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Thank tumblr for the breaking and entering AU prompt. Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: The Water of the Womb by SkyGem reviews When a man appears on their doorstep - handsome and tall, dressed in a smart black suit and silky silver hair brushed neatly back - claiming to be Natsume Takashi's grandfather, they don't ask questions, don't even hesitate. K - English - Family - Chapters: Nothing was supposed to try and eat her, and big lions weren't supposed to be taking special interest in her either. Team Tobi by Lucillia reviews Obito finds that he's not above a bit of petty revenge when he steals something from Kakashi that he knows that the man will dearly miss out of spite.

Three somethings whose names happen to be Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura who are now the unwilling students of "Tobi" and unwilling Genin of Amegakure after having been taken while returning home from Wave. Siren of the Sea by FantomPhan33 reviews No name strikes fear into the hearts of fellow sailors more than that of the masked pirate, Captain Erik, and his crew of the Phantom. However, when Christine Daae is taken aboard, fear is the last thing that Erik seems to instill in her. Join them as they find love and adventure on the high seas. Found You by Valkyrie Elysia reviews Mimikyu watches as a trainer keeps returning to abandoned store.

Little did Mimikyu realize what she was looking for. Samsara by tamedbanshee reviews A thousand lifetimes put together couldn't wipe away a person's faults. True Chosen by SwallowingInk reviews There was never a "boy-who-lived. One is hailed as chosen, the Heir of Slytherin; the other tries to escape certain death at his father's hands. But is it really certain? T - English - Family - Chapters: Or, in which Sakura never chased after Sasuke when she got pregnant. Now Goku must suffer the consequences.

Phantom of the Opera-Shot in the Dark by Within Temptation

How will these newfound changes influence everyone, and how will it affect the end result of the Cell saga? Once Your Eyes Close by FeelingMysterious reviews "I wonder if you will become attached to me someday-" Natsume once said such words to his constant companion.

When their long-ago promise is finally fulfilled, Madara realizes that those words have become truth. If Natsume could somehow be revived, what would he do? The ayakashi has always desired the Book of Friends, but could he have come to value Natsume enough to give it up? The Life Game by TwinTrouble reviews Hatake Sakumo has a kind heart, so he didn't think twice about taking on the orphan child of his old teammate.

However, when that child happens to be an Uchiha, things start to get messy as he must balance work, custody battles and his own young son. Is she a client? Is she a princess we've been tasked with guarding? Naruto always jumped to the most ridiculous conclusions when it came to mission clients. The Sacrifice by AnimalCraziey reviews In order to save the lives of herself and her baby Haruhi agrees to leave Japan, and Tamaki, forever Will his search for her finally be fruitful?

In which Naruto is the Hokage, and Kakashi believes in acts of services as a language of love. Any drabbles you lot want me to write, this is where they'll go. This is any gaps and silences, any cute baby moments, any bits and peices I missed out in the main story. Send me requests for bits you want. Unplanned Paternity by TwinTrouble reviews Indefinite babysitting duty was so not on Kakashi's list of things he wanted to do with his life.

This started out as gratuitous noncon porn that somehow wrote it's way into lots of feelings and an existential crisis. I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me. The father is unknown. Together, they see what shaped Kagome into the woman she is today. A story of second love and letting go of one's past in order to live for one's future. The Great Akatsuki Versus Spiders Battle by CannibalisticApple reviews The Akatsuki and Tobi are forced to go to some sort of retreat in the woods to help boost inter-organizational relations or something like that.

Instead they find spiders. A LOT of spiders. Rated T for Hidan speaking, and categorized under Friendship for Tobi. Audrey Potter's Prelude by sphinxs-legend reviews A series of one-shots from the moments we don't get to see of Audrey Potter in her story: Some chapters may contain spoilers from later installments of Green Eyed Monster. Faith by Zany the Nerd reviews Luke Skywalker, still trapped in his eight year old body, escapes his father and returns to the rebels to save Han.

