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Welcome to the Weird World. Ang is out on bail. His case has been fixed for a pre-trial conference on May Even if the Evo driver is locked away for the maximum jail term, its not going to bring back the dead taxi driver. At the end of the five years, he still walks away a free man. The authorities should look towards how they can prevent hot-blooded young people from getting their hands on high performance vehicles. In the wrong hands, any car becomes a weapon.

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More so a powerful car that is harder to control than your bread and butter sedan and we've seen enough of those crash over the years. It seems that he has skirted the only legislative barrier the high insurance cost that prevented him from getting behind the wheel of the car by having it registered in his uncle's name. I hope that in the future, it is illegal for drivers under a certain age for example, 25 or 30 years old from driving certain types of vehicles eg.

Or perhaps by power-to-weight ratio. But I'll leave that to the good people from LTA to decide. After all, they're paid to do it. The gene pool could use a bit of Clorox at times. It's not the cars or age for that matter , it's the person behind the wheel.

IMHO by limiting age with cc, not fair.

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It's better that the punishment meted out is much much harsher. To lodge all power in one party and keep it there is to insure bad government and the sure and gradual deterioration of the public morals Mark Twain. Totally agree with you but the prob is young hot-blooded will drive recklessly regardless of what type of car they drive, simply speed kills Still, higher age limit for fast cars is a good start. Actually education would be better, but only if our drivers are receptive. We are all taught to do the right things in driving school.

Yet on the road, you see lane changing without signalling, speeding, using mobiles while driving, tailgating, failure to check blindspots, the works. The effectiveness of that would be limited. Perhaps shock education is needed, by showing drivers the aftermath of fatal accidents like this, and defensive driving courses, etc, so that they don't graduate from playing Initial-D and Midnight Wangan arcade games and right into a real life hp Evo.

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Regardless of age, anyone behind fast wheels have the tendency to "push the limits" of the car. I feel that younger drivers tend to be more daring and think less of consequences. Worst of all, when you have a lady in the car, male testosterone goes sky high. Perhaps it might be good for the licenses to be divided into 2 types. For people who wants to drive cars that are classified as "sports cars" under the insurance, they must pass a special class 3 license for sports cars. Similar concept to motorbike license - 2A and 2B. It is also about actual driving experience Not the number of years which u have the licene in a dormant state.

What kind of a Bak Poh name is Bimond?? How bout make him pay and support the dead taxi driver's family for the rest of his life? Have you come here to play Jesus, to the Lepers in your head? The taxi driver's family will sure sue him one, and i think it would not be a problem for them to win this lawsuit. I hope he get maximum jail sentence even though this does not bring the poor cabbie back to life again The law should act tougher on these sort of people i.

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