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It's me — I'm very open about everything. There's a reason Curtis is always trying to salvage as much as she can from the original house. Not only does this practice save money and retain the original charm, it's also just more realistic.

Old houses have "grown really snug with all those old house parts… to me, ripping out old house parts to put in something new is pretty much like ripping my heart out. Original is always best. Curtis lives by the mantra, "Mistakes are knowledge waiting to happen. I show what really goes on," Curtis shared with The Inquisitr. I think that's why people enjoy it the show. It's clear from her interview in Minnesota Monthly that Curtis has always been passionate about saving historic pieces.

I remember screaming, 'Why isn't anyone buying this house? So this whole thing is the result of that post-traumatic stress. Fortunately the story of her grandparents' home doesn't end there. Curtis was eventually able to purchase the home and rehab it herself! She even dedicated the entire seventh season of Rehab Addict to this home. It was the biggest kitchen rehab she had ever completed. The home clearly holds a special place in Curtis' heart, and she often shares pictures of it on her Instagram account. Curtis shared with The Inquisitr that it took some time for the show to gain some traction.

Somebody said the other day, 'Nicole, you've developed this cult. While Curtis is petite in size, she's had to develop a big presence. Like it or not, she's working in a male-dominated field and has experienced some blatant sexism firsthand. There are people who will explain projects word-for-word to me. She told Minnesota Monthly that her well-meaning grandfather was always trying to "marry her off" and wouldn't let her fix things up around his house. Fortunately, he's come around now. Curtis is very open about the fact that Rehab Addict just happens to follow her real life.

Rehabilitating old homes is what she was doing before the show, and it's what she'll continue to do if and when the show ends. The show is off my real life," she shared with the La Crosse Tribune. Nothing I do is separate. It's all wrapped into one. And it's all self taught. I ask questions about everything. I want to learn about everything I can. His mom's been out.

His wife's been out. The boys have been out. Each week on Rehab Addict, Curtis shares her passion for protecting older homes, and she doesn't take that for granted. We don't have the tradespeople anymore to do it, we don't have the materials that these houses were built out of, and you know, like anything else, once it's gone it's gone. The untold truth of Rehab Addict.

She's a dumpster diver

She's a dumpster diver HGTV. Real estate was not her first choice Shutterstock. Her startup costs were zero Shutterstock. Nicole never set out to have her own show HGTV. The basics work HGTV. Nicole knows how to hustle Getty Images.

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She does it all Getty Images. She always avoids buying new Shutterstock. Real mistakes happen HGTV. Rehab is in Nicole's roots Getty Images. The show was not an overnight success HGTV. It's a man's world Shutterstock. Built in , the kitchen itself has been around for over half a century, but was unfortunately redone in the '90s, eliminating it's mid-century modern charm. Nicole wants to restore the ugly kitchen to how it looked when she was a child. New hardwood floors replace linoleum and Nicole designs custom, vintage-inspired cabinets to provide a nostalgic feel to the treasured room.

Right down to a salvaged green phone, the kitchen begins to be reborn as it was in Nicole's childhood memories. For Nicole's next project, it's gonna be sink or swim! The indoor pool that Nicole's grandfather built by hand is getting a much-needed refresher. First up, the safety and mechanical systems of the pool need to be overhauled to meet modern standards. The beautiful cedar ceiling and aquamarine walls are original so there is no way Nicole will change those, they just need a good wash and some new paint.

In the biggest design challenge of the entire project, Nicole boldly replaces the original doors, which had been ruined with age, with giant glass garage doors to let in light and views of the surrounding countryside. Nicole Curtis tackles the family room of her family's home! Off the pool lies a dated family room, covered in wood paneling and boasting a large mechanical room for the pool equipment.

The untold truth of Rehab Addict

Nicole sees opportunity for a beautiful bathroom, and an updated, retro family room that pays homage to her Grandfather's original plans. It wouldn't be Nicole if some gorgeous wood, and not-so-gorgeous hunting themed paneling, is lovingly re purposed to update the room into a modern yet rustic haven. Nicole Curtis saves the original Mid-Century bathroom in her Grandparents' house in her classic style; by preserving critical elements while updating tired design choices.

The original blue tile, hand laid by her Grandfather, is saved, but working with the original tile color poses some challenges for Nicole. Rather than hiding from the blue tile Nicole embraces it wholeheartedly and bases her entire design around it. Finally Nicole removes a tacky 80s seashell vanity and replaces it with a much needed double-sink. Nicole's grandparents house sits on a sprawling 5 acre parcel.

This apartment has a lot of sentimental value to the family, over the years pretty much everyone has lived there at one point or another, including Nicole! Taking a break from the main house renovation, Nicole tackles the apartment with a series of fun, chic changes that don't cost a fortune: In this episode, Nicole Curtis tackles the heart of her Grandparents' home, the living room and dining room. The most 'photographed' rooms in the house, these projects present Nicole with a very clear visual template to work from. Fixing the original fireplace and it's plaster moulding presents a relatively easy, if messy, challenge.