Meanwhile Darth Vader plans on recapturing his son all while secretly plotting a mutiny against the Emperor. And what is this about the Empire constructing a new weapon? Sequel to Reliance Star Wars - Rated: Blonding by Revantio Van Cario reviews Minato never asked for an older brother in his life. If he doesn't have one, Minato imagined, he will not ask anyone to give him one.

Teaching Lessons by Remasa reviews Ever since Gabriel Agreste discovered his son was Chat Noir, he had followed his progress from behind the scenes as best as he could. All he saw was how horrible Chat Noir's flirting techniques were. Gabriel is determined to teach his son how to properly woo the woman of his dreams — without Adrien catching on to what he is trying to do. Need I say more? Past, Imperfect by Octoblink reviews Boruto stumbles upon a window in time. Falling through, he discovers the world of the past— and a chance to truly get to know his father. Ever After by Keira-House M.

The Phantom Diaries

D reviews Their marriage is the ending of one story and the beginning of another. Ground Fire by Glaux Bryonia reviews Dumbledore trusted the Dursleys but McGonagall didn't, so she tracked down some other non-magical relatives. More distant relatives, and seemingly friendlier. Funny how a bout of accidental magic can change the fate of a clan. Now the remaining Uchiha must hide their fire until they're ready to rise from the ashes.

Which happens to be easier when you have a wizard in the family. Guarded Hearts by Terpsichore92 reviews Gustave Daae's new job as District Attorney has painted a target on Christine's back for anyone wishing to keep her father from prosecuting them. Jabba's men have taken nine-year-old Luke to make him a slave. Darth Vader, who came to Tatooine as negotiator for the Emperor, notices the mysterious blond boy with the incredible Force presence. Will they be able to get back to the Pridelands? Will they stand each other's presence in a tight, depressing prison?

This ain't no Madagascar crossover, people! Lion King - Rated: Other Side of Impossibility by natanije reviews While Nohara Rin is passive aggresively trying to shove a middle finger to impossibility, other people are in fact also parts of many possibilities. This is their story. He changes his name and disappears after deciding that he's had enough of being the famous Eric Kirby And he becomes Owen Grady instead. Because he was always an astronaut. The Phantom and the Fawn by Wheel of Fish reviews The fates have conspired to separate Erik from his love at his time of greatest need—and by gods, he will finally have her if it kills him.

My name isn't Lo by Eureka reviews Dolores is still getting used to the idea of her new Dad. One shot from her POV. T - English - Drama - Chapters: But is it really such a blessing as it appears? A jaded, darker, bitter, and tired wizard who just wants to die; but can't.

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A chance to learn how to live, from the most unexpected source. It all has a beginning. Tom Riddle is a mysterious child at Wool's Orphanage, London. Everything is so boring - until he meets Joelle Cole, Mrs Cole's sixteen year old niece. She tells him to never give up. And he never forgets years later. But can she help him? Persistence of a Potter by everlovingdeer reviews "Clearly Albus isn't thinking straight. Darth Vader finally realizes his dream of ascending to the Imperial throne, but his son's presence brings back long buried memories of his time in the Light.

There is no Death Star 2. But when a mysterious figure arrives to help them take out Team Flare, Serena, Greninja, and Pikachu immediately notice something strangely familiar about their new companion. Just who is Red Satoshi, and why does he remind them so much of Ash? Wisely, Voldemort slams the door and walks away. Oneshot Harry Potter - Rated: In response, NYPD aims to work closely with the hero to counteract rumours of past police brutality toward the vigilante.

But Peter, still frightened from past experiences with aggressive officers, is reluctant to co-operate, until a program once made to communicate with the hero, becomes much, much more. Sheet Music by sinemoras09 reviews Erik and Christine, happily married. Metempsychosis by LuckyBug reviews She died to save her village. She would gladly do it again if she had to, but this time Kakashi couldn't turn him away.

