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The delicious aroma of the baking cake fills the kitchen. The detailed instructions made it easy for you to prepare the cake. Your family and friends are all praising your baking talents and they ask you for the recipe. The Classic Hungarian Desserts e-book helps ex-Hungarians recreating local tastes in their current homes and they can also show their children and friends why Hungarian sweets became well-known all over the world. Can you realize the benefits by owning and using this recipe e-book? I found your e-book on Hungarian Desserts… purchased and downloaded it, and we made the Chestnut Cream Torte…all within 5 hours.

Do you want to pamper yourself and your family with delicious homemade Hungarian cakes like this? I just fold them over and gently press down. I suggest you try this one and see how you like it! I make something very similar to these and have had the same problem on occasion with the dough coming apart. These are very similar to what my grandma made. Ours were slightly different shaped and we called them balish no clue of the correct spelling of that. They were also rolled in granular sugar then dusted with powder sugar when out of the oven. We always had apricot, poppyseed and a walnut filling.

Were yours more like a roll, like these walnut rolls? The more the merrier! I have yet to try a poppyseed filling but it is on my list! To give these cookies a heavenly aroma, lightly dust them after baking with Vanilla Powdered Sugar. We do that for many of our European baked goods. Hi Mary Ellen, That is an interesting idea! I have 3 different books some old and some modern and they all call for cream cheese!

Cream cheese is an American invention developed much later, and traditional Neufchatel cheese from Europe was quite grainy years ago. The sour cream tenderizes the dough a bit and the egg gives you a little lift to make the dough lighter. You can store them in rubbermaid containers but they will lose a little of the crunch from the outsides. The refrigerator will also make them soft! These cookies bring back so many memories.

I remember two particular Christmases while in the military: These were the best cookies by far I ever ate. Such beautiful memories of your mother and grandparents! They remind me of those of my husband. I can only imagine how those illicit cookies would taste! Far sweeter than anything I can fathom! I hope you try these kolaches and they at least come close to those of your mother. I did follow the directions exactly and my dough was very greasy.

They literally melted on the cookie sheet as they baked and the filling was showing through on the bottom. Needless to say they are not tender crisp. That seemed to help some and they are edible but they turned out nothing like yours. Any idea what I did wrong? What temperature was your butter? Was it room temperature? That might make for greasy dough, but refrigerating the dough prior to rolling might help that.

I also use a hand mixer to beat everything together. You could also check your oven temperature and make sure that it actually reads Mine is a very nice Kitchen Aid and it still fluctuates a lot. It should be firm when you take it out to roll it. Thanks for your timely response. My butter was room temp when I mixed it with the cream cheese but the dough was refrigerated overnight before I rolled it. I added the flour in 5 increments as you suggested. The only thing I did differently perhaps is that I used a stand mixer rather than a hand mixer.

Perhaps just try to use butter that is a little less soft. Just a little cool to the touch but will still give when pressed with your finger. I hope it comes together better next time! Following the recipe is very important especially in baking but to me it sounds like there was not enough flour and the dough must be chilled through at least three hours.

Apricot Kolaches – A Traditional Hungarian Christmas Cookie

I am a baker my mother was a wonderful cook and you can improvise more in cooking than baking. I can cook your basics but I am not a cook I am a baker. My Slovak grandmothers both made these! So they are not just Hungarian, but are definitely from that part of Europe. And the cookie dough recipe is the same as the one that I got from a Polish baker. So the foods are very similar across the entire region. My grandmother had a sister named Helen who married a Szabo.

Tis the Season for festive desserts!

Their maiden name was Barta. She immigrated to Cleveland, OH. Did your grandmother live there? I just make pineapple preserves and use that as the filling. I would love to try the pineapple filling!

