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One word shapes, influences, focuses you for a year. Actually, going through the process 3 questions your word finds you. Feb 19, Eric rated it did not like it Shelves: Received as part of a corporate holiday gift basket in I believe that words have power, that they hold tremendous strength, influence, and beauty; that when used correctly they can transform and build, and when used destructively they destroy. God created the universe when He spoke. Yes, words have inherent, vast, and limitless power. With that said, I've no patience for a cheap refrigerator magnet 'get rich schemes' wantonly disguised as a life transformation philosophy in order to sell bo Received as part of a corporate holiday gift basket in With that said, I've no patience for a cheap refrigerator magnet 'get rich schemes' wantonly disguised as a life transformation philosophy in order to sell books.

Perhaps it is because I do not find much respect for owners of organizations whose professional philosophies, management style, and business goals vary far more often, and with less regard for other people, than the changing of the seasons, but I cannot overlook the ignorance, lack of respect, and hypocritical nature of those who offer this book as a gift and have ignored similar teachings from a vast variety of other sources, including their employees a statement in no way directed at the authors of this book.

I can appreciate the place where this philosophy was derived- a desire for simplicity, and of the reshaping of mind, spirit, and body; but when that life-altering philosophy is reduced to a single word that influences our lives then it is an excessively dumbed-down version of a minimalistic and purpose-driven approach. There is some value here, in that the authors recognize the power of God, His ability to influence our lives in silence when the culture surrounding us seems to be in a constant state of deafening, attention-grabbing shouting.

They also acknowledge that in order to perform life-changing transformation we must examine the very essence and foundations of our lives, and ask hard questions of what we wish to do with the life we've been given. Beyond that it's nothing more than various quotes, and 'success' stories, with undefined and vague ties to anything described in the book as a means to life-transformation through the use of a single word.

Why stop at one word, why not just reduce it a single letter, or perhaps a sound, like a fart. Be wise about where and how you spend your time, money, and which doors you open in your heart in order to transform your own life into what you wish it to be. Jan 18, Mallory rated it really liked it. A quick read and very thought-provoking. Not really a self-help book, more like changing your lifestyle by changing your way of thinking. I like the idea of approaching each new year with one word to focus on. Some words came to me as I read through this book, but I'm taking time this week to figure out what the best one for for me will be.

Less really turns out to be best. Oct 23, Richard Brand rated it it was ok. This is a continuation of the whole concept of Purpose Driven life.

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This is a self-help book to help you find your purpose each year by following their process to find a theme word for a year. I was not impressed with the book nor the process. I guess if you have to be told how to find a purpose, this may be as good as any other way, but I would not engage in it. Mar 28, Melinda rated it really liked it.

This book can be read in under an hour. That is, if you don't have 4 kids, a husband, and a cat. Either way, it was very simple. My word for is "peace". It's honestly so simple, it's hard to believe everyone doesn't already do this without reading a book on it.

Still, I'm all about self-improvement and I'm looking forward to how this will play out with the rest of the year. Aug 29, Keighty McNamara rated it really liked it.

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Dec 18, Shalamar rated it really liked it Shelves: As a person that does not believe in New Year's resolutions I just do the things I want to accomplish at that time , this gave me a whole new perspective. Don't misunderstand, this concept is for New Year's Resolvers and the those of the more jaded persuasion, alike.

The concept is simple: Whether your word is Gratitude, Love, Patience, Power, Ambition, Grace, Focus, whatever, this book lays out the groundwork to choose a word and apply it to six different dimensions in your life: The authors tell their stories of transformation and the impact to their lives when they began to rely less on strength and resolve, and more on surrender and simplicity.

Must read and must do!

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Feb 10, Jana Eggers rated it liked it. I think focus and themes are important and absolutely deliver results. So, really like the idea of this book. I just don't find this well executed.

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On the one hand it is easy to read. And I'm delighted if it inspires others. On the other, here's a summary: Yes, there are a lot of inspiring words given with a few stories around it. Most of the stories don't give the depth though to say how people actually imple Love this concept.

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Most of the stories don't give the depth though to say how people actually implemented living their word and how it impacted them. Also, it might or might not work for you, but the authors are believers in letting God choose your word. So overall, I think this can inspire you, but if you need much depth, it isn't there. If you are a true believer in God giving you a word and you will follow that, then this is great for you too. May 18, Aaron Maurer rated it really liked it Shelves: To be honest it does not need to be a book. You can find all you need on the website. With that being said I do think it is worthy of the read and really gives you something to focus on and think about.

Since reading the book I have decided to have my whole family come up with a word.

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I finally came up with a word and I chose Zendurance. A short read that will take under an hour to read. The power lies in what you plan to do with the contents in the book and the website. Studies show that they also seek a spiritual component, which includes personal growth, balance, and meaningful purpose. Organizations that champion trust, individual respect, and ethical conduct will build committed workforces and creative thinkers.

In addition to mapping the path from current needs to future requirements, The New Workforce supplies powerful ideas for radically revamping HR policies, recruiting efforts, compensation and benefits, and learning and training, including advice on: The New Workforce is indispensable for human resources professionals, managers and executives, and entrepreneurs. It's an all-in-one resource for peering into the immediate future and preparing for the rapidly changing face of tomorrow's workforce.

In addition, she applies her skills as Representative Kemp while serving her first term in the Idaho Legislature. Kemp lives in Boise, Idaho.

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