After all, what wasn't insane about Death popping up every few minutes, muttering nonsense about "his master," or getting sucked into a lamp, and bound to a year-old Ninja Wannabe who thought she was a magical Genie? Bloodline by Andi reviews AU. What if Owen Lars had refused to take in Luke Skywalker? Yoda's original plan has changed. D reviews It is a delicate balance, what is between them, skirting the line without ever completely crossing it.

But how far can they really go and will the day come when it all collapses around them? Silver Lining by Ambassador reviews I've always believed that the Universe gives us the right amount of struggles that it believes we can cope with. The Universe must think too highly of me if it believes I can cope with being reincarnated as one of Orochimaru's test subjects who shares the same DNA as Hatake Sakumo. Can be found on AO3] Naruto - Rated: Champagne and Brandy by Kayleighnicolej reviews "I think Queen Elizabeth must have been sad," she whispered, eyes moving to meet his, "to have to be content with only Leicester's companionship, and never his love.

Now Luke and Leia are taken back on what appears to be a normal day. But not all is as good as it seems as the twins' father, the Chosen One Anakin Skywalker, is suspicious of them and they can't tell him who they are. And, to make matters worse, the twins have to help Anakin protect Padme. Sequel to The Angel's Hope.

Marinette wins the villain over with sarcasm and sci-fi movie nights and finds out that he's not as scary as he seems. I'm well aware that this is crack so what? And to answer your question he did. Problem is, she knows absolutely nothing about said world. Somehow she manages to burn Google translate into her own brain, and also have everyone out for her blood This Is Us by ForeverLilacLies reviews Itachi cheats on Kakashi with a nameless man and this action changes their relationship forever.

Non massacre AU based on roleplay. Fracturing by Kenjo Catze reviews She wanted to become a doctor, instead she ended up in the 9 year old body of Uchiha Sasuke. The story line begins to slowly break, because how do you keep the events of history as the same if you don't know anything about the place you've been put? A Marriage Inconvenienced by lulu42 reviews The math was simple: Him plus Her equaled a genius marriage. It's really a pity he forgot to mention it.

Kakasaku Complete with Epilogue! A 13 year old who still thinks the clan in alive but holds secrets that Sasuke will want to hear. Secrets he did not expect. Can he cast away his hatred for Itachi? Heart of Stone - Heart of Gold by pshortie reviews "It was at that moment he realized, he loved Sybil Branson because she was Sybil Branson, not because she was Lady Sybil's daughter.

No spoilers after season 3. Downton Abbey - Rated: Ingluvies by RarissimaAvis reviews Prompt by th reviewer: Noh, Hadria's Lethifold eats someone important. Featuring Noh, Crookshanks and Padfoot as a trio of not-quite-vigilantes, while everyone else questions their association with Hadria once more. Harry Potter is the definition of a Hufflepuff. He just happens to be best friends with a Slytherin, spends most of his time with a Gryffindor and has random encounters in broom closets with a Ravenclaw and the four founders; they had a dream - look a badger!

Dishabille by Sobriquett If only her smiles were all he dreamed of. Lord Melbourne is annoyed. Hinata is still out of town representing the Hyuuga at the meeting in Suna and Sakura-chan is on a mission. I thought I could do this, but I can't. I haven't slept in," Naruto held up two fingers and started at them confusedly, adding one, then another.

Natsume's grandchildren never realized how much trouble they were in. Side Stories for Blackout by ladyhachimitsu reviews As says on the tin can, side stories for Blackout that don't fit in with the main story. Including misadventure of Team Seven, different POV, and anything else that happens off screen so to speak. Really should go read main story Blackout to make sense.

The Lotus and The Clover by Our Brightest Stars reviews She can't forget, not when "this" contrasted so sharply from "that" which had been lost in flood, hovering like a vengeful demon. You will see no canon Naruto - Rated: Some are harder to break than others, but with enough pressure applied, sooner or later even the strongest fall apart into little pieces. Obito's death made a crack in Kakashi. When he returned as the enemy of the world, he finishes the job - he makes Kakashi shatter.