Sourcing and replacing the iconic chandelier in the dining room with an exact match may prove an impossible task. Nicole Curtis tackles one of her biggest challenges yet, all of the original bedrooms in the home built by her grandparents. Nicole is faced with a dilemma, the previous owners trashed the original windows and design, now it's up to her to fix their mistakes.

Will Nicole be able to infuse life, design and personality into these ruined spaces?

Nicole Curtis tackles one of the hardest spaces in her grandparents' mid-century home, the basement. With space at a premium, Nicole must battle water, structural problems, dilapidated windows and poorly placed duct work to turn a neglected area into a much needed gathering space. Nicole battles against several sticky issues in this episode.

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After an improperly winterized basement bathroom springs some serious leaks, she remains determined to rebuild the bathroom better than ever. Improving the layout, adding mid-century tile and a custom vanity, Nicole creates one of her most appealing bathrooms yet.

But she doesn't end there, adding an egress window to the basement, Nicole builds out a charming and inviting basement guest suite. As the renovation of Nicole's grandparents midcentury home winds down there is just one major obstacle left: Nicole's grandparents literally built the home block by block so nothing short of perfection will do for the curb appeal of this property.

Real estate was not her first choice

Nicole adds gutters, a new driveway and entirely does the house in stucco, just like the original. To complete this magnificent transformation Nicole restores the original brick front porch and tops everything off with some tasteful, but stunning landscaping. Nicole is back on Campbell Street helping her year-old veteran neighbor, Art, repair his home.

The house is suffering from severe water damage so the team seals the leaky roof and patches and repaints the dining room, living room, and bedroom. The old worn down carpets and area rugs have become an extreme trip hazard for the elderly vet, so Nicole installs new low pile carpet throughout the home. With the help of her team and Art's two daughters, Nicole turns an otherwise unsafe home into a relaxing retreat in record time.

Nicole takes on her most personal project yet, her grandfather's red barn. The barn has fallen into disrepair and requires a great deal of structural work to make it safe and strong. Starting with an Amish metal roof, skylights, new gutters and a coat of paint, Nicole brings the exterior of the barn back to life. Inside Nicole removes part of the loft to reveal a beautiful cathedral ceiling and rebuilds a staircase out of salvaged wood.

Rehab Addict

With the Red Barn finally reborn Nicole is ready to reveal the full renovation of her 50s midcentury ranch to the home's original builders, her Grandma and Grandpa. Nicole is on a mission to save vacant homes from the wrecking ball and her latest project is taking on a boarded up and previously condemned home from the late s.

The basement is full of structural issues, from rotten support beams and a crumbling concrete floor to the need for a new staircase that meets building code. Also on Nicole's list is turning the tiny first floor bathroom into a spacious powder room. Keep up with your favorite hosts and get projects inspired by shows delivered straight to your inbox Privacy Policy. A gorgeous remodel on St. A modern desert home in Scottsdale, Arizona. RehabAddict All New Wednesdays at 9 8c.

Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. All-New Gallery Rehab Addict: New Episodes Beyond Just Renovating: See how Nicole and crew brought these historic homes back to their former glory. Season 6 Photo Gallery. Season 4 Gallery s Bungalow Restoration 20 Photos Nicole Curtis is giving a crumbling turn-of-the-century bungalow a second chance to be the cute and cozy home it once was.

The Akron Project Mega-Gallery. Go Behind the Scenes. Season 6 Video Highlights. Season 4 Highlights, Pt. Hardwood Stains Create Problem Recycling Old Interior Paint Slow Cooker Paint Removal Kitchen Cabinets Cabinets Kitchen. Nicole Curtis A self-taught home rehabber and designer with a passion for saving old houses, Nicole is also a mom and a master of salvage picking.

Nicole Curtis is saving historic houses, one broken-down fireplace at a time. Working in Detroit and Minneapolis, Nicole takes ramshackle homes from the wrecking ball to their original stunning glory. Season 8, Episode 8 Adding Style to 14 Mile As the renovation of the 14 Mile house winds down, there's one more thing that needs to be done -- finish the exterior.

Season 8, Episode 12 Reshaping the Master Bath With a limited amount of space in the Lake Orion house, Nicole Curtis decides that the best use of the second upstairs bedroom is to transform it into a master bathroom. Season 8, Episode 13 Master Suite of Mirrors Nicole focuses her attention on the neglected master bedroom and must rethink the structure of the room to come up with a charming space the house deserves.

Season 8, Episode 15 A Kitchen Nightmare Nicole knows that the kitchen and dining room are the heart of this home and want to make them the house's functional centerpiece.