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I think the main reason why I lost interest after a while of reading, when I would read this, was because of the extreme situations- it's just soo unbelievable! And some of it is just so stupid, not really the action but the thinking of some of these characters that bring them to do these stupid stuff. Like seriously come one, must be all those steroids the bad guys were taking.

And sometimes I would just lose interest in between the action. I don't know why but I did, which is why it took me half a year to read- because I just couldn't fully get into it. There was too much going on and again, it was extreme over the sport of football. Just don't get it. Overall I liked it but once I finally finished it I was happy for it to end. Play Dead is an roller coaster of extremes after extremes and once I reached the last page, I just didn't get it. Sometimes I would get sucked in and sometimes I would laugh at the conversations between Cole and his love interest- whom I pictured Holland Roden the whole time.

Complete description to the T and reminded me of her character on Teen Wolf too. I was happy Cole and her got together and that the team was able to move on sorry for the spoiler but just, what was the point? Maybe it's cause I'm not a huge football fan haha. I enjoyed the paranormal aspect, the zombies and the old hag. But the extremes for the football aspect, like why?

Maybe if you're a huge football fan you'll get it. Apr 13, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: This review was originally posted on my review blog: This is the first year that they have even come close to coming out victorious in the end. They are only one win away, and now they must compete against their most ferocious rivals, the Elmwood Heights Badgers.

The two separate towns have been at each others throats for as long as the two towns have stood, and now This review was originally posted on my review blog: The two separate towns have been at each others throats for as long as the two towns have stood, and now it's time for one of them to take all of the glory. Unforeseen events take the Jackrabbits to the bottom of the river, killing every player, except their star quarterback Cole Logan.

Cole is positive that what happened to his teammates was certainly no accident, it was murder. The only thing that can bring him to this deduction is that he himself was brutally attacked by three men in ski masks earlier that day, leaving him injured beyond repair. Now Cole can only think of paying back the men who have hurt so many lives, so he turns to black magic to bring his team back from the dead. With only the coaches daughter, Savannah Hickmam, they race against time to lead his zombie team to victory. Cole Logan is clearly a bad boy.

He has tattoos, and piercings, and even rides a motorcycle everywhere he goes. He's a bit of a loner, and really only wants to get out of the small town of Killington with the help of a football scholarship. It's not easy being poor in this world, and he's driven to use his talents to make something of himself.

I really like characters like this, that put their all into the one thing that drives them. He was passionate about his sport, and utterly determined to become something, not just another nobody on the sidelines stuck in Killington for the rest of his life. Savannah Hickman is pretty much the opposite of Cole. She's your regular good girl, getting good grades and even a member of the school's paper. She doesn't do anything bad, save stay up all night in order to make a deadline. The only things they have in common are their passion for getting out of Killington, and Coach Hickman, who happens to be her father.

I really liked Savannah as well, and even more so than I did Cole. She really wanted to help people, and thought it was wrong to bring the team back as walking corpses. She did see that it was necessary to have them play though, so despite her fears and her worries, she stood by Cole's side until the end. I've always liked books about the paranormal, so when this book showed up in my mailbox I was super excited. I was immediately drawn to the cover, with that decaying football player and his glowing eyes. I've never been a huge fan of football, but zombies?

I'll take a zombie any way I can get him, or her. This was an exciting read, because it was not like any other zombie novel that I have ever read before. I think this well may be the first book about football playing zombies, and honestly whether you like football or not, it's a great read.

I was a little confused when the author went into detail about football plays and what was a penalty or not. This didn't really bother me though, because the real story isn't about the football itself, but about never giving up on what you care about, and pushing for all your worth to make it happen. May 18, Cinnamon rated it really liked it Shelves: I know what you're thinking.

A fantastic and energetic sport combined with the gruesome and not so energetic undead? When you think about it they're actually pretty similar. In football, players try to kill each other to get control of the ball; zombies…well, they may try to rekill each other to get control of your brains. Stick them together and you've got a winning combination. I love football and I love zombies. I've read a number of stories where the paranormal has been thrown into something pretty well known but this is the first time I personally have seen football hit with the paranormal bug.

The plot for this is pretty straightforward. The Killington High School football team ends up drowning in a river after their bus decided it needed a little bath. Cole, the quarterback and star of the team is the only survivor. Something just isn't right though. Cole has a feeling the accident wasn't truly an accident and he believes that their rivals, Elmwood Heights, is behind the tragedy.

So what's a quarterback to do when a major game is coming up and his entire team is dead? Turn to black magic of course! That is some serious commitment to football! The football scholarship on the line may have influenced Cole a bit as well. Successfully risen from the dead, the football team must not only hide their secret from their parents and rest of the town, but fight to actually claim victory in their beloved game as well.

