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Captive d'un mariage Amours vengeresses t. This title will be released on January 1, Princesse et rebelle Azur French Edition Dec 01, Son rival pour amant Azur French Edition Oct 01, Provide feedback about this page.

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La haine est le berceau de cet amour fatal! Hatred is the cradle of this fatal love! It is all over! If I may not be his, let the grave be my wedding-bed! She goes out slowly: Romeo, Mercutio, Benvolio and their friends, masked, enter from the other. Tybalt moves as though to rush upon the group; Capulet, with an imperious gesture, enjoins silence upon him. O the pain of it! Capulet is her father, and I love her! See what a furious look Tybalt turns upon us! A storm is in the air! Un souper joyeux vous attend!

Il faut user de prudence! Terminons la nuit gaiement! You are going already? A trifling foolish banquet is towards!

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For this mortal insult Romeo, I swear, shall suffer punishment! We must use caution! Let us all drink and dance! In the old days, I vow, we danced more bravely! Let us end the night gaily! Mercutio hurries Romeo away; they are followed by Benvolio and their friends. He jests at scars that never felt a wound! Love delights in the darkness; May love guide his steps! The voices die away in the distance. Astre pur et charmant! Ay, its intensity has disturbed my very being! But what sudden light through yonder window breaks?

Ah, arise, o sun! Turn pale the stars that, unveiled in the azure, do sparkle in the firmament. Appear, thou pure and enchanting star! She is dreaming, she loosens a lock of hair which falls to caress her cheek. Love, carry my vows to her! How beautiful she is! Ah, I heard nothing. But her eyes speak for her and my heart has answered! Juliet appears on the balcony, and leans upon it dejectedly. I — to hate him! O Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Did you say it? Ah, dispel the doubt in a too happy heart!

That I may love you, let me be born again in some other self than mine! Ne fais pas de serments! Et je te crois! Le page aura fui! Au diable on le donne, Le diable est pour lui! Au diable on le donne, etc. If your eyes could see its blushes they would bear witness to you of the purity of my heart!

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Away with useless evasions I can guess what you will answer: Phoebe, I fancy, with her inconstant rays lights up false oaths and laughs at lovers! Do not accuse my heart, whose secret you know, of wantonness, because it could not keep silent I pledge you my troth! Gregorio and the servants enter carrying dark lanterns. The page must have fled! The devil can have him! The devil can have him. The knave, the traitor was waiting for his master! Jealous destiny snatches him from our blows, and tomorrow perhaps he will laugh at us! And tomorrow perhaps, etc. Master and servant by crossing our threshold have dared to offer insult to my lord Capulet!

One of the Montagues has allowed himself to come with his friends to our feast! Goodnight, charming nurse, add forgiveness to your virtues! May Heaven bless you and confound the Montagues! Gregorio and the servants withdraw. Why are you not abed at this hour? She glances round about her, and goes back into her apartments followed by Gertrude. Si ta tendresse Ne veut de moi que de folles amours Leave my heart to its enchanted dream!

I fear to awaken and still dare not believe in its reality! Tomorrow someone will come to find you! Then, o my lord, be my sole law! Be the dawn, to which my heart and eyes turn! Queenlike, dispose of my life, pour into my unsatisfied soul all the light of the heavens! I am terrified that someone may see us together!

De cet adieu, etc. Je te voudrais parti! No, no, no-one calls you!

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  4. Let my hand forget itself in yours! Let my hand slip from yours! Parting is such sweet sorrow that I would say goodnight till it be tomorrow! I would, thou wert gone! Quel transport vers moi te conduit? Je ne le connais pas. Aime-t-on Rosaline ayant vu Juliette? Day has scarce dawned, and sleep eludes you? What distemperature leads you to me? Still the unworthy Rosaline? I know it not! Does the eye of the elect opening upon the divine light still remember the shadows of this earth?

    Does one love Rosaline, having seen Juliet? Juliet appears, followed by Gertrude. My mouth is dumb! You know the heart I give to him! To his love I surrender myself, unite us before Heaven! May the ancient hatred between your houses be extinguished in your young love! Look with a favourable eye upon Thy miserable creature who prostrates himself before Thee! Ordain that the yoke of Thy handmaiden may be a yoke of love and peace! Let virtue be her wealth, to strengthen her weakness may she arm her heart with duty!

    They exchange their rings. Now rise to your feet. Be Thou blessed by two happy hearts! Romeo and Juliet separate. Que fais-tu, blanche tourterelle, Dans ce nid de vautours? Gardez bien la belle! Cependant en leur douce ivresse Nos amants content leur tendresse Aux astres de la nuit! Scene Two A street. He pretends to strum on his sword like a guitar. What are you doing, white turtledove, in this nest of vultures?

    Un rival pour amant

    Some day, spreading your wings, you will follow love! With vultures, there must always be fighting, in order to cut and thrust their beaks are whetted! Guard her well, the fair lady! Who lives will see! A ring-dove, drawn far away from the greenwood by love, I think has sighed round about this savage nest! Meanwhile in their sweet infatuation our lovers tell their love to the night-stars! Here are our men! Bon courage, Et franc jeu!

    Il se bat En soldat! See how this boy defends himself against a man! He fights like a soldier! Mercutio and Benvolio enter. He draws his sword and hurls himself between the combatants. Tybalt, followed by Paris and a few friends, enters and takes up the insult.

    Mercutio and Tybalt cross; at the same moment, Romeo hurries up and dashes between them. His demon leads him to me! Out with your sword! Je vengerai ton injure! I have in my heart reasons to love you which despite myself come to disarm me! I am no coward!