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Recommend to librarian Title: Join our mailing list Business and Management Entrepreneurship. This multidisciplinary study is based on entrepreneurship theory and empirical research as well as cognitive psychology. The essential issues of gathering and application of knowledge and expertise are also addressed: The book concludes, however, that the provision of optimal teaching methods of this decision-making behaviour is a stiff challenge faced by entrepreneurship education.

Presenting a novel combination of cognitive psychology and entrepreneurship theory with important practical implications, this book will strongly appeal to those involved in the study of entrepreneurship and cognitive psychology, and business and management.

Entrepreneurs themselves will also find much to interest them in this book. Competing models of entrepreneurial intentions. The entrepreneurial propensity of women. Managerial risk, innovation, and organizational decline. Aspirations, market offerings, and the pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities. The effect of aging on entrepreneurial behavior.

Entrepreneurial Decision-Making

Learning from participation and from the experiences of others. Experimental findings on time allocation decisions with newly formed ventures. A dynamic utility-maximizing model. Institutional environment and entrepreneurial cognitions: A comparative business systems perspective. Ethical attitudes in small businesses and large corporations: Theory and empirical findings from a tracking study spanning three decades. Overoptimism and the performance of entrepreneurial firms. Determinants of entrepreneurial activities in China.

A comparison between high PI pioneering-innovative and low PI ventures. Reinvestment decisions by entrepreneurs: Rational decision-making or escalation of commitment? Unpacking the uncertainty construct: Implications for entrepreneurial action. A field study of entrepreneurial decision-making and moral imagination. Untangling the intuition mess: Intuition as a construct in entrepreneurship research. To thine own self be true: Images of self, images of opportunity, and entrepreneurial action.

Capability development and decision incongruence in strategic opportunity pursuit. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 6: When and why managers are inconsistent in strategic decision making. The composition, classification, and creation of new venture formation expertise Unpublished doctoral dissertation. University of Utah , Salt Lake City. The central question in entrepreneurial cognition research Toward a theory of entrepreneurial cognition: Rethinking the people side of entrepreneurship research. Enterprise failure, cognition, and the creation of opportunities.

Cross-cultural cognitions and the venture creation decision. The dynamics of crowdfunding: Incentive design and trade-offs for corporate employee-entrepreneurs.

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Myopic self-focus in market-entry decisions. The dilemma of growth: Understanding venture size choices of women entrepreneurs. Early growth decisions of entrepreneurs: The influence of competency and prior performance under changing market conditions. Missing the boat or sinking the boat: A study of new venture decision making. Towards an attention-based view of the firm. Using cognitive theory to explain entrepreneurial risk-taking: Learning about the unknown: How fast do entrepreneurs adjust their beliefs?

Can cognitive biases explain venture team homophily? Systematic search and its relationship to firm founding. Qualitative evaluation and research methods. Recognizing opportunities for sustainable development.

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The role of mixed emotions in the risk perception of novice and serial entrepreneurs. The visible hands of hierarchy within the M-Form: An empirical test of corporate parenting of internal product exchanges.

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The role of risk-taking in Singapore. Entrepreneurship policy or active labour market programme? Capital structure decision making: A model for family business. Ethical considerations of the legitimacy lie. Toward a theoretical shift from economic inevitability to entrepreneurial contingency. A real options perspective on economic organization. A theoretical analysis of optimal financing strategies for different types of capital-constrained entrepreneurs. The case of Pakistan. The emergent and collective process of user entrepreneurship. When do user innovators start firms?

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A theory of user entrepreneurship. Are champions different from non-champions? A general theory of entrepreneurship: The promise of entrepreneurship as a field of research. Strategic divestments in family firms: Role of family structure and community culture. Learning from business failure: Propositons of grief recovery for the self-employed. Opportunities for studying entrepreneurial decision making. Confirmatory search as a useful heuristic? Testing the veracity of entrepreneurial conjectures. Disengaging values in assessing opportunities that cause harm. Balancing the financial and emotional costs of business failure.

Cognitive biases, risk perception, and venture formation: Implications of interfirm mis perceptions for strategic decisions. Entrepreneurial actions and optimistic overconfidence: The role of motivated reasoning in new product introductions. Decision making behavior in smaller entrepreneurial and larger professionally managed firms.

Managerial Decision Making

Journal of Business Venturing, 3: Gender comparisons in strategic decision-making: An empirical analysis of the entrepreneurial strategy matrix. Entrepreneurial dispositions and goal orientations: A comparative exploration of United States and Russian entrepreneurs.

Innovation and risk-taking in a transitional economy: A comparative study of Chinese managers and entrepreneurs. Moderating effects of tolerance for ambiguity and risktaking propensity on the role conflict-perceived performance relationship: Evidence from Singaporean entrepreneurs. Individualism, collectivism, and entrepreneurship: A framework for international comparative research.

To start or not to start: Outcome and ability expectations in the decision to start a new venture. Check Access Check Access. Technovation Volumes 39—40 , May—June , Pages Abstract This qualitative study investigates effectuation and causation as two opposing decisionmaking modes leading to opportunity creation and recognition. Recommended articles Citing articles 0.