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She's not crazy, she's not stupid - quite on the contrary. Struggling martial artist and dancer Bruno loves his girlfriend Carla, but when he meets fellow dancer Rai, serious sparks begin to fly, opening the couple up to new possibilities. A new generation navigates sexual fluidity, torn affections, and open relationships in this steamy love triangle.

But once Bruno's clandestine encounters with Rai are revealed, a confused and hurt Carla kicks him out. But she simply doesn't want to give up on her love. Eventually she agrees that Bruno can date them both as long as he keeps his life with Rai relatively separate. This shallow, irritating, sterile movie offers nothing but titillation for a certain sort of voyeur, maybe for women who like to watch men make out Any gay man who likes this movie needs to have his head examined - both of them.

This is a movie, like Brokeback Mountain, that was made BY straight people FOR straight people as if they didn't already have enough movies who think shoehorning gay sex into their movie makes it cool, or something dumb like that. It's an attitude that makes me furious and insults the gay men I suppose it means to pander to. Gay men should boycott all movies like this one that show twenty minutes of graphic straight sex for every twenty seconds of censored, castrated gay sex.

That's like spitting in our faces, proving that we're nothing but pawns in their sick heterosexual fantasies. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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How to talk about love, sex, and dating in Italian

Share this Rating Title: Angels of Sex 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. Naked As We Came Ben Weaver, Karmine Alers, S. Up to Me Two boys on the edge of adulthood find themselves exploring their relationship. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Conductor Carretera Livia Gaudenco Edit Storyline Struggling martial artist and dancer Bruno loves his girlfriend Carla, but when he meets fellow dancer Rai, serious sparks begin to fly, opening the couple up to new possibilities.

Consuelo's predatory behavior seemed sharply at odds with her previous characterization as a shy, virginal girl. I kept waiting for Solomon himself to have that moment of clarity where he owned his part in the turmoil, but it never happened.

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I liked the 3 offspring prophecy subplot and how it was resolved, but that entire part of the plot felt rushed kudos to the author for playing fair with foreshadowing, though. Consuelo was just dumped unceremoniously as a character with no further interaction between her and Solomon, providing no closure. I'd like to have seen that fleshed out and not just left as a loose end. Was she actually fired? The last half of the book, with several newly-introduced characters, seemed very rushed and muddy as well.

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Even the dog's name changed at one point; a minor thing, but noticeable enough. The end of the story was a bit of a letdown, again with an info dump.

Plus: further fetishes

It felt very anti-climactic given the buildup of tension throughout the previous several chapters. It's difficult to be so critical of an artist I admire so greatly and to give the impression that I didn't like the book. I did, particularly the sparkling humor. I loved the couple of shout-outs to Doctor Who, which gave this fan a nice little thrill, and I laughed out loud when Solomon mentioned seeing "that guy from Tears For Fears. Bottom line is, this is a fun, slightly bumpy but ultimately enjoyable read, and I can't wait for RO's next excursion into the literary world.

So his first successfully published book came as a bit of shock in that respect, revealing the protagonist, a thinly-disguised Roland, to be a humorously tormented near-atheist with a very feminine consciousness. As he picks his way over life's steppingstones with uncertainty, trying to regain his foothold, one senses that he can't help but succeed if only for the lighthearted and humorous delivery throughout. The ending, to me, was far too pat, a quick windup, and not, I learned, what he originally intended. Apparently by obliging his editor he sacrificed that stamp of pure genius which comes through loud and clear in his musical endeavors.

For this alone I await his next works in both arenas almost short of breath. Thoroughly enjoyed the ride! Let me preface this review by saying, like most who've read the book, I started out as a TFF fan as a teenager in the '80s. I got married, started a family, and was too busy to keep up with music trends for a couple of decades.

Now that kiddo is in college and I have more free time, I decided a few weeks ago to check what I've missed out on. And boy, did I miss out. Many YouTube videos and some album purchases later, I thought I was caught up, until Roland wrote a book! We all know Roland can write. This is a given if you've listened to any of his wordsmithing ways for any length of time.

But there's a big difference in conveying a message in a 3 to 4 minute song versus an actual full-fledged novel. Not surprisingly, Roland pulled it off with apparent ease. The storyline had me hooked from the first page. Vivid details that truly pull you into the story and make you feel as if you're a voyeur on this journey with Solomon. I adored the elderly couple, Eugene and Tilda Sparks. Having lost a child myself, I understood the depth of their heartache. There are some losses you carry with you always.

Life drags you with it, whether you want it to or not. Which brings me to Samantha. I did wish she had more time to be fleshed out more fully. So much potential there, and it seemed a little rushed. I hated Jenny's character from the start, to be honest. Annoying as hell, self-centered.

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I was thankful when she and her Nazi exited stage left. But again, if a writer can make you feel something, that's the purpose. Solomon was the rock the rest of the world crashed against at times, but his love and concern for those he cared for was obvious, endearing, and consistent.

How to talk about love, sex, and dating in Italian - The Local

The Eva storyline was superb, even if I did figure it out ahead of time. I wish we had been able to delve into that relationship more. As others have stated, wrapping up Consuelo's storyline felt rushed. I'm not an opera fan, but I have a playlist saved to listen to the arias mentioned in the book. I literally laughed out loud many times. Roland's dry wit and sarcasm are my kind of fun. Solomon's self-deprecating humor and the circumstances he found himself in albeit self-inflicted many times were hilarious.

Eugene's "Saruman" voice had me chuckling extra points to Roland for the "Lord of the Rings" and "Inception" movie references - two of my all-time favorites. I will admit that as a sesquipedalian myself, even I had to look up "succubus". God help us all. We learned Roland is a foodie!

Most men wouldn't know the difference between foie gras and potted meat. I was duly impressed. Loved the Fran visits. I really dislike the ending of the book though. I would truly like to read Roland's intended ending rather than the one that was published. Quite honestly, I hated for the story to end.

Would have loved double that much, and felt like there was enough left to tell. Being an INFJ personality myself, I understand how cathartic writing can be for us introverts who love people a total and complete oxymoron, if there ever was one. I completely get the need to be understood, but left alone. But I do wish Roland would one day see fit to write his autobiography. Should he ever venture there, his behind-the-scenes insights would be extremely interesting to those of us who will never see that side of the music world.

Thank God young Roland got depressed and wrote The Hurting.