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The Footage

Though he thinks that he can silence me I told you that I have a secret - One I cannot share with you I must finale what I seek To spare her what I've been through! I told you of my cruel tormentor When I think of him I'm filled with shame I'll tell you who he is this instant If you swear you won't forget his name Walter: Hartright, there's a urgent matter we must speak of right away Walter: Pray it isn't serious?

This is hard for me to say In the days before you came here, you were out of money, out of spirits then. We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.

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It all started after the award-winning filmmaker's tour of Australia, it was his first time in the country and he fell in love with it. He decided to return a year later for a ghost hunting event with his fans at the infamous Cockatoo Island. The film, which sells itself as a documented true story, starts out by telling us the tale of Chad's return to Australia, where he teamed up with WSPR for the event. Before they embarked on their investigation of the island, the founder of WSPR, Craig Powell showed guests some evidence that his team has recorded on the island.

Cockatoo Island, now a public park and camp ground, is situated in the middle of Sydney harbour, with a view of the famous opera house and iconic harbour bridge. It was originally an aboriginal fishing base, but after Australia was colonised, became an Alcatraz-like prison. The conditions for inmates on the island were grim and there were many deaths, which eventually led to the prison's closure. An archeological team digging on the island in unearthed the prison's torture cells, which had been filled in to stop their existence becoming public knowledge.

I Think I'm a Ghost

After the closure of the prison, the island became a construction yard for merchant vessels until , before eventually becoming a naval ship yard until when it fell into disuse. The former penal establishment's most famous ghost as that of a man who is said to have been seen wearing military uniform. He's referred to as Sir, or at least he was until Craig's team caught him on camera, which showed he had a complete lack of discernible facial features, hence the nickname was updated to Sir Noface. The first half hour of the film is one big tease, building up to the reveal of the Noface footage.

To get us in the mood we're shown some of SWPR's other pieces of video evidence from the island. It includes a series of motion detectors being set off in an empty hallway, some strange bright flashes of light from an unknown source, unexplained sounds, and the claim Craig has his shirt tugged by an unseen force. It's a good build up to what we're all desperate to see at this point, the clip that floored Chad, the world-changing footage that could be proof of the paranormal.

Finally, at around the 33 minute mark we finally get to see footage of Sir Noface. They set up a video camera in one of the rooms, started it recording and left. The camera remained untouched all night. The security guard assured the team that all buildings were kept locked and secured at all times.

The camera began recording at 9: Chad describes the clip, "with an incredibly fluid motion that appears to defy all natural human movement and physics, what can only be described as a full body apparition leans around the doorway at the back of the hall, just long enough to get a direct look at the camera, before sliding back behind the wall. But not before allowing the time it took to notice its near perfect human figure, which is ever so oddly combined with a complete lack of discernible facial features, hence the nickname Sir Noface.

Upon returning to America, Chad asked Craig to send him the raw footage of the incident. After an initial check, Chad said that it appeared that it had not been manipulated in any way. So, over the next hour of the documentary, we follow him as he sets out on a mission to prove whether the footage is real or not in order to definitively prove that ghosts exist. Speaking to Craig before beginning his investigation, Chad said, "I've got to be honest, the footage you shared with me, I think it is the most definitive evidence I've ever seen.

It's one of two things, you have legitimately captured a full body apparition and paranormal activity on film or you are pulling off one of the greatest hoaxes ever. He then tells Craig that, "I'm going to have to hold you and your team to the coals to get to the bottom of this", and warns him that things might get intense but Craig assures Chad, "I've got nothing to hide.

Part of Chad's investigation involves interviewing Craig and his whole team to determine whether they would have a motive and the intent to fake the footage.

Malifact's Ghost (Sir Bram Malifact)

This included an interview with Craig's wife Nicky, who was one of the researchers who set up the camera at the location that night. The team came across as pretty genuine. While they potentially did have something to gain from faking a piece of evidence like this, i. Sadly, Chad didn't interview anyone from the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust who own the island or the security guard who was on duty that night.

Although the building was locked, is it possible that someone else could have gained entry to that hallway? After all, an abandoned prison does seem like a prime location for urban explorers. It would also be interesting to know what is off to the left where the figure emerged from. Is this the direction of the buildings entrance or does it lead further into the building. If it's the latter and the figure was a human then they would have had to be in the building before the camera started rolling.

Chad believes that if SWPR had faked the footage it will have been done by one of two means, either physically faked using an actor or faked with computer generated imagery. The team tried to recreate the footage using an actor in the same conditions, but it was clearly very different to the original. The biggest difference being that the figure's face is clearly visible in the recreated footage.

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This means the team did rule out the possibility that a human accidentally or purposely stepped into the shot, but if SWPR did fake the footage, then this recreation actually proves nothing and Chad should have tried this experiment himself in order to rule this out as a possibility. However, comparing the original and recreated footage, it's clear to see that the figure isn't of adult height. Chad says that through comparison he concluded that Sir Noface is around cm tall. That rules out a team member or a security guard. It doesn't rule out one of Craig's kids, although he says they weren't on the island that night.

It's great that Chad was able to determine the height of the figure, but it's odd that none of the SWPR team have tried to establish the height of the figure before. They claim to be professional paranormal investigators, so should have been able to tell it was the ghost of a child without Chad's help.

You See I Am No Ghost

In order to rule out the possibility that the footage is the result of computer generated imagery, Chad gave a copy to a professional visual effects animator, Danny Patterson. After analysing the clip, Danny says the figure "just doesn't seem like it moves in what we would call 'reality', but there is no way for me to tell you that this is fake.

Sir Sly - Ghost

Danny could not definitively say for sure that the footage was doctored, but he did say that "you would need a very high end compositor with decades of experience to be able to make that really fit on a pixel by pixel level. A few days later Danny has done just that, and delivers a digitally faked version of the video to Chad, and it's pretty close. Considering the quick turn around, he hasn't done a bad job.

Chad sums up the debate on the use of digital manipulation by saying that "Danny absolutely concluded it is not CGI," but he didn't. Danny actually said, "there is no way for me to tell you that this is fake. Chad also expressed his surprise that Craig didn't get the footage examined by a CGI expert himself, but if Craig knows that CGI wasn't used, then he would have no reason to have it checked for digital doctoring. Also, it's a little rich of Chad to criticise Craig for not pursuing an expert's opinion when he only asked one expert himself and the expert he asked was actually unable to say for sure whether the footage was faked or not.

So Chad should have got a second and even third opinion. I felt that the documentary failed to answer this question, it didn't provide any proof that CGI or fakery was involved, but neither did it provide any evidence that the footage wasn't faked. It's a shame Chad didn't set out to collect his own evidence. If paranormal activity is so common and predictable on the island then why didn't Chad investigate it himself for the film, rather than just trying to debunk another team's evidence? The truth is, this video is very hard to debunk because it's a very short clip and the footage is very grainy.