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Another reader from Eastern Europe said that they made a filling with cottege cheese, pineapple preserves and an egg. I will be making these today for thanksgiving! What I grew up with in cleveland ,Ohio. I love the apricot, cherry, cheese and nut filling the best! These would be the perfect addition to a Thanksgiving feast! My husband is Hungarian and also is from Cleveland, OH which is where his grandmother immigrated to! Do you have a recipe for it? I was just going to do the same thing as the apricot but substitute dried cherries? I always bake an old fashioned cookie that would especially appeal to them, gingersnaps my go to.

These are my new favs. Next batch will add a prune filling and as another commenter suggested cheese, do you have a recipe for the cheese? I bet old-fashioned Christmas cookies light up their hearts. A bit of eggwash never hurt anyone! I checked my Hungarian cookbook and it does have a cheese filling recipe. I have never tried it but I trust this book. I will send you an email. Have a blessed Christmas. My mom made these while my grammy made a roll. My mom would make little balls, roll in sugar, and then roll out to fill. Both my mom and grammy would do walnut, poppyseed, and cottage cheese fillings besides the apricot.

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I have some peach jam that I,made this summer that is just peaches and sugar boiled down to jam. Could i reheat thsat, add a little water, and puree it to use for the filling? Although apricot does sound delish! Your cookie names are all backwards. This recipe for kolachE is actually a Hungarian Kifli, and the recipe is actually wrong. Need to rename these and quit calling them authentic.

As I am sure you are aware, there are many variations of every kind of dessert. There is never just one way to make something. Honestly I think your comments are rather rude and uncalled for. What is important is that they taste amazing! This really brings back delicious memories of family holiday gatherings with yummy Hungarian foods.

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My family always called them kifle and did use a completely different recipe but yours sound and look equally delicious. I found it interesting that when I went to Budapest the walnut and poppyseed rolls were quite different than the ones made by my relatives who immigrated here! I am so glad they bring back memories for you as they did my husband! Thank you so much for your sweet comment!

I hope that I can travel to Budapest some day! Thank you Lindsey for your work and for lovingly sharing the fruits of your labor. Nothing in this world is perfect …. If I make my own filling from raspberries is it ok to use frozen raspberries? Can I make the dough a day or two ahead and freeze it? Or will it ruin the flavor and texture? This is actually a general question I have for cookies that have cream cheese in the mixture.

Nice tried to research it but have had no luck in getting a clear answer. How about if I assemble them completely with the filling and then freeze them? Or is this a big No No? If I make and bake them completely, let them cool and then freeze them…. Do you think popping them back into the oven from the freezer for a few minutes will crisp them up again or will it just dry it out.

Using fresh fruit is totally different than rehydrating dried fruit like the apricots. You can try cooking down the raspberries with sugar — basically you are making a jam. If you have pectin, that would help. Even if you boil the raspberry filling down until it is very thick, it may still weep in the oven. There is only one way to find out! Just make it, wrap it well and refrigerate it. I have frozen chocolate chip cookie dough with cream cheese in it and it was fine, but cream cheese was not a major ingredient like in these kolaches.

Hungarian Pastry Recipe - Genius Kitchen

You can definitely assemble them with the filling and freeze, but I would probably bake them then freeze them because of the cream cheese in the dough and your raspberry filling will probably weep if you freeze it and thaw it. Let them thaw and then pop them back in the oven for a few minutes.


If you put a pre-cooked, frozen cookie in the oven the outside is going to cook too much before the inside has even thawed. So thaw then refresh.

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Your filling may still weep in this scenario but it is less likely because of the additional bake time. First in parchment paper, then put in a baggie and make sure all the air is out. I then put it in another baggie. This helps keep ice crystals from forming. It does affect the flavor but not much.

You can keep it in the fridge for up to a week as long as it is protected from picking up odors and flavors. So maybe freezing isnt necessary. Kifli is a Hungarian holiday cookie made with chocolate and butter. Make these on a dry day. The dough is sticky. This 'Blazing Brisket' is a family recipe from Hungary which has been passed down through my family for generations. Prepare to taste a little slice of heaven! A hearty vegetarian version of Lecso - as close to meat as you can get!

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      If you'd rather, you can substitute rum for the rum extract.