know the strategies of successful swing trading? This friendly guide covers the ins and outs of this risky but profitable investing approach, explaining all the basics in plain English. For Dummies; 1 edition October 3, Publication Date: October 3, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

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Swing Trading For Dummies

Read reviews that mention swing trading technical analysis omar bassal short term easy to understand fundamental analysis great book easy read managing risk trading for dummies swing trader reading several books book for beginners dummies book recommend this book good book beginner swing book to anyone swing traders swing trade. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I was originaly looking for a book to learn how to do day trading.

Unfortunately, after a couple of intro books to day trading, I was left with more questions than I started with. I didn't know the first thing about the stock market and all these intro books assumed you knew the basics to trading stocks.

Swing Trading for Dummies

That's when I turned to the tried and true "for dummies" series. I wanted to get day trading for dummies but the reviews implied the same problem I have had with the other intro books. Luckily, I came across a review that recommeneded this book for true stock market noobs. This is the best "for dummies" book I have read to date! Not only does the book cover the process of buying and trading stocks but they stop and explain terms and concepts about the stock market. This book is a wealth of knowledge and provides concrete examples when explaining trading concepts.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that is interested in trading stocks wether your looking to day trade, swing trade or be a long term investor. This book served as a perfect launch to my trading career.

It provided a solid base from which to begin and subsequent experience has expanded and modified my trading strategy There's no getting around the learning of doing and the mistakes that ensures. Before this book I had no framework to take even a first step toward trading. After finishing I was able to confidently "set up shop" and begin earning the experience that has me producing a consistently improving income through a steady, consistent application of the principles laid out within this book. After reading several books about swing trading, I think this is one of the better ones.

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It explains it from A to Z in a simple and understandable manner. Full of good tips and advices.


I would recommend this book to anyone who is starting or considering to start swing trading, or for someone who just wants to refresh their knowledge. The best introduction to short term stock trading that I have come across. My first sit-down with the book was a refreshing and welcome break from the overwhelming noise of hyped, get-rich-quick trading advice that is out there. I've had my copy a few years now, and I still refer to it's worn pages occasionally when I need a quick reminder on a swing trading topic.

Bassal covers all the important topics with a friendy, easy tone that stresses realistic expectations and discipline. Technical analysis, fundamentals, risk and money management, screening, entries and exits, and more - it's all there and presented at a novice level. The author also includes important advice on relative strength and the effects of trends in other markets e. I have also noticed that his teaching correlates well with some of the more advanced books out there, such as those of Dr.

I do recommend Elder's titles as a follow up to this Dummies book. Great work and many thanks to Omar Bassal! Swing Trading is a style of intermediate term investing; longer than one day, but not longer than a month, or two.


This is not a book about "buy and hold" investing. There are several sub-categories of Swing trading. I personally have learned to "swing trade" by selling options, or option spreads, that are scheduled to expire worthless within two days to two months.. Many traders already have systems, and preconceived ideas about how they work their trading. If this is a new subject for you, you may want to read this book from start to finish.

This book gives some good info on trends; what we look for ourselves. Chart trend lines, support and resistance points, and other chart formations are not exceedingly hard to look for, and find. I consider them to be an important part of my own swing trading work. As with other Dummies books, this is a fine book to learn the basics.