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This is not a favorable time for speculation or taking risks. This is not a very satisfactory period for you. You may get indulge into sudden losses financially. Failure in attempts will make you feel frustrated. You will have to slog as the work burden will be too much. Family life will also create tensions. Your enemies will try to tarnish your image. You may also get indulge into unnecessary expenses.

Sagittarius Horoscope for 2011-2012

Health may also give some trouble. Especially old people may encounter catarrh and phlegmatic troubles. You desire a deeper connection and emotional bonding with your family, exploring the ideas you have learned from your parents. Harmony in family life is assured. Having high personal values, and being very idealistic, are just some of the reasons why you attract so many gifts and blessing from others.

So much of your energy will be giving more to your personal relationships and partnerships.

The changes you experience in your life will be deeply felt and lasting. You will come into contact with higher officials and authorities.

Free 2011 horoscope for Sagittarius

Your fame and reputation will be on an increase. You may trade your vehicle for a better one or for the profit. This period brings you success in all comings and goings. How Sexy Are You?

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Arouse your partner to the max! Intimate Astrology Reading for Couples. Sagittarius Horoscope for Horoscopes - Horoscope Free for Sagittarius Horoscope. As you move into the New Year you're still nesting, something that a freedom loving Sagittarian may find limiting, but it's the focus you're able to put into getting things running smoothly on the home front in the early weeks of the year that will give you the freedom to enjoy what is destined to be a very fun and successful year.

It's Venus' return to your sign on the 8th January that finally gives you the Venus return you didn't have last year, with the planet of love warming things up for Jupiter, planet of luck's arrival in a very romantic and creative part of your chart on the 23rd January. Jupiter will remain in your romantic and creative sector until the 5th June, with Uranus arriving on the 12th March to help create a sense of synchronicity.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all move through your romantic and creative sector from the 19th February to the 21st April, making these some very fun, playful, creative and romantic months. Uranus will continue to keep that romantic and creative spirit alive while Jupiter moves into your work sector, on the 5th June.

Sagittarius Horoscope from 24th October 2011

In your work sector from the 5th June to the 12th June , this is destined to be an extremely lucky, expansive and opportune time. What is even more opportune is that Mars will begin an epic 8 month visit to your career sector on the 11th November, his longest in 47 years. With two eclipses in your relationship sector this year, one on the 2nd June and the other on the 11th December and with Uranus staying on in your romantic sector there's a nice balance between your professional and personal lives. Yes, emotions will overwhelm them.

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Such feelings can be both positive and negative. In favorable circumstances, Sagittarians may have a nice romantic summer. But there may be breakups where relationships have become too complicated. In autumn, Sagittarians will be madly in love. There will be sudden outbreak of feeling. This is all true not only with bachelors, but also with exemplary couples. They will not miss this chance, which is given once in life, and spend their autumn happily.

This secret may certainly cause major family problems. Sagittarius career horoscope In business interests, there will be pleasant surprises right after New Year holidays.

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Destiny will throw up so many new opportunities. But Sagittarians should not get lost in these circumstances and rather take advantage of them. They will witness professional growth in spring of They will have no competition or bureaucratic hurdles and they will have to take risks.

Things will slow down a bit in summer.

Sagittarius 2011 Horoscope

Initiating new projects will not work, but one still needs to move on with some effort. It will even be worthwhile to rest and gain strength during this period. In autumn, the rested and now stronger Sagittarians will have their professional success again. During this period, their efforts undertaken in the beginning of the year will start yielding fruits such as unprecedented career growth, or ownership of a strong business. The first zodiacal sign, it is representing the beginning of all things in the world. April 21 to May 21 - Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, having a fixed earth classification and ruled by the planet Venus.

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