The stubborn bastard just keeps putting himself back together, though. The Acquaintance by that. This is probably going to turn into a crack fic lol. Charmed by stardust-clearwater reviews After losing all of her friends and family to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named a student makes the mistake of apparating with out a clear destination in mind. She would either die from a bad splinch and join her loved ones, or she would end up far away from the Death Eaters. Either way things would work out. I do not own Harry Potter nor do I own Naruto.

Thirteen years ago, Lord Voldemort's Heir was take from him, presumed dead. Harry Potter grew up in a Rebel Camp, the last remaining pocket of Resistance against Voldemort's established reign. When Harry is captured during a routine scouting mission, certain discoveries are made and Harry finds himself in a position he never could have expected. That of Voldemort's son. D reviews As Queen she is state property. Every birthday and celebration of hers belongs to the country.

But this day, this early Christmas, this is just for the two of them. Voldemort won the first war. Harry grew up in a Rebel Camp. When Harry is captured during a routine scouting mission, they meet. And neither is expecting the outcome. Being rewritten on a new thread!

Dark Phantom (Phantom Diaries Beginnings, #2) by Kailin Gow

Better summary on rewrite. Just Once by anneikenskywalker reviews Victoria's wedding day. I was inspired by the Queen's procession to the wedding altar at St. James' Palace when we see that little smirk Melbourne gives behind the Sword of State. What was he thinking? What could have happened in the moments before the wedding procession arrived? K - English - Romance - Chapters: Tricks and Constellations by thekatthatbarks reviews Kakashi trying to learn how to deal with having twin teenage girls.

Parenting Assignment by LadyNoirShipping reviews Marinette and Adrien are given the job of taking care of a robot baby together for a parenting class assignment. How are the two supposed to save Paris whilst taking care of a baby, all the while trying to keep their identities hidden from one another?

Inspired by the fic "Sack Babies" by insomniatic-titans Miraculous: Coexistence by Andi reviews AU. After waking up from a 3 year coma, she finds her life utterly changed without her consent. On Tattooine, little Luke and Obi-Wan's lives are also forever changed, forcing all 3 into an unusual situation. Together by Keira-House M. D reviews They are not exactly soulmates. Or perhaps they are. It really just depends on your definition. A Special Trainer by TheMythicalGreninja reviews But the love he's shown me means more than any league victory ever could.

D reviews When a huge snowstorm grounds their flight home to London from a work conference in Denver, Victoria and Melbourne find themselves sharing a hotel room on Christmas Eve and with the chance to finally find happiness together … if only they can admit their feelings. To Dream by akiratalesxo reviews Though being the Leaf's leader was tiring, and sometimes a bore, Kakashi knew being the Hokage was still so utterly worth it. Especially if it meant he could create a world in which these children could freely love, hope and dream.

Kakashi centred thoughts on his students' children and how far they have progressed. I'm not actually sure who to tag in this Prompt from anonymous Tumblr user, abbreviated: Erik is in the theatre but never performs. There's the school musical and Christine and Raoul have the leads, but Erik has to dub over Raoul's singing.

Erik has a crush on Christine from day one. Fateful Night by LittleLongHairedOutlaw reviews Erik spends the duration of Christine's pregnancy worrying that the child will look like him. Like a Boss by Felicity Dream reviews Giovanni gets de-aged and more doors are opened for him. And yet the first thing he chooses to do is harass Ash Ketchum.

Ash is just WTF?

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Ah well, he'll coerce her to help take over the world with him somehow. Team Flare's a start and then the rest of the world. Pawn to C3 by Realmer06 reviews Teaching Lily chess started as a way to keep her occupied and out of everyone's hair. It grew into much more than that. Creatures of Quirks by LittleLongHairedOutlaw reviews Christine and Erik have not been married long when they start to notice each other's irritating habits. Would he still be the hero we know and love, or would he become even worse than Voldemort? How would he navigate obstacles?