There's more than reputation at stake here - their very souls are on the line. Add in a little romantic touch with the coach's daughter, Savannah and Mr. Brown has created a fantastic read. For those readers out there who may be shying away because the book involves football, I'll tell you up front that there are football references within the story. Plays and penalties are explained; famous players are described. I understand the references so I can't make too much of a judgment call as to how easily someone unfamiliar with the sport would be able to understand these references.

What I can say, however, is that the general plot of the book will not be lost if you simply skip over the technical passages within the story. The game scenes were described in such a way that it was easy to visualize what was going on. The main characters were developed well and there were even a few side characters that became pretty memorable. There is a decent amount of cussing throughout the book. This is a great book for lovers of the game or those who get a certain tingly thrill from reading about decomposing undead.

Jul 02, Mary Kennedy rated it it was amazing. Brad Thor called you the "new Stephen King. Only a victory over their vicious district rivals who also happen to be their murderers can save the their souls. How do you manage to juggle your acting career with your writing career? I usually write between 10am and 4pm the hours my son is in school Monday through Friday. I also try to get in two or three hours over the weekend. Any advice for aspiring authors? I read all over the map. Fiction, non-fiction, history, biography I do a great deal of reading outside of the genre that I write.

It works for me. I learn not only from the content, but also from seeing all of the different writing styles. I am of course very grateful for the way it turned out in the end. Very exciting that May 4th is the release date, Are you doing a book tour or a blog tour? Can your fans find you at signings at Manhattan book stores? They are being finalized as I write this.

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The dates will be posted on my website: How are things going on book two? Easier than book one? Or does each book present its own challenges? Book two is coming along. Such is not the case anymore. I feel blessed just to have the opportunity to write a second one. Glad to see you have two rescued cats. Amazing how many authors have cats.

Do they keep you company in your office as you write? I was a dog lover. My wife already had a rescued cat when we met ten years ago. That cat is still with us. Last October we went out for groceries and came home with another rescued cat. Is there anything you'd like to be asked, that you've never been asked?

What would your fans be surprised to know about you? Mar 17, Carmaletta Hilton rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I'm giving this one 3 stars because it started out pretty well. The first half of the book was really interesting and the pacing was pretty good. I read an advanced copy, so I wasn't taking any points off for the numerous spelling and grammar mistakes. However, the second half is where it loses points.

The scene where Cole dives into the river was a great scene, filled with intensity and emotion. Also, the scene where he went after the Badgers was suitably passionate. After that, though, it all I'm giving this one 3 stars because it started out pretty well. After that, though, it all just goes downhill. Everything from the moment Cole goes to Black Mona was just It was part overdone and part just plain stupid. I found myself skimming pages and rolling my eyes.

Dawn of the Dead

I don't have any experience with small town Texas though I did live, for a while, in San Antonio, so I have seen Texas football frenzy but I find it hard to believe that they're SO caught up in football that none of them realized their children were zombies. I would say that the author was trying to say something about Texas football, but he didn't make them out to be crazy for missing it.

Cole and Savannah banked on them missing it. Also, the Badgers and their steroid use, especially at the jail, was just outrageous. The reconciliation between Savannah and her father had some promise, but it was done way too hastily, and without anything I felt was real. It was just a plot device so the coach would go along with their plan. The relationship with Savannah and Cole I didn't buy either. I was right there when she was just using him for a story.

When they tried to explain away her hesitance with him and all things football, it fell as flat as the story of why the coach didn't want to play the game or put Cole on the field. Cole wasn't a likable guy, he was barely a decent guy. He was a jerk for most of the time they spent together over those couple of days. Why would she be into him? And in the end How are they going to explain all of this to the town? Do they plan on saying, "Hey! So yeah, we knew you were all pretty dumb and we played on it. There was no hint at all through the book that the zombies could pass their condition to someone else, then all of a sudden, the sheriff got it?

And his soul even went with the players, even though he had nothing to do with the spell that brought them back. The ending was just kind of a let down. There was a lot that could have been done with this book. Wouldn't it have been interesting to have the parents angry at him because he survived and their kids didn't?

I would have loved to read about the horror in the parents that their children had been brought back from the dead, disturbed from their graves, but then the stupid game at the end wouldn't have happened. I really would have liked to give this 2. May 12, Julia rated it really liked it. Play Dead by Ryan Brown is frightening, fast and flat-out funny. Definitely not a book you want to take seriously. I was a little concerned half way through that the plot had gotten a little flat and more horrifying than hilarious- not that horror is a bad thing.

Football isn't for everyone. The Killington High Jackrabbits has never had a successful football team, but their time has finally come. They have two games left to claim the district champi Play Dead by Ryan Brown is frightening, fast and flat-out funny. They have two games left to claim the district championship. At the final game they will come head to head with their number one rival, the Elmwood Badgers.

