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Eating it gives the user the Eyedrops status, which enables it to see traps. Eating it gives the user the Eyedrops status condition, which enables you to see traps. Golden Chamber , Treasure chests. A perplexing seed that sparkles with pure golden rays. It's one of the Golden Items , with a golden glow. They say eating it boosts your level by 3. Cures all status ailments.

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Kecleon Shop , All dungeons. Kecleon Shop , All dungeons, Treasure chests. Mission rewards, Various dungeons, Recycle. A food item that heals all status problems.

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A food item that heals many status problems. Inflicts Hungry Pal status if used on teammates or foes, temporarily decreases Max Belly by 5 if used on leader.

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If it's eaten by someone besides a team leader, the user's status also changes to Hungry Pal. Various dungeons, Gold Floors. Kecleon Shops only in dungeons , Most post-story dungeons. Paradise Rank reward, Various dungeons, Password, Treasure chests. Eating it slightly raises your max HP. The effect lasts even after this adventure. A food item that has no special effect. Eating it has no particular effect. It's really an ordinary seed. Kecleon Shop , Most dungeons. Kecleon Shop , Various dungeons.

Kecleon Shop , Various dungeons, Recycle. Increases Movement Speed by 1. Unown Relic , Wyvern Hill. Becomes a Plain Seed after it is used.

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Kecleon Shop , Sinister Woods , Mt. Freeze , Western Cave. Kecleon Shops , Glorious Gold , mission reward, Recycle. It becomes a Plain Seed after use. If held, it revives only the holder. It can only be used by an Item Master. Kecleon Shops , All dungeons. A food item that makes the user asleep. A food item that inflicts a Sleep status, which makes the user incapable of action.

Eating it causes the Sleep status condition, which makes the user unable to do anything for awhile. Eating it makes you sleep , which makes you unable to do anything for a while. Eating it resets Attack, Sp. Def, accuracy, and evasiveness.


You can also use it by throwing it. Inflicts the Petrified status. Kecleon Shop , Howling Forest. Kecleon Shop , Some dungeons. A food item that causes the user to become petrified.

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A food item that inflicts a Petrified status. Eating it gives the user the Petrified status condition.

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With the Petrified status condition, the user cannot do anything until it takes damage. Eating it makes you petrified. When you're petrified , you cannot do anything until you take damage. Kecleon Shops , Various dungeons, Sparkling floors , Recycle. Inflicts the Confused status.

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A food item that inflicts a Confused status condition, which makes the user's movements and attacks go astray. Eating it causes the Confused status condition. It messes up the user's sense of direction, and moves and regular attacks will end up hitting the user's teammates, too.

Eating it makes you Whirlpool. Ever wondered from where to get plant seeds and garden accessories in lahore? These shops also sell gardening tools, insecticides, fertilizers and various gardening accessories. You can also get garden accessories from Metro and Hyper-star but they are a bit expensive.

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If you see any seeds shops not listed here, please do use the contact form to let us know and we will add it here. Hi, where would I get cuttings or seeds for lavender and rosemary. How is it lavender doing? U mentioned in an earlier post you had planted seeds. Your email address will not be published. Tips on Growing Roses. Top 25 fragrant perennials for lahore. Winter and Spring flowering annuals.