Who would help him along the way? Changing the Dark Lord by everlovingdeer reviews He remained impassive, watching me calmly and I scoffed. You can do nothing. D reviews Lightbulbs flash, journalists shout — she's blinded and deafened all at once. She reaches out towards the man next to her and everything focuses when she feels the warmth of his hand in hers.

D reviews Victoria falls dangerously ill, leaving Melbourne skirting the edge of sanity as he contemplates a life without her. Between the Past and Future Tense by LittleLongHairedOutlaw reviews There is only them, together on the roof in each other's arms, and amidst soft kisses and slow dancing that is all they need.

Work a Miracle by kaitothegreat reviews There has always been this unwritten rule where the hot boss Kuroba Kaito should be deserving of a sexy personal assistant Anyone but Nakamori Aoko , but we don't always get what we want. In a world where magic doesn't exist, Hogwarts is not a school of witchcraft and wizardry but of cultivation, and new student Harry Potter has been scouted by the venerable Grand Master Riddle for his mysterious potential in martial arts.

Little does he know, the 'power the Dark Lord knows not' takes on a different meaning Olives by thekatthatbarks reviews Sakura's pregnant and Kakashi may be acting just a little overprotective. But Sakura's learned how to have her fun with it. Prompt from mysincereapology on Tumblr. D reviews Melbourne feels the first stirrings of alarm. They all shake their heads, slowly and with a dawning comprehension that something has gone very wrong. Unschooled in love and afraid, whom else would she turn to but her mentor in all things, her beloved Lord Melbourne?

Golden Boots Victoria - Rated: A short story for Hallowe'en. Blind Stars of Fortune by demons reviews Thirty year old Kakashi was supposed to have been killed by Pein during the Invasion. Instead, he wakes up in the body of his twenty year old self. It gets a lot more complicated. D reviews Their argument in the woods brings her back to her senses — Albert will not suit her. But dear Lord M is another matter entirely.

D reviews "You will not leave me? The Fishy Hyuuga by Lurking Pheonix reviews After the matriarch's funeral, young Hinata finds her mother's "favorite koi fish" and gets permission to keep it as a pet. Hiashi is unaware of the headaches the fish will bring. At least he can tell it's a fish. Dear Kami knows what species the other three are. What did mother nature give birth to? They defy everything ninjas know about physics. Bleeding World by SweetDreamsAreMadeOfNaruto reviews Just because you don't like what someone had turned to, you can't separate the past form the current.

The past can't be erased. The present can't be denied. In the end, you have to accept them both, or not at all. It wasn't that easy. Page 36 by thekatthatbarks reviews Sakura and Kakashi's daughter, Misaki loves to read. And there's a certain faiytale that she's taken a liking to. Written for KakaSaku Week day two. Stay by Keira-House M. D reviews "Do not ask me to stay, I beg of you Ma'am. Silver and the Sun by max. He would live forever as a hero.

But when his son is found nearly dead,the 3rd Hokage is forced to take crucial decisions,which includes making a peculiar request from the unusual Kakashi. Standing Alone by LittleLongHairedOutlaw reviews There is something of his father in his jaw, of his mother in his nose, and he has her curls but not her voice, and his father was no musician, but yet his fingers belong on piano keys.

And Guillaume, Comte de Chagny stands alone in the dressing room that once hers and contemplates the ghosts that have woven him together. Curiouser and Curiouser by Cibbsoldlady reviews Harry is more then just a wizard; he's a genius. So what happens when he meets another genius the beginning of his third year? One that Deduces Harry's treatment at the Dursleys in less then a minute? The answer; Quite a lot, apparently K - English - Fantasy - Chapters: D reviews There are some connections that are instant and Skerrett has got no doubt in her mind that theirs is one of them. D reviews Albert has come to realise that his family's matchmaking is futile.