There has been bad blood between the two towns since the time they were first founded and it is time for them to duke it out on the field. But a terrible prank prevents the Jackrabbits from even making it to the stadium. Their team bus goes over the bridge and takes a trip down the river- eventually sinking, pinning and drowning every player but QB Cole Logan. Now there is only one thing left for Cole to do. So, just how does one go about getting revenge and settling the score? Turn to black magic, of course! Now that Cole has magically brought his entire team back to life, he has 48 hours to win a game and send his team back to their grave before all hell breaks lose.

He and Savannah, the coach's distant daughter, must control the team as they can't stop themselves from eating everything Can Cole and Savannah beat this race against time and secure a victory to save the souls of his teammates and spread revenge amongst the berating Badgers? I truly loved our hero, Cole Logan. He is your typical high school bad boy- motorcycle, piercings, daddy issues and a past. Although he is a loner, he will live and die for his football team.

He's counting on the team to help him win a college scholarship- he's got to get out of Killington. Cole throws himself off a cliff into the river to rescue his teammates from the water logged bus. Cole is incredibly passionate and the whole scene is ridiculously intense. This isn't the only time Cole shows magnificent passion. There is a very fun "beat down" scene that I enjoyed- Cole knows how to stand up for himself and those that he cares for.

Savannah is another story. She doesn't seem passionate- her character is a little flat. Cole makes up for that. I have to say that I was pretty excited to receive this book in the mail for review. You can thank Robin Becker of Brains for that. The cover alone got me excited to read this. Play Dead was full of fresh ideas that are wildly engrossing. It was a quick, entertaining read and I recommend it to any zombie or football lover. Don't worry, the football isn't overwhelming- read it even if you aren't a fan of football!

Jun 23, Robert Beveridge rated it really liked it Shelves: Then I got it, and saw the blurbs. Lee Child does not blurb teen lit. And then I read the first couple of chapters, and Brown doesn't write like a YA author. To be fair the foreword was fine. The rest was just badly written.

I was bored, I just wanted it to end, and two thirds of the way through I hated pretty much every character. It's a great read for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Slow, methodical and relentless. If you kill one; there's always plenty more to take their place. I'm a huge fan of Romero's zombies, instead of this new generation of gold-medal wining parkour experts that Hollywood insists on presenting to us. Is there something about dying that turns people into elite athletes, that I'm currently unaware of? Three stars is being generous because the writing is bad Aug 06, Mary Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I wasn't super impressed and wasn't overly interested because I'm not a zombie fan. I gave 4 stars though because it actually scared me! It's not much of a story, just a telling of what a few people do during a short stint at the start of the outbreak.

I truly don't understand how people were letting the zombie outbreak perpetrate because they weren't unwilling to destroy corpses via cremation or beheading, etc. That part was very unrealistic to me. Romero's iconic film and novel terrified generations. Now Dawn of the Dead is back to terrify once more.

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The world is being devastated by zombies. No one knows how far they have spread, or how to stop them. And as the living fight to save themselves, society collapses. Four people escape the chaos of downtown Philadelphia and find shelter in a shopping mall. As the survivors exhaust their greed and the undead scrape at the doors, the refuge becomes a prison. And soon there will be nowhere left to hide The classic horror that inspired a genre: If you have, you'll want to again.

Includes a brilliant and exclusive introduction from Simon Pegg. My Review How did I not know this book existed!! I found it by chance in The Works, on sale and had quite a moment to myself. If you have seen the movie you know the jist of the story but for those who haven't where have you been! As we go in, we start in the news broadcasting room as they try to cover the beginning of the outbreak and make sense of it. Soon people realize this isn't under control and make a break for it. What follows is the story of how they face the terrors and try to stay alive, and out there it isn't just the zombies you need to worry about.

I loved the film and to be honest it has been so many years since I seen it the original I am not sure how closely the book follows but a lot of what I do remember seemed to be present. The story isn't just a gore fest, although there is enough to keep the horror fans happy. It also shows the bonds and strains between the relationships, Roger and Peter, both professional killers trying to keep their head during the chaos.

Fran and Stephen, in a relationship and now doing what they can to stay alive and help with the two trained killers. My only complaints would be the chapters seemed to morph from one scene to another without any indication it had changed, ie no page break or symbol to indicate where one scene ends it just goes straight to the other.

With only 4 main characters for the most part it is still easy to follow but that can be a tad annoying. Jan 20, Craig Allen rated it liked it.

I'm going with 2. The thing is, you have to remind yourself this is was written a little after AND after the movie was out. So it's sort of like an adaptation of the movie, except it has parts the movie doesn't have. So with eyes, the zombies are kind of boring. They aren't really ever a threat, so it's hard to really care. The lead characters are just okay.

