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You are invited to watch the video and consider, individually or as a team, the following improvement questions:. The video demonstrates the rationale behind the use of digital technologies in Craigowl School. It illustrates the importance if leadership across the school in this approach and the partnership work with the local authority. Teachers explain the ways in which it has an impact on teaching, with learners leading learning.

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Learners describe the technologies that they used, the reasoning behind this and the impacts on learning, in and out of school. Can't view these videos?

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You can also view these clips on Glow log-in required. The school wanted to ensure that there was no disconnect between the devices and applications that learners were using in their daily lives at home and in school.


It wanted to ensure that learning with these technologies was relevant, motivating, encompassed all learners and allowed them to lead learning. Learners are skilled in the use of a range of devices and applications. They are able to select which approach best suit their learning needs.

Singapore's 21st-Century Teaching Strategies (Education Everywhere Series)

Technologies used in the world outside school are embedded in classroom practice. Getting the behaviour of students right, in the class room, is the challenge for every teacher. This simple planner will take you through the main stages required to help you achieve a purposeful learning envionment. Ideas and the thinking behind a professional development to help improve the quality of teaching and learning. Keep the learning tight, the lesson plan loose and focus on the learners.

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The thinking behind the 5MinBehaviourPlan and our whole school approach to managing behaviour. Why the four knowledge dimensions covering knowledge and skills and a moral compass are at the heart of an outstanding education. A look at the power of Feedback to students using Bloom's four knowledge dimensions. LeadingLearner Fascinated by Leading and Learning.

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