Because he accepts what they will not — while Melbourne is around Victoria will never look at anyone else. So far, Kalos had been rather easy for him.. A challenge he must climb before he can stand atop the heavens, a legend. Despite how far he'd come, he had cleared but the beginning of the Master's Path. It was time, for his ascent! Some say it's because of experiences, others say it's in the blood. Either way, Kakashi has had it both. Death might just be the peace he can never reach as long as he wanders the earth. He has fought it, but now he's done fighting.

There's nothing left here for me anymore. Once by Laurielove reviews It is a few weeks before her wedding, but Victoria realises that before she can marry, she has unfinished business with the one man who has made her the woman she is. Putting in the bits that should be there. Mature readers only, please. All for the love of the delicious Lord M.

Challenging Prejudice by everlovingdeer reviews "It's alright Draco," I said softly, pushing his hand away from my wrist. I wanted him to stop me. After all, he was a Malfoy. Solace in Shadows by The Fictionist reviews When Harry is kidnapped by a seemingly sixteen year old Tom Riddle at the end of his second year, he's convinced that he would do absolutely anything to escape — but "anything" can be a dangerous conviction to have, and even heroes can grow tired of fighting without hope.

Sometimes, survival means making a home in the dark… Warning: Deals with Stockholm Syndrome and dark themes. M - English - Drama - Chapters: Gunshot wounds, fast cars, first class flights, FBI in pursuit - but it's the quiet moments, the conversations, that leave Christine shaken. Hurtling towards her inevitable decision. Zubats, Zubats Everywhere by Rendered Reversed reviews! Wild Things by black. The world has nine gods, locked away in human prisons. Kurama manages to free himself, and when he escapes he takes a child with him.

Naruto was raised by forest spirits, but he's still mostly human, and that's what drives him to save a wounded jounin he finds in the forest. It's one moment of kindness that might just right the world. D reviews Post episode 4. But the ninja life is in no way as romantic as it looks. But it's also not all that terrible.

Hisana is fervently working on keeping it that way. Joint Fixation by boaluv14 reviews Tom Riddle doesn't know how to love. He only knows obsession. Accidentals by Arianna reviews Accidentals: Signs used in musical notation to alter notes. She hadn't meant for it to happen. Yet now that she's here, in his arms how can she possibly resist?

Seeking You by williamsangel88 reviews AU, Fem! What if the Dursley's hadn't been Rose's only living relatives? Petunia sends Rose to the Haruno's in the Hidden Continents, partly because she wants to believe that the girl will live a better life there. A different take on Harry living in Konoha. Starts after the Second War ended. The Accident by stephthewriter2 reviews Scar was ready to kill his brother and blame it on his nephew. But after he tumbled back in the canyon, Scar had a change of mind that he rushed to save Simba. Could he save himself also? To protect Harry Potter, the child who helped save the Stone.

But when writing in blood start appearing in the walls of Hogwarts, hinting at an old evil returning, Edward must prevent the repeat of fifty years ago. Featuring Gellert as a concerned and intimidating guardian, Severus as a Potions Professor who has no care for kids, and Hadria as Hadria. Former Fox of Leaves by Bamboofoxfire Productions reviews For as long as he could remember, everyone hated and feared him, for no reason that he could understand.

When a masked man appears and reveals the secret of why everyone despises him, and offers to show him how to use the great power he holds inside him, who is he to refuse? It wasn't as if anyone in the village was going to care that he went missing anyway. Naruto Naruto - Rated: Natsume slowly learns to deal with life as a god. An inter-connected vignette series. K - English - Friendship - Chapters: Morality Pet by sinemoras09 reviews Aguri survives.