The action scenes are even boring and poorly written. And I don't mean grammar really, I mean confusing I'm going with 2. And I don't mean grammar really, I mean confusing as in hard to picture what is happening. The book also does my 1 pet peeve: It's so difficult to follow. More chapter breaks or scene breaks would have helped, it was all just so confusing.

Plus, another pet peeve is when a sentence has an exclamation point when it's not that exciting of a statement, it just seems so silly. Glad I finally got to read this one, even if it had some negatives. I was pretty disappointed by this audiobook. I would have given it two stars but things got a little better at the end so I upped my rating.

I just went back and checked when this was originally published because the tone was awfully sexist where the female protagonist was involved. Besides being obnoxious, the sexism dated the book so that it seemed decidedly old-timey.

See a Problem?

I didn't particularly care for the narration but I think the material just kind of sucked. I doubt a thesaurus was used in the writing of this book--the word "creature" was overused to a nauseating degree. I found myself easily distracted and bored while listening to the book so at one point I started counting how many times the word came up. The word "creature" was used fifteen times in fifteen minutes and I think that once per minute average held up throughout the book. The book only started to get decent when the action kicked in at the end.

I like zombie books and I thought I couldn't go wrong with a classic but this wasn't good and I wouldn't recommend it. Disappointing read as the film is one of my favourites. Unlike other novelisations I have read, this did not add anything to the story.

Those Lazy Sundays

It was merely each scene of the film written out on page. I might have been ok with this but it was not that well written. Paragraphs would jump from one character to another situated in different locations - there was no flow to the narrative. Quite often I would start a paragraph and realise that we had moved to another character's story without any indication Disappointing read as the film is one of my favourites.

Quite often I would start a paragraph and realise that we had moved to another character's story without any indication it had done so. This was a really fast read for me mostly because i have seen the awesome movie million times, rough estimate. If you have never seen the movie, the original Dec 30, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: It added much needed character development to the movie. Aug 27, George Foster rated it it was ok. I expected much more from this book to be honest, as it was meant to novelise a classic film with so much subtext.

Having seen Romero's film previously, I could get into it, but I can't see it standing out in book form to any new readers looking for a good zombie novel.

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I'm not criticising the film at all; Dawn of the Dead is a masterpiece. I loved the stakes, the characters, the social commentary, and the gory special effects. But there were so many opportunities present with a novelisation as t I expected much more from this book to be honest, as it was meant to novelise a classic film with so much subtext. But there were so many opportunities present with a novelisation as the story had more potential room to breathe. I loved the four survivors, and wanted to discover more about them that the film couldn't completely cover.

In my opinion, it doesn't fully capture the spirit of the film, offering a bland tale that won't appeal to newcomers who are unfamiliar with the source material. It did take me longer to read then I thought it would. It was an okay read hence why I only rated it 3 stars.

The plot was good and there was some really good twists and turns but the one thing that I did not like was the point of view. For me it was just a bit weird reading it in 3rd person as I am so used to reading books mostly in 1st person. Also it changed the focus on each character so quickly that I sometimes found myself becoming confused as to what exactly is going on and whos doing or saying what. I am a big fan of George A. Romero's various zombie movies, including loving even some of the less-well-received later entries.

I wasn't expecting to love this book as much as the movie, but I admit, I really thought I'd like it more than I did. Movie novelisations are not generally looked upon as high literature or art, but in my experience they can be very interesting reads if you're a fan of the film.


They're often based on early drafts of the script, which can give fans access to scenes that I am a big fan of George A. They're often based on early drafts of the script, which can give fans access to scenes that were deleted so early on they don't appear on DVD extras or in official script-books, or a glimpse into the versions of the characters the creators had in mind before a certain actor was cast and a their performance put a slightly different spin on things.

In this case, of course, George A. Romero himself is credited with co-writing the novelisation, which could mean anything in theory - he could have taken the opportunity to resurrect if you'll pardon the pun all the darlings he had to kill during filming; alternatively, it may just mean that the novel was based on the script he wrote. I don't know what the case was here, but what I did discover, surprisingly, was that this novelisation reads more like it was written by someone who saw the film and then decided to recount more or less shot-for-shot what they saw onscreen than by someone who had access to behind-the-scenes information.

Aside from a few paragraphs of backstory for each of the characters, this really doesn't add anything to what you see when you watch the movie. Romero is rightly proud of his finished product, so maybe he really did just want the novelisation to follow it as closely as possible, but as any fan who's seen their favourite book turned in to a movie will know, book-to-screen adaptations don't work if you attempt to translate them directly.

Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi. Ranked Popularity Members , Summer TV Madhouse. The Beautiful World 3 Users Clannad: Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 12 Discussion 1 2 3 4 Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 1 Discussion 1 2 3 4 We pulled out the most beautiful, detailed, and emotional moments from anime for a huge list of gorgeous anime art. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Broly 5 Zombieland Saga.