Spoilers for ch The Heir of Arceus by Zhatan reviews Naruto's twin sister became the host of the kyubi instead of him, he on the hand is unable to mold chakra. Being neglected by his parents Naruto decides to leave. First of Left Behind. M - English - Adventure - Chapters: Being Plastic by sinemoras09 reviews Every step of the way, she is still with him. Spoilers for ch , season 2 ep Bonded by MagicalSeaLard reviews Lord Vader felt a connection the moment he met the young, blond blue-eyed teen.

There was unique boldness and stubborn pride that engulfed the boy. The story is suspenseful and nothing short of intense. Readers will be holding their breath as each page turns, caught up in the rapture these two lovers present. You will feel the sensuality of the historic costumes; satins, lace, silks, and velvets as the players dance and preen in and out of these delightfully wicked scenes of decadence, deceit, debauchery, and through one dalliance after another.

This is a very visual book, so incredibly detailed and evocative of 19th century France. This is not your average romance novel. It is a remarkable, and memorable, serious tale of passion, murder, family betrayals and forbidden love. The sexual adventures throughout this story are far from vanilla. There is great creativity here within the erotica realm scenes and I found this factor alone to be such a breath of fresh air.

This erotic novel is quite different and will evoke many opportunities for the reader to feel the depth of love, intimacy and ravenous need that Erik and Christine have for each other. This might not be a book for the light of heart due to the advanced and unusual erotica scenes graphically depicted, but if you are bored with the average cat and mouse tame love stories and want something in between the average genre paperback romances, and offensive hard core degrading porn, this book is for you. A Fantastic debut, highly recommended for adventurous readers.

Mar 06, Kelsa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Unmasqued is an erotic novel re-telling the tale of the Phantom of the Opera with Erik, the opera house phantom, being the misunderstood and sometimes villainous hero. The story follows Erik lurking in the shadows as Raoul, the Vicomte, attempts to court the beautiful Christine. This worries and angers Erik, because Christine's talent not only attracts the Raoul, but his elder brother Philippe, the Comte, as well. I have never read a novel with a serious BDSM motif before.

The sexual control and Unmasqued is an erotic novel re-telling the tale of the Phantom of the Opera with Erik, the opera house phantom, being the misunderstood and sometimes villainous hero. The sexual control and dominating nature of the characters is very different from what I'm use to reading. It was exciting at times and others it was a little terrifying. Erik's character controlled Christine, it seems, out of self preservation more then anything. He was to afraid to let Christine see the hideous half of his face, so controlling her sexually allowed him to be with her and remain in control.

Christine definitely shows that she was more then happy to oblige her strict tutor in more then singing lessons, because even though Erik tied her up, pleasured her, and essentially forced himself on her, he never really forced anything. It's difficult to describe their relationship in the beginning. Phillippe was a whole new character, no, monster I think is more accurate. His twisted sexual desires went farther then I what I was comfortable reading the first time around. There were moments where I was generally appalled at Phillippe's dark, twisted behavior to where I had to put the book down.

The last three quarters of the novel were like this. Thank God there was a happy ending or I would have given Unmasqued a drastically lower grade. I have never read the original Phantom of the Opera, or seen the musical film adaptation. From other reviews I have read, this book is greatly similar to the musical version. I've seen both good and bad critiques because of this. Many people were irritated that this wasn't historically accurate, others were excited by the romantic change up. For me, the whole point of a re-telling is to entertain and that is exactly what Unmasqued did for me.

I was also shocked. So much of this book was new territory for me and I think that is what I enjoyed most about it. I'm curious to see about what other twisted re-tellings Ms. Gale has in the works. Feb 01, C. My husband picked up this book from morbid curiosity and I can only blame myself for doing the same. I don't usually read erotic fiction of this kind, but the subject matter of the Phantom of the Opera, one of my all time favorite classics, was too much to pass up.

I can't comment on the genre, because I don't read it, but I recognize that the book was an attempt to put a twist on a classic story. It didn't work for me at all, but I am too close in my adoration of the original and have made too My husband picked up this book from morbid curiosity and I can only blame myself for doing the same. It didn't work for me at all, but I am too close in my adoration of the original and have made too much of a character study of the Phantom to find this book even remotely accute in his portrayal.

I understand that wasn't the point, but even knowing that couldn't get me past it. I did find it funny how everyone in the book wanted to bed Christine. And it was interesting to see from what version of PotO the author took her plot points. I caught references not only to the original fiction, but to the stage musical and the latest movie musical.

Read in the spirit of seeing the classic tale's continued evolution, I can say that it was a curiosity. Dec 28, Susan rated it did not like it. A week plus after I put this book away unfinished and traded it away, I'm still so disappointed with this book. I've never left a book unfinished and trading it has ensured I never will because I certainly won't seek this one out again.

I have no problem with erotica, but the sex scenes in this book weren't very titillating and there was so much focus on characters other than the primary three of the traditional Phantom of the Opera story. The characterizations were so far astray fro A week plus after I put this book away unfinished and traded it away, I'm still so disappointed with this book.

The characterizations were so far astray from how these characters are typically depicted. Madame Giry, in particular. She's described by Leroux has having virtually no teeth yet somehow the reader is supposed to buy her being a unstoppable sex kitten running around the Opera House with sex toys at her quick disposal. I'm not much of a Raoul lover, but the writing of his character and that of his brother's just left me scratching my head.

I was looking forward to a tale of Christine's sensual awakening. A truly awful waste of my money and I'm sorry I purchased it. Jul 18, Ladiibbug rated it really liked it. This came my way in a box of books from a friend. Being a bookaholic, I couldn't pass it along without giving it a whirl, even though The Phantom of the Opera never interested me much.

In this book, Eric the Phantom is known to Christine, as he is her "Angel of Music", who has been acting as her voice coac This came my way in a box of books from a friend. In this book, Eric the Phantom is known to Christine, as he is her "Angel of Music", who has been acting as her voice coach. They become friends, although he never allows her to see him. Eric is an accomplished musician, and despite his facial scarring, of sound mind.

Well, he does spirit Christine away to his underground lair, but she's willing. I enjoyed the story but skimmed over the BDSM and sex. Now I'm curious as to how closely the story in this book matches the original book. I just may seek out the original book and be the last person on the planet to get on the Phantom bandwagon! Mar 06, Megan rated it really liked it Shelves: I picked this book up awhile ago because it is about The Phantom of the Opera.

Being the huge Phantom Phan that I am, I couldn't resist one that promised all the passion that I have always believed existed between Erik and Christine. And it did not disappoint! I was a little nervous about reading it, since it is my first Erotic novel, but I'm glad I took the chance! This had such a unique take on the story that I couldn't help but fall in love with it. Some versions have Raoul, while others have I picked this book up awhile ago because it is about The Phantom of the Opera.

And Erik has a deep, dark secret that makes perfect sense! If you are a Phan like myself then this is a must read! If you like Raoul- then pass this one up. Jul 03, Sara Hemenway rated it liked it Shelves: I don't think anyone should be surprised when they read this book that there are sex scenes. It says right on the cover that it is an erotic novel! I always thought that The Phantom and Christine should have gotten more intimate. I'm still not sure how I feel about that production.

Obviously this book is no I don't think anyone should be surprised when they read this book that there are sex scenes. Obviously this book is nothing groundbreaking. But all of Colette Gale's "Seducing the Classics" books are fun. Definitely naughty, but fun.

Jan 24, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: This book has been sitting on my shelf since it was released. I decided to read it since my friend AmyC was gonna read it. It's an Erotic retelling of the Phantom of the Opera. Which is the only reason I picked it up, cause I loved the movie. But this retelling is very much different than the movie or the musical.

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But finally, the author tied Eric to both times in her story.

Hopefully, book 3 will pull everything together in the story about Eric, Annette, Kristine, and Aaron. One person